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  1. Happy birthday, ya brony. I will send you another pillow Don't drink too much today.
  2. The last one was a mini event in december, we usually have about 2-3 JB events a year. I appreciate it, thanks a ton. Will pm you about it.
  3. Thank you for your support!
  4. First of all, this is posted in serious discussion, keep your memes and meaningless posts out of here. If you have nothing good to say, don't say it. I have read your and @MistaChang messages on discord. I looks like you were triggering each other, and both of you should have stopped. @Lazzercat I am sorry you feel this way, if you feel offended on discord or whatever, just ignore the person and do not be afraid to make a CD thread. We treat everyone equally and do not favor members in the complaint department. @MistaChang You should have done the same thing, just leave it or block the person if you feel annoyed, no need to throw negative comments at him.
  5. What Jodas said. I made a edit to the post so now it says that it is one month
  6. This is because if you launch CSGO outside of steam, they will not see your steam account. Valve can not confirm that you have bought the game and they can not vac ban you if you were to cheat. I would assume this is the reason.
  7. †_
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Unfortunately no. The JB badge will be the old one, maybe next time.
  10. SYNDICATE GAMERS JAILBREAK EVENT! May 12th - 18th EDT Hello everyone, it's time for another JB event! The goal is to get 13/15, 14/15 or 15/15 out of the objectives. You do not have to get them in order, you can get everyone but say 7 if you want. If you get 13/15 you can either cashout or go for the 14/15 or 15/15 with better prizes. The first one to send their screenshots in a PM to me, Cows and Pike, will receive the prize. Example: http://imgur.com/a/ZHIsX BE AWARE! You can only win one prize out of the objective prizes, if you choose to send in your screenshots at 13/15 that is what you are gonna get, you can not keep going for the 14/15 or 15/15. Me, Cows and Pike will update this post as soon as we confirm the PM and remove that prize. You also have two more ways to get a prize, either get the most playtime during the event or be one of the winners in the playtime raffle. ----- The player with the most playtime during the event will receive a 40 dollar steam card, a custom title, and 25k credits! ----- Every 12 hours played during the event will be 1 ticket for a raffle to win the following prizes (You can only win one prize, the first drawn will choose first): CSGO Premium admin 2 x 25k credits donated prizes... ----- Objectives: (Details will be posted when the event starts) 1. Kill them all 2. Dusty 3. The Dream 4. Die Hard 5. Pacifist 6. From the sky 7. Ez Lr 8. ZAP! 9. Vain Margarita 10. Black Hawk Down 11. Extreme 12. Legendary rebeller 13. Traitor 14. BAM! 15. Nicki Minaj ----- Prizes: 15/15 - 40 dollar steam card and JB event winner badge 14/15 - 20 dollar steam card, 25k credits and JB event winner badge 13/15 - One month CSGO Premium Admin and JB event winner badge ----- Rules: Follow sG global guidelines at all times. Must have at least 6 players on for achievements to count. Must be a registered user at www.joinsg.net. Going AFK/spec for longer times during the event will get you disqualified from the playtime prizes. No cheating or loopholing. No exploitation in any way. No favoritism. To be eligible for prizes, a player cannot be banned during the duration of event. Staff are not eligible for objective prizes, but SOs are. However everyone but me is eligible for playtime prizes. ----- If you have any questions or wanna donate a prize pm me on steam/forums or simply post it down below. Good luck everyone!
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Good work, guys!