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  1. Was fun while it lasted, we should do this more times. Sean, props to you.
  2. Hawk

    Stepping Down

    Hey guys, unfortunately I have decided that I want to step down, at least for the time being. I don't have as much time anymore and I don't feel the same about gaming as I did, so being advisor is more work than it is fun for me atm, even if it's not that much work. I wanna make sure that someone with new energy can be JB advisor instead of me. Hopefully you guys liked everything I did for JB and I might try to come back for the position in the future if it's open, but I will say goodbye for the time being. Will probably not be active in discord nor on the servers but might get on once in a while.
  3. Updated: jb_avalanche_csgo_b7 > jb_avalanche_csgo_b8
  4. Congrats and welcome to the staff team Didn't get demoted
  5. Hawk

    Thanks guys!

    Ending this... http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/36395-thanks-guys/
  6. 1. This is something I have thought of and I like it. Personally when I am CT I use warning shots most of the time but I know a lot of cts doesn't so this could definitely be something to put in the rules. Maybe the punishment doesn't have to be a slay, it could just be a warning to start with. Something I will think about. 2. I like it, really nothing more to say about it. Personally I think we should add this. 3. Like you said value doesn't like this and I agree with value, sure it might be fun for the people that doesn't have skins but it's honestly so boring for the people that have spent money on the game, actually considering leaving if this becomes a thing on our servers. If any staff member wants me gone, add this From my understanding there is a way to bypass the ban from value but one small mistake and our servers are gone. 4. This is still a thing, even if it's not as harsh anymore, my personal opinion on this is that if the SO is somewhat active and there isn't a better replacement for him/her he can keep it, having no SOs are worse than having some SOs that are not as active imo.
  7. Might as well show off a bit before the flaming hot cheetos or raw chicken gets posted Currently in my third year studying culinary arts, here are some things I have done at work, at home and in school, some of these are from my early years so some look better than others. Food is not gonna look as good on a picture but here are some of the stuff that I think looks pretty good that I have made:
  8. 42/40 Helps out with populating JB, does giveaways to increase the population, not nearly as toxic anymore, etc. Hopefully your current behavior isn't temporary.
  9. Hawk

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I really appreciate everyones input on this, you are all right and wrong. To wrap it all up it all comes down to playstyle, if you prefer to have it CT sided or T sided pretty much. At least now I know what everyone thinks and in the end it comes down to me cause it's so close in the votes (A lot of people that are inactive, doesn't play at all or not as much voted as well, and obviously these votes won't matter as much for obvious reasons). No matter what we go with people will be disappointed. A lot of people that are CT mains voted for full armor and a lot of people that like to play T voted on 0 armor. Some people said that we never had armor, why should we start now, and I would say that this argument is really weak, just because things are changing doesn't mean it's changing to become worse. And I agree, I will never allow the server to become like every other server but sometimes we gotta adapt to even stay in the competition. I don't think people see the whole picture, and it has been like this for a while, "oldfags" that never play anymore coming in and saying something that worked back in the day when they used to play doesn't mean it works now. I believe that if we never added implied no detours or delays and !lr the server would have been even more unpopular within the jailbreak community, and when this was added "oldfags" were saying the same shit. I have probably at least top 3 most playtime on T and have been playing for a long while but that doesn't mean I want 0 armor because I see the whole picture, keep an open mind. I will take everything in to consideration and come up with something that will satisfy the most amount of people, thank you everyone for giving me advice.
  10. Been seeing some discussion about this so let's just make it a poll. At first I thought that 40 armor was good but I forgot that the damage will be the same regardless of the amount of armor so might as well do either 0 or 100, that is why there are no options like 30, 40 or 50 armor. In my opinion we should have 0 armor and a helmet cause that way CTs can get knifed but wont be as vulnerable to the one taps from glocks, p250s and USPs. Will also work on removing armor during LR so don't worry about that part.
  11. Hawk

    Jailbreak Changelog

    Thanks to ENGs for helping with some changes Weapon skins fixed Beacons fixed Maps you have to play before nominating a map again 10>12.
  12. Added: jb_eckz_dee_v1a jb_mist_v1 jb_moti_fix2
  13. Hawk

    Jailbreak is great!

    I got info that blackout was crashing the server every single time it loaded in, so I disabled it until I have time to investigate (Admins can still forcechange to it). Hopefully it's not true and it's something else crashing the server but have been a little bit busy so disabled it for now so it doesn't crash the server if the server has population. @Beerman
  14. Hawk

    Jailbreak is great!

    I talked with Shadow about a few things today, mainly these two things that you brought up. I agree with the first point, I am totally down to lower the armor. The armor was added because the server had low population and rebelling was way too easy with low population, mainly new CT players that tried to learn, which is really hard when Ts dome you every single round, so I had to balance things out. But since the server is getting more pop nowdays I'm down to lower it, thanks for bringing it up @Sean and @Shadow. So the second point you stated I don't agree with as much, I know that some people like the simple maps with only 2 games, cellblock, pool and disco (Or whatever), but some people dislike these kinds of maps, mainly new players. I'm not saying we should go full noobfriendly and completely change the server but if we are gonna get new regulars we have to get new players. I know that "oldfags" want to keep their simple maps, killwhore and complain about new stuff (Because it didn't use to be like that) but since these people play a lot less nowdays we have to care about the new people as well, if that makes sense. Shadow came up with the idea of extending the map rotation timer, which would mean that we have to play more maps, not the same 5, and I think this is an excellent idea, this way everyone gets happy, some old maps and some new.
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