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  1. Ironic

    who is the best smash bros character

    Uganda Knuckles.
  2. Ironic

    New donation from Ironic

    I just had to bring my total donations to $100
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    New donation from Ironic

    Thank you, Ironic for your donation of 4.70 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Learn from your guys' mistakes

    Better yet, I'll do that and not even contact the tower!
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    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Ironic

    Learn from your guys' mistakes

    I need to get my EMT! Technically my job doesn't require it, but it's extra pay and more medical training. Honestly man, I haven't drove an ambulance, but I doubt an ambulance is that bad. Just remember your turns have to be a little wider. That's the big thing
  7. Yesterday, I had the biggest "oppsie" moment of my fire service career. Long story short, we just got back from an alarm call (turned out to just be the alarm panel jacking up), and myself and my officer were heading back to the fire station. Well, after he punched in the code to the gate and starting walking to the station, I turned the vehicle, straightened out the steering wheel to "go straight", was looking in my mirrors, but then looked up for about 4 seconds to look at my officer to see if he wanted me to pick him up or if I was parking, then WHAM! I smacked the side of the gate with our ARFF Truck TI-1500. Turns out, I forgot that the steering wheel in that truck isn't proportioned right like the other trucks, so when you straighten the steering wheel how it should be, it really veers to the left instead of staying straight. In all honesty, I was pretty scared. Afraid I might get fired, fined, or I don't know what. Thankfully though, the airport we protect was actually really chill about the whole situation (so far they have been at least), and my chief talked to pretty much everyone appointed over me, and no one wants me to be terminated (fired). Chief said he'll have to look in the handbook to see what kind of punishment I'll be given, but it will probably only be a write up and letter of reprimand. Which will only stick with my career for 6-12 months. Then whatever the airport wants me to do (maybe some remedial driving training). I'm not making this post for ya'll to feel sorry for me or anything, I'm just trying to inspire a lot of you (especially new and younger guys/gals) to learn from your mistakes. It's better yet not to even make one, but we all make mistakes. Take what you learn from a certain mistake, and improve on yourself to not do it again. I know for damn sure even if the airport doesn't make me do remedial driving training, I'm going to take our other ARFF truck and do my own. Set up some cones and make sure I can clear some really tight spaces. Thanks for your guys' time, and have a great day!
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    I wish I was this cool.
  9. Ironic

    Centran conspiracy theory

    It's this easy to post and not be moved to spam?!? Man, I've been doing things wrong my whole life.
  10. Ironic


    Welcome to the forums! One of my friends is a 13J in the Army. He hated the Army though lol, told him he should have went Air Force!
  11. Ironic

    Official: Request Your Badge

    Two time gift giver now please.
  12. Ironic

    happy valentines day!

    @LindsayLoo was probably the worst ADV I've ever seen (besides Thew), but at least he tried I guess. @thew How did you even get ADV? @Avenger I miss seeing you on all the time! Also you still need to get a mic. @Noah is still my favorite bae.
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    New donation from Dark Fry

    Thanks for the donation!
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    Charred's Application [PENDING]

    #JPBeerman2k19 20/20