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  1. ESDaman

    War3 Crash Bug

    @Bear-Man-Thing Could not replicate, could anyone else? (by the way it was tested on subzero)
  2. ESDaman

    War3 Crash Bug

    While on spectate, switch through players as fast as you can to reproduce. Bob confirmed it. Unknown if it only related to War3 or CS:GO all together. Pop up error box: Engine Error <- box title CUtLinkedList overflow! (exhaused index range) <-error message
  3. ESDaman

    Trickster Assassin

    +1 vote for it to come back if it can be fixed/isn't still broken
  4. ESDaman

    New donation from SmugJack

    Holy shit dude. Good on you
  5. ESDaman

    Crack house

    My life is perfectly fine without crackhouse in it.
  6. ESDaman


    Priestess is able to continue defusing the bomb, as well as picking up a hostage, if she is killed while doing it. Plants get interrupted. I have not tested if they work when you start the action after being "killed"