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  1. Hawk

    Jailbreak: Remastered

    It does not have to be your primary group on steam, however you will need to have the group tag on while you are on the server. CSGO Settings>Game Settings>Group Tag (Idk if it's actually called group tag but it's something like that).
  2. Hawk

    Jailbreak: Remastered

    I see quite a lot of people being sad about losing their credits, but tbh it's not really a big deal. My opinion was similar to yours at first @Bluestreakid15 but then I realized that I actually like the reset. A lot of games do similar things (For example server wipe on Rust or a new season on diablo 3). It makes it so you get more motivation to get credits again, a new start, instead of "Oh look at my 700k credits I got, that I really don't need at all". It's also a lot easier to obtain skins now, the highest priced skin is 100k (It used to be 625k). If you are actually playing on the server from time to time it shouldn't take too long to get the skins you want However, the people that bought credits will get them back, talk to Moose about it or make a post in the "private message to staff" forum.
  3. Hawk

    Jailbreak: Remastered

    Jailbreak: Remastered A lot of things have been done to jailbreak the past weeks, lets go through them so you don't miss out on anything. Some changes have already been announced but I will gather all of it here. What's new? Hosties This has been requested for a while now and it is finally on the server. Sm_hosties is a plugin that does a bunch of things, but mainly it allows people to get a LR menu. You can choose from list that includes stuff like knife fight, s4s, hot potato, etc. There is also a button for "Custom LR", it displays in chat that you want custom lr, after that you just type what you want like always. The command for this is !lr or !lastrequest and requires you to be last alive T. Admins can also use !abortlr or !cancellr if the !lr command is somehow being abused. Store changes The store is now server specific and the credits have been reset for everyone, quoting @Moose: That being said, the server now has a new store! Get on the server and collect credits to get a bunch of new cool skins: New default skins The default CT and T skin have been changed. The old skins did not have any working weapon attach points, this created a lot of problem especially with the T skin due to the CTs not being able to see holstered pistols. Check out the thread posted above if you wanna see how they look like. Gangs Gangs is a plugin that allows people to create their own gang. Check it out with the command !gang. To create a gang you will need to pay 5000 credits and after that you are set. You can invite anyone to your gang and the gang name will display on the scoreboard, next to the members name. Let your creative mind flow, do you wanna make applications for your gang, do you wanna make a steam group, should we do achievements on events to the gang with most lrs/kills, there are a lot of possibilities and I am pumped to see what we can make of it. Gang names will be treated with the same rules as steam names, which means no racism, admin impersonation, etc. Gang names like STAFF, Admin or Server Officer are NOT allowed to be used by anyone, it will create a lot of confusion for new players, stick with the staff/SO tags in your name instead. Other: Some other small changes include things like a new command, sm_thirdperson. The command is for SO+ and can be used for lrs/days, firstperson is set back to normal upon spawn or if SO+ does !firstperson @target. A new version of clouds is in the making, thanks to @Revöker. This version will balance things out a bit and some new stuff will be added. It will come to the server in some time. Lastly, join https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SyndicateGamingJB steam group to get notifications when we are populating the server, also you will get extra credits every 2 min when you are using the group tag in game while you are on the server. That's all for now, but more things are in the making so stay tuned. See you guys on the server!
  4. Hawk

    Jailbreak Current Store [Updated]

    10-17-2018 Updated with new store
  5. Hawk

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    I moved lego_jail to can't be nominated list, so it can still be played if an admin force-switch to it, so that means once in a while we can play the old version while we still have the more balanced version on the server, hopefully this will satisfy the people that voted for lego_jail to stay. The announcement will NOT be added for now. Thanks for your input.
  6. Hawk

    Jailbreak Map List (10/08/2018)

    Update: jb_lego_jail_v8-2 moved to can't be nominated.
  7. Hawk

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    Yeah, but perma coloring the rebeller creates a lot of issues as well that just the chat announcement doesn't, like for example, if you get pardoned (Which happends almost every single round) would the admins have to uncolor every single one that rebelled, what happends if no admins are on etc. Also, pGs jailbreak server may have a lot of players but imo it's a lot of cluster, CTs camping armory, CTs are allowed to run into the vent at the start of the round, backtrack and so much more. Also merged the posts for you hehe
  8. Hawk

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    Rootbeer, the annoucement would show up in chat and tell the CTs which T is shooting a gun, not just announce that someone is rebelling. Rooty, the ts would not be colored at all, just display who the rebeller is in chat. I don't want to change your votes but I encourage you guys to rethink your "no" votes, cause I feel like you misunderstood the statement. If you feel like you don't want an announcement like this in chat enabled feel free to continue voting no, just wanna make sure you guys got it right.
  9. Hey! It's your favorite forum spammer here I'm hearing 50/50 on these questions so we will do a poll. Pretty simple questions: Should we keep jb_lego_jail_v8-2 or jb_lego_prison_v1? Lego_jail is the old version that is really T sided, in lego_prison they balanced things out a bit but things like the solitary is removed and it has a few bugs. I don't wanna keep both so vote for your favorite, I don't really care which one we keep, cause I see positive and negative things with both (So they kinda balance eachother out imo). The second suggestion is that we enable an announcement when a T starts shooting a gun for the first time during a round. It will for sure be harder to rebel but I think that is healthy for the server, at least for the moment, due to people demolishing CTs most of the rounds. Make post your opinion below if you wanna add some reasoning to your vote, but it's not nessesary. Thanks for helping out
  10. Hawk

    Jailbreak Map List (10/08/2018)

    Added: jb_chicken_island_b1
  11. Hawk

    List Of JailBreak LR's

    Updated: Added hosties lrs and changed the description a bit.
  12. Jailbreak Current Skins/Store: Join: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SyndicateGamingJB and put on the steam group tag to get extra credits every 2 min! Red and orange associates with prisoners. Blue and grey associates with guards. Default Skins: Terrorists / Prisoners: CTs / Guards: Supporter Store:
  13. Hawk

    Jailbreak Changelog

    10/08/2018 Extended the list of sv_tags
  14. Hawk

    NEW: sm_hosties and thirdperson command

    Rebellers should not be able to get lr without the CTs approval and the plugin should be able to detect this (If it doesn't work properly admins can also abort the lr with !stoplr, !abortlr and !cancellr) Also, I agree with you @Rootbeer and I have disabled the rebel option in the lr menu. I have also increased the round start mute on Ts to 60 seconds from 30.