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  1. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Thanks for giving me the chance @Mimic! And congrats to the new staff members, to see @Face and @Travesty back on staff. My activity has not been great recently, got tried of trying to pop the servers without much success and got tired of csgo overall I guess. Hopefully the new ROs will do a better job than I did the last couple of weeks.
  2. Hawk Whitelist App[Approved]

    In-game Name: jerhammar22 How did you find sG?: Jailbreak Have you read, and do you understand the rules?: Yes
  3. Blowing up a house would be griefing, and thats not allowed according to the rules in the build zone. If the command works as intended and you have a lock on your chests/furnaces/doors they wont be destroyed. Read below for the answer to this question "And what will /pay be used for? Will there be a shop in spawn? How will you get money?".
  4. Most posts are people saying "why are servers are dead, pop servers". The posts with one sentence wont do anything, however posts with proper suggestions doesn't hurt even if it gets annoying "UGH ANOTHER POP THREAD, LIFE IS HARD. I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR THE SERVERS BUT IT'S FUN TO BASH ON PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRYING". I am not saying you or anyone is doing this in that big of a scale, just trying to prove a point. If we knew how to help the servers we would have done it already, people that care about the servers are trying their best, stop bashing on the people trying and take that time to actually help out yourself. This isn't pointed at anyone, just in general to the people doing this.
  5. Happy birthday Chowder

    Happy birthday, Chowder!
  6. Picture of your Favorite Car

    Pretty sure there is already one of these threads but what ever. I am one of those lamborghini fans so my favorite car would probably be an aventador or centenario. White Aventador: Centenario:
  7. Solar Eclipse and Twitch Chat? Hell yes.

    Nasa on twitch
  8. sG official YouTube channel

    I always record, I have shadowplay so if something fun happends I just press a key and the last 2 min gets saved on my computer.
  9. sG official YouTube channel

    I would be down, I have done some in the past and was planning on doing another one soon. @Ordinarygamer96
  10. Iherdcows Resignation

    Oh no Thanks for everything! You have helped me SO many times, nothing will be the same without you Give this man legend.
  11. Well..

    Sad to see you go, Totes. Thanks for all the work and help! You made awesome events, for example the last event that made me start playing TTTGO. Can't thank you enough for everything. Another good staff member gone
  12. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    I think that someone like @Travesty @Papyrus @Don Juan or @MONKEH would have the perfect voice for this.
  13. HBD Wintergreen

    Happy birthday, @Wintergreen!
  14. Regarding Jailbreak...

    I agree, everyone should stop caring so much about points. It will be hard to get the Ts to stop rebelling, however the CTs can start try abit more. I am not talking about killwhoring, they just need to be more safe. Instead of telling them to run somewhere the warden could tell them to crouch walk to get more control over the group. CTs also need more awareness, it's so easy to rebell nowdays.
  15. Regarding Jailbreak...

    This is what I posted in the SO forum regarding jailbreaks population, I felt like it wouldn't hurt to make a post about it since SOs are not the only people that can help. Feel free to post other suggestions about the matter, please be serious about it and don't meme... "Since I mainly play on JB, I will say what I think has to be done to help the pop for JB. Getting a consistent population can be done by getting regulars, either new or old players. People dislike to play on an empty server and it's usually not that fun to pop it, but I need all of you that actually care about the server to get on and try to pop it even if it's not that fun, it will for sure pay off in the future. @fps_trucka and some others almost "revived" the server about a month ago (We went from 4k to 2k in server ranking), this was mainly accomplished by popping the server everyday for about 2 weeks. Jailbreak has always had ups and downs regarding the population, but it has always been brought back to life. We can for sure do this again. I will keep pushing out events and popping the server as much as I can, because I care about the server. I can't do all of this alone, I need your help, even if it's just by getting on and playing a few rounds. We have an event on Friday and the skins will be added again, this is a perfect time to get started. Popping the server for about 2 weeks should be enough to get some regulars and new players. Sorry for being so inspirational lmao. The second thing that has to be done for people to enjoy playing on the server is the warden problem like @krony mentioned. Please inspire the wardens to come up with some fun games and fun things to do, or take warden yourself and do something fun. If you see a warden doing climb 3 rounds in a row you should tell him to do something else and spice things up abit, instead of leaving the server because you think it's boring."