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  1. Methodicals speed buff will persist rounds if you hit at end of the previous round, allowing for you to have the bonus speed for the round start.
  2. Princey

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    I like toons, I like a lot of these. The current map rotation for War3 feels dull, everything is tame and "Competitive" but nothing fun ever gets played anymore. I get there is disdain for those broken maps, but I'd like to see some more colorful and vibrant maps around that aren't just there for competitive balance, but for the enjoyment of good, silly fun. That's something War3 has always had for it, and I think that a few of these being added could really help ensure it stays that way.
  3. Princey

    Tier Listings

    I've actually considered doing one of these in the past, or atleast compiling a personal list, but the issue that I ran into was that a tier list design by a sole player, or even a group of friends, will have bias. You'd need statistics that are objective rather than what you feel, or else you'll rate races based on your preference. A lot of these for example are very disagreeable: Nelf (Higher) Banshee (Lower) Smoke (Higher) Troll (Lower) Default (Higher) Devil Servant (Higher) Selune (Higher) Frodo (Higher???) Ogre (Higher) That's just cursory looks, I think that if we had every player do a rating list for ever the top 15 races, it'd be understandable if no two were alike.
  4. Banshee's slow will not affect several races at the moment. Tested against Cursed Pharaoh, Sensei, Infected, and Takeno.
  5. Princey

    War3 Maxed KDR

    Everything about the world is awful and I wasted far more time on this than I'd like to admit.
  6. Princey

    War3 Maxed KDR

    Firstly : https://pastebin.com/6eEDNzSD That is every race's maxed KDR, sorted in order from highest KD to lowest KD. Some numbers may be wrong due to the method of input, but majority are accurate. This is just raw data for now, but eventually I'd like to turn this into a sort of monthly update. Showing where races stood last month to their current standing this month, aswell as other interesting tidbits of information. I'd be interested to hear feedback and see if anyone is actually interested or if I'd be doing it exclusively to waste a few hours a month.