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      WIPE HYPE- Early Edition   01/12/17

      Nicer junk, further optimization, loot table fixes, and more.   Go check out the new map:   
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      There is someone who is banned from sG who is pretending to be me trying to scam community members. DONT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS FROM THIS PERSON, DONT EVEN ADD THIS PERSON His steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198305480550   SteamID: STEAM_0:0:172607411   He was already perma banned for impersonating another JCS member.


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  1. Meme master
  2. And another one...
  3. The real question is... Wtf are those emojis, are you like a viner or something?
  4. Depends on how you see it, I was 16.LEM but then I stopped playing csgo for a while and got unranked. I dont really bother getting ranked on main. My smurf is 13. MGE though.
  5. I really like to have number buttons on the side so I would go with Razer naga chroma (Current) or razer naga hex (my old one).
  6. #Chosen4LEG
  7. Hello and welcome!
  8. Thanks, Elliott! <3
  9. I have lost all my grandparents, it's really hard at first but it gets better. I was really close with my grandfather, when he passed away I was really sad, but after some time I was fine. Sorry for your loss, hope you get better <3
  10. Thanks
  11. Lamborghini Aventador, no doubt about it. Either black or white. Personally I am a lambo fanboy.
  12. Thanks a lot. Thats what I thought but did not wanna take the risk since I was unsure.
  13. I am litterally crying, lmao.