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  1. More so meant it as if there is a sudden attack Trump will not tweet "Bout to bomb the shit out of North Korea in 10 minutes". Honestly standing up to North Korea should have happened a long time ago, its gotten worse and worse and it has to be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    That is confusing, meant it more so as I see how ACA works. Edited.
  3. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Being patriotic or not has nothing to do with it. lol I just don't have any sympathy towards anyone, BIG difference. Should I give a fuck? Debatable. Do I have to give a fuck? No. I don't have to care about the homeless, the poor, or others who don't have access to healthcare or anything else in our country due to whatever reason. Obviously it's an unpopular opinion, not everyone in America is as selfish and greedy as me. lol
  4. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Military has always been one of the biggest priorities in the United States, that is how we are one of the three super powers. Russia, China, USA, all three of us have HUGE military budgets and manpower. So the question would be, can we still maintain being a super power if we cut our military budget? I'm not sure to the answer to that, but its an important question to ask. Context was mainly to healthcare, I don't care about if other have the ability to receive it or not. You'd be surprised bb
  5. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Health care is a privilege, not a right. You are guaranteed two things in life, you are going to pay taxes, and you are going to die. Feel grateful you get anything else. Life simply isn't fair and was never meant to be. I personally do not care about other people. I've never been on board with ACA due to seeing how it actually works in the real world with my family / friends. I don't think they can make Universal Healthcare cheap here in the states. I'd rather have multiple private providers compete than have the government control anything. Providing for everyone is just not cheap. Sure in a perfect society this could all work, but this isn't a perfect society, and won't work.
  6. Same shit North Korea has been babbling for years. Sure if they want to get blown off the face of the Earth, go right ahead. Kim doesn't want that and knows it would happen. China won't back North Korea one bit, why would they? You really think China wants a war? That would be suicide. No one wants a war right now. If anything does happen, we will not read about it first anyways. I trust Trump and Mattis know what they are doing. Don't read too much into the propaganda..
  7. Free Speech

    Let me ask you guy's something. How do we, as the United Sates of America, come together and solve this division of people? When half the country thinks they are completely right, and the other half think they are completely right, how do we come together as one to solve differences and put trust back into the system and the people? Are we too far gone? Is something major going to have to happen? What is the solution here... ( Do not say impeach Trump unless a very thorough reason that we can debate about is stated )
  8. Free Speech

    Fair, point noted and taken. Didn't see that!
  9. Free Speech

    Thanks for a long response. Check this out:https://archive.is/gV3QX These ads have been seen at every major protest. This is a craigslist ad for the recent protest with trying to pay people. Someone is inciting violence and hate into the community and making the divide stronger, the more I look into it, the more the evidence adds up. You don't have to agree with what I say, but I appreciate you listening.
  10. Free Speech

    I agree with you their, as I said, I support most of the social policies when it comes to the Democratic party's side. and I support most of the economic policies when it comes to the Republican's side. The system definitely has its flaws, that's for sure!
  11. Free Speech

    @Beerman I think that's a big problem in society, they have too much loyalty towards their aligned group and close their eyes to everything. Example is my brother's girlfriend, die hard liberal. In GA there was a recent election that the democrats spewed tens of millions into to try and win. This guy was a plant, 30 years old, didn't even live in the district so couldn't even vote for himself. I asked who are you voting for and why? She said I haven't looked at any of the policy's the (D) is pushing but im voting for him either way out of loyalty. That's like us voting for Ted Cruz just because he's republican, that guy is a fucking NUT and a weirdo! lol I mean you can tell this girl any type of proof or evidence towards something shes wrong about and will just close her eyes to it and say all of us are wrong. That is no way to go about voting for someone, you need to look at everything they present and ask yourself if that is in the betterment of society.
  12. Free Speech

    As I said, the reddit post was just kinda there to give a little more information, albeit some of those articles aren't good and can't be sourced well. I do not follow politics to a T, and only started doing my own research into things like everyone else who wasn't apart of politics in the last year or so. T_D is a meme center, I agree with you there and can see people instantly discrediting it. However if you look past the memes, look passed the LOOK AT HILLARY ( even though she really is a corrupt piece of shit ) post, there is some quality information being posted and people actually looking into some things and doing their own research. There sidebar has ALOT of great sourced material regarding Wikileaks and calling out faults or twisted articles as well. I have no loyalty to any side, I simply look into things from my perspective and form an opinion, whether I'm wrong or I'm right, its my own opinion and not anyone elses.
  13. Free Speech

    You caught me! I'm a bot sent out by the almighty T_D to spread my propaganda to all! Get a grip dude... I don't think you are mature enough to enter the serious discussion threads. I've been playing on the Warcraft server for years... I only started looking into the forums more recently in the last year or so. Does this discredit anything I say? No. http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/809027
  14. Free Speech

    You've never heard of him because he is apart of the problem. He's a liberal billionaire with too much power and money, and most likely will never be touched. People of that caliber can't be unless brought down by other billionaire's. Where people can connect him to these hate groups is the funding through "organizations and Non-profits" he supports / owns. I encourage you to look into him a little bit, he's a dangerous guy and has been influencing a lot of hate and corruption for a very long time. I agree its not solid evidence as per the new flags / gear for these people to connect it, but its on the table when Soros funds Antifa and their gear. Honestly I think if someone is that far of an extremist to go to an actual rally. They would have their own worn flags, these people don't care about friends knowing, all of their friends are extremist. They clearly are happy to support their reject views and present them to society. It wouldn't surprise me if a good amount of them were probes. Here's some pages that I think contain some very good information and sources regarding Soros. ( The reddit one's aren't the best, just trying to give as much information for you ) http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977#sdfootnote3sym http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewsubcategory.asp?id=1237 http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/printgroupProfile.asp?grpid=7921 Hope that helps with any questions. Sometimes I'm not the best at reading, however it looks like you can't either. I also never said anything about the government silencing anyone? I was defending the 1st Amendment you ignorant fuck. Sure, a group of people can go to an extremist rally and protest them peacefully to overpower their speaking and such, nothing wrong with that and in their rights. Can they incite and use violence to shut them up? No, not without suffering the consequences. The police should have stopped anything from happening so there would have been no violence in the first place, but by them doing nothing and letting Anti-fa come in with weapons beating the shit out of them for preaching there extremities, you are silencing them. Arrest and charges should have been made. The police are to blame the most here. The law and our rights doesn't care what our emotions are or what we think in these situations. There are set rules on what we can and can't do. Do I wish these extremist didn't exist and could just be killed off? Yes. Do I think their rights were fully protected? No.