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    Stepping Down

    Will do! I appreciate it!
  2. Ironic

    Stepping Down

    Not like it completely matters because not much goes on in this community anymore sadly But, I'm gonna be stepping down from my position of RO. I'm currently taking EMT and that's the main thing I want to be focusing on this semester, and then after that I'm going to be starting deployment training for my deployment to the middle east early next year. I'll still be on every now and then (more on my Xbox if anything), but it was fun getting to be an RO for the second go around, but honestly with the state of the community we don't do a whole lot anyway, so I feel I should step down from my position and focus on my training. See ya'll around!
  3. Shooting handguns are fun man. Shooting an AR-15 is probably one of the most fun guns I've shot. I need to practice more with my Glock, but luckily a buddy of mine who's a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force with me has his own range he made at his house like 10 minutes from where I live. He's in Security and is also a part time cop and has shown me a lot too.
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    I do the inactive thing.
  5. Tomorrow should be fine with me. I'll be hanging out with one of my friends in town, but just message me on discord or something and I can hop on real quick on my phone
  6. I've never used Yahoo, my favorite has always been ESPN. I also prefer a standard league, never been a fan of PPR.
  7. Ironic


    I can be your friend.
  8. ATTENTION: Due to circumstances of him now having to work, I will be taking Bluestreak's place this Sunday for Sunday Funday where we'll be popping Jailbreak (IP: Normally, Sunday Funday starts at Noon, however I won't be home till around 12:45 PM, so the time will be changed to 1300 (1:00 PM Central Time). Feel free to get on before then if you all want, but I will be on to host at 1300. Hope to see ya'll there! Have a great week!
  9. That's awesome! Well good luck!
  10. Congrats on getting EMT! Have you worked with an ambulance service yet?
  11. Satellite Internet in general sucks. It usually ain't fast, and you're limited on data. I'm not sure who Canada all uses and if it's somewhat the same as in the US, but I hear Hughes net and Dish Network are the best two.
  12. Ironic


    Welcome to the forums! Stay away from @LindsayLoo
  13. Ironic


    Hello and welcome to the forums! Be sure to stay away from @LindsayLoo.
  14. That website is actually awesome! I might actually use them when I buy my PC.
  15. Congrats man! Graduating is fun. Welcome to adulthood though
  16. Or I don't know exactly what I'm doing. I know a little bit, but I ain't even close to a lot of other people here, so I don't know which graphic cards are better than others and etc. Yeah, but the new consoles will still probably take a while to come out, and then I plan to buy them anyway.
  17. Hey guys! Finally, after so many years of being with this community and having a terrible computer, laptop, (and now) gaming laptop, and really terrible internet, I finally moved out of my parents house and got my own place! Which means, I have good internet and I'm ready to actually have a good PC! I know a lot of you love to do this sort of thing, so I'll let anyone who's willing to pick out parts and tell me your opinion on things. What I'm looking for is around $1,500-2,000 build (no more than 2 grand though, and cheaper the better). I will be using this obviously mostly for gaming, and possibly some streaming/recording. If anyone knows of any already pre-built PC deals out there let me know too. As far as the monitors, I'm not real picky. I'm going to want two, preferably 4k. Then the mouse I'm not picky on, and the keyboard I definitely want a click one (I love the noise idk why lol). Let me know what ya'll think and feel free to make some builds if any of ya'll want and give me your opinion on things. Thanks guys!
  18. Probably older than @cookie eater though, and apparently he has a wife and 8 kids. Happy Birthday!
  19. Thank you, Ironic for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  20. Ironic


    It's been an awesome ride with ya man! You'll be missed. Hopefully in the future the servers can be popped again and we'll see you sometime in the future! Until then, have an awesome life man, and say hi every now and then!
  21. Ironic

    Stepping Down

    Thank you for the time you put into JB!
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