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  1. Restricting movement skills

    The only time I think it is a problem is with spicy chicken or agrippa rushing on archimonde. Even then its only one kill. Most maps restrict skyboxes, so you cannot get to spawn at start with teleport anyway. It would essentially be a nerf on all races with movement skills. New ideas are always helpful though, just my critique.
  2. Saying hello.

    Nice, welcome back. There are still a few people around sG from that time that get on the wcs.
  3. introduction?

    Its gotten back up to a steady 6-12 people a night.
  4. Problems Connecting To Server

    I thought mine said I was missing the map when i tried, might have fallen out of fastdl?
  5. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    Actually, likely related to server update. I saw the bots and thought you might be testing it.
  6. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    Update possibly related to this. Upon joining around 2010 CST. I was able to make it to a team selection, after selection the server loses connection. The server also showed 5 bots on each team. Console log follows: Connecting to public( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff Connecting to public( ... Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff Connected to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Map: de_mirage Players: 1 (0 bots) / 20 humans Build: 6852 Server Number: 3 SignalXWriteOpportunity(3) ConVarRef missile_damage doesn't point to an existing ConVar SetConVar: No such cvar ( missile_damage set to 66), skipping ConVarRef war3_ammocontrol_version doesn't point to an existing ConVar SetConVar: No such cvar ( war3_ammocontrol_version set to 1), skipping ConVarRef missile_speed doesn't point to an existing ConVar SetConVar: No such cvar ( missile_speed set to 400), skipping ConVarRef a_war3_version doesn't point to an existing ConVar SetConVar: No such cvar ( a_war3_version set to Custom 2.0), skipping Attempted to precache unknown particle system "teleporter_red_entrance"! No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0 [War3Source] XP retrieval query: sending MAIN and load all races request! Time: 5.53 [War3Source] War3 MAIN retrieval: gold 4002. Time 5.54 [War3Source] Capped skill #1 at level 0 (it was at 10) [War3Source] Successfully retrieved data races, total of 226 races were returned, 204 are running on this server. [War3Source] XP RETRIEVED IN 0.0 seconds ESDaman connected. CColorCorrectionSystem: Missing '' Server connection timed out.
  7. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Not as iconic as a rick roll though.
  8. In many states for a conversation over the phone to be admissible as evidence, only one party must give consent to the monitoring. If you were to call me and say illegal things, or connect to my server to do illegal things, the law would be able to use that in a trial. But as for this discussion. If you expected privacy, you wouldn't access/expose it over electronic/public infrastructure. If something passes concerning the share of client metadata, you would likely have to sign a statement of understanding with your ISP before being allowed over their infrastructure. They wouldn't capture your TCP stream and reconstruct files or messages sent, only that you went to pornhub.com/whatever fifteen times last night. Again, I haven't read the links posted, and do not know the situation in regard to the federal wiretap act.
  9. The "internet" is only the connection of public and private networks, you're connecting to someone else's server. Unless a service is paid for, it should be publicly available IMO. If you don't want someone knowing what kind of fucked up porn you're into, go buy disks. If they are taking the cookies right off of your computer that is different and you will likely sign an agreement to it, but the traffic is going through your ISP, they are perfectly capable of logging everything themselves. (I did not click the links)
  10. Display MyInfo Constantly?

    +1 The cost vs impact may be low though.
  11. Servers!

    I only know of those plus one on RUST. I don't pay attention well either I guess.
  12. Need Help with Coding homework

    Problem solved.
  13. Warcraft 3 Dust Event

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883861642 STEAM 0:0:44504382 4002 gold shown. first 5 - 1000, 7 more @ 400ea = 12. I would like 4 into Design a race, 5 into expertise, 1 for Dues Ex Mankind Divided, and 2 for secret prize please. Thank you
  14. cs_assault rule change

    Okay, keep the vent rule. Bring back no balls no mic. Compromise. ^(in warcraft)