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  1. More so meant it as if there is a sudden attack Trump will not tweet "Bout to bomb the shit out of North Korea in 10 minutes". Honestly standing up to North Korea should have happened a long time ago, its gotten worse and worse and it has to be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Gashbell

    Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    That is confusing, meant it more so as I see how ACA works. Edited.
  3. Gashbell

    Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Being patriotic or not has nothing to do with it. lol I just don't have any sympathy towards anyone, BIG difference. Should I give a fuck? Debatable. Do I have to give a fuck? No. I don't have to care about the homeless, the poor, or others who don't have access to healthcare or anything else in our country due to whatever reason. Obviously it's an unpopular opinion, not everyone in America is as selfish and greedy as me. lol
  4. Gashbell

    Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Military has always been one of the biggest priorities in the United States, that is how we are one of the three super powers. Russia, China, USA, all three of us have HUGE military budgets and manpower. So the question would be, can we still maintain being a super power if we cut our military budget? I'm not sure to the answer to that, but its an important question to ask. Context was mainly to healthcare, I don't care about if other have the ability to receive it or not. You'd be surprised bb
  5. Gashbell

    Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Health care is a privilege, not a right. You are guaranteed two things in life, you are going to pay taxes, and you are going to die. Feel grateful you get anything else. Life simply isn't fair and was never meant to be. I personally do not care about other people. I've never been on board with ACA due to seeing how it actually works in the real world with my family / friends. I don't think they can make Universal Healthcare cheap here in the states. I'd rather have multiple private providers compete than have the government control anything. Providing for everyone is just not cheap. Sure in a perfect society this could all work, but this isn't a perfect society, and won't work.
  6. Same shit North Korea has been babbling for years. Sure if they want to get blown off the face of the Earth, go right ahead. Kim doesn't want that and knows it would happen. China won't back North Korea one bit, why would they? You really think China wants a war? That would be suicide. No one wants a war right now. If anything does happen, we will not read about it first anyways. I trust Trump and Mattis know what they are doing. Don't read too much into the propaganda..