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    Centran conspiracy theory

    It's this easy to post and not be moved to spam?!? Man, I've been doing things wrong my whole life.
  2. Ironic


    Welcome to the forums! One of my friends is a 13J in the Army. He hated the Army though lol, told him he should have went Air Force!
  3. Ironic

    Official: Request Your Badge

    Two time gift giver now please.
  4. Ironic

    happy valentines day!

    @LindsayLoo was probably the worst ADV I've ever seen (besides Thew), but at least he tried I guess. @thew How did you even get ADV? @Avenger I miss seeing you on all the time! Also you still need to get a mic. @Noah is still my favorite bae.
  5. Ironic

    New donation from Dark Fry

    Thanks for the donation!
  6. Ironic

    New donation from Ironic

    Thank you, Ironic for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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  8. Ironic

    Charred's Application [PENDING]

    #JPBeerman2k19 20/20
  9. Chill guy on TTTGO. 19/20
  10. Ironic

    Thanks guys!

    Will be praying for you brother! You've made sG a better place for all of us, it would be a sad shame for you to leave so early. Love you man and best of luck!
  11. Ironic

    Getting admin back

    Hence why I don't have Ex-Staff admin
  12. Ironic

    Getting admin back

    As of right now, no. You have to be an L4 or higher, or have Ex-Staff admin.
  13. Ironic

    Getting admin back

    The GMod and CSGO side of sG has always been different. Rules that pertain to CSGO don't always pertain to GMod. For instance, CSGO people get harped on for "You better wear your tags if you're an SO!". Then for GMod, I think the last time I wore my tags was like 4 months ago. We're the same community, but at the same time different in our game servers. I agree with ya Sith, I believe either L3's should get some basic admin, OR maybe if you were an SO for say over a year or so, and you stepped down due to life issues or something that isn't bad, you should deserve an "Ex-SO" admin privilege rank so when you do hop on the server, you can help out with the chaos RDM. Which by the way, do you not have enough hours or posts or something to be an L5 or VET? You joined sG before me so if you do have those requirements, I would apply for L5 at least so you can get your free admin. Nice seeing you again man!
  14. Ironic

    Props in TTTGO

    Can't wait to see how many props @Avenger throws at me.
  15. Ironic

    Can we fix this?

    Agree! Instead, we should give Ironic a 75% chance every round he'll be traitor.
  16. Ironic

    My time is now.

    This is why I always tell people to stay away from @Lindsay.
  17. Ironic

    Post a picture of yourself

    Me and one of my buddies on shift with me. (I'm the short one on the right).
  18. Ironic

    Be Aware....

    Correct, a false KOS is KOSable. Get em!!
  19. Ironic


  20. Ironic


    Welcome to the forums! Stay away from @Lindsay.
  21. Ironic


    Chill guy, met him on JB today. I bet mine's worse!
  22. Ironic

    Official sG Podcasts?

    That would be sweet! And the host of the podcast could talk about sG news, drama, etc. and have guests on the show for stuff like drama.
  23. I never thought I'd get to such a low part in my life where I had to watch anime. I thought I was better than that, I thought I was an actual human with actual human behavior. I'm just kidding ya'll. Anyways, I've been really sick these past like 4 days, and I decided to try out and watch Death Note, as it was recommended to me from a friend. Needless to say, I was very impressed, and I actually ended up finishing the whole thing in a 24 hour span (got nothing better to do when you're sick). So with that being said, I was just curious if there was any other good anime's out there ya'll would like to recommend to me. I'd love it if they were dark and mysteries like Death Note was. I tried to get into Devilman Crybaby, which I liked the storyline, but I didn't really enjoy the first couple of episodes, so I stopped. Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy so I like nudity you know, but all the nudity in Devilman just didn't seem like it fit in too. So yeah, feel free to leave your comments down below of any anime's you'd like to recommend me.
  24. Ironic

    Congratulations Nicole!

    Don't you mean Theybies?!?!? Nah but for real, congrats!
  25. Ironic

    Bulletford is a cunt.

    I'm just here for the free post.