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  1. Ironic

    First Build

    Hey guys, After years and years of only playing on a laptop or my friends computers, I'm finally gonna be putting a build together. Long story short, my good friend is going to create a new build entirely here soon, and since his current build works pretty decent (minus the hard drive being SUPER slow), he's going to sell me his old computer for only $500. His current build I'll be getting: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/bxmdude96/saved/yGT27P The CPU cooler is just the base cooler, and he didn't know what memory he had, which I'm changing anyway. My build from his build: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ItsIronic/saved/#view=23Y3t6 I'm replacing the graphics card, memory, hard drive, power supply, and going to put in new fans. Most of this I'm getting with these Black Friday deals going on. I don't care to have the most powerful thing on the block, but a decent amount of power would be nice. The fans I'm going to go look around in stores because my friend's tower is a little small, so I need to go in store to really look at the sizes and make sure, unless any of ya'll know of any good small CPU coolers and possibly smaller extra fans I can put in. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Looks great man! I'm looking at possibly building here within the next month or so. I've overall gotten really out of PC gaming and just been sticking to my Xbox Ond and playing with friends, but I really want to get back into the master race world.
  3. That's a legit username, I like it.
  4. Sadly I have drill that weekend and I'm on shift. Ya'll have fun though!
  5. I think everyone prefers their laptop or computer, but it ain't bad on a phone at all. I've had to do it multiple drafts.
  6. I changed mine to "Ironic's Team" for now so people know it's me. Dont know who those other guys are.
  7. Ironic

    Stepping Down

    Will do! I appreciate it!
  8. Ironic

    Stepping Down

    Not like it completely matters because not much goes on in this community anymore sadly But, I'm gonna be stepping down from my position of RO. I'm currently taking EMT and that's the main thing I want to be focusing on this semester, and then after that I'm going to be starting deployment training for my deployment to the middle east early next year. I'll still be on every now and then (more on my Xbox if anything), but it was fun getting to be an RO for the second go around, but honestly with the state of the community we don't do a whole lot anyway, so I feel I should step down from my position and focus on my training. See ya'll around!
  9. Shooting handguns are fun man. Shooting an AR-15 is probably one of the most fun guns I've shot. I need to practice more with my Glock, but luckily a buddy of mine who's a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force with me has his own range he made at his house like 10 minutes from where I live. He's in Security and is also a part time cop and has shown me a lot too.
  10. Ironic


    I do the inactive thing.
  11. Tomorrow should be fine with me. I'll be hanging out with one of my friends in town, but just message me on discord or something and I can hop on real quick on my phone
  12. I've never used Yahoo, my favorite has always been ESPN. I also prefer a standard league, never been a fan of PPR.
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