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  1. happy date of birth Driz

    Happy Birthday, man!
  2. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Happy Birthday, bud!
  3. Petition to reinstate No Balls Rule

    Bob Ross, back at it again!
  4. Gaming Laptop

    Hey guys, so I'm wanting to get a good yet cheap gaming laptop for myself while I'm out here in two months for my Technical Training. I'm looking for something that will be able to play most games (for example: CSGO, GMod, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and etc.) around maybe medium settings, but I would be down for better if my price range allows. I'm looking for somethig around $800 or less, and will not exceed $1,000 at most. I here MSI is a really good brand, so this is the one I've been looking at lately: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-7QF-1057-GeForce-Windows-Laptops/dp/B0711FWQ28 Any thoughts or better laptop suggestions please comment below!
  5. Free Speech

    I always thought most people who had a confederate flag where normally descendants of soldiers who fought in the Civil War and they were proud of there ancestors. Now, it's more turned into some people know it pisses off others (which I don't know why it would), so more people have it now. At least, that's what I think. Also what Artic said, the confederate flag people use isn't even the actual one.
  6. Free Speech

    Do you really feel all of the liberals/leftist are handling this situation well? All the videos out there of them getting into fights, yelling/cursing, and all the posts about anyone who even mentions having a confederate flag. I can see them not liking it, but people have a right to their opinion of the flag and the "meaning" behind it (which I always assumed it was just Southern pride). I understand were you're coming from, but it's ridiculous that someone can't just walk around with a confederate hat on without someone from the left trying to hurt them. I saw a video on Facebook this morning of some guy holding a confederate flag and saluting some statue of a soldier and he was just getting flamed for it. People were calling him a terroist and just screaming and cussing at him. Sure, he could have just been doing that to irritate people, but people are really gonna go up to someone and scream at them for that? Just ignore them. They aren't doing any harm. With this logic we shouldn't even celebrate or be proud to be American's, because I'm sure America has caused pain and suffering for other countries/people.
  7. Free Speech

    I've been gone the past 2 months, so I'm not completely up to date on exactly what all has been going on, but here's my opinion. The first amendment gives people the right to go out and wave almost whatever flag they want, and believe whatever they want (with some exceptions of course), even if their opinion is really unpopular. What people don't have the right to is to run over and kill protesters, no matter their stance. I agree with what Donald Trump said in the fact that there's wrong in both parties as far as what's been going on lately. This isn't a "one side of the party is causing all the problems". Getting mad at these "white supremists/Nazis" and then wanting to fight them, tear down these statues, and etc. isn't helping anything or as a lot of leftists like to say helping "stop the hate". It's doing the exact opposite. I'm not saying we should ignore what's been going on and ignore these people who claim to be white supremists and nazis, but the way a lot of people have been reacting to them, isn't going to help out the situation.
  8. What's up?

    Nope! I'm actually an A1C. Just couldn't wear it on graduation day lol.
  9. What's up?

    Did you like that one better or something? Lol
  10. What's up?

    Thanks, bud!
  11. What's up?

    Hey, guys! How has it been going? I just graduated Air Force Basic Training this past Thursday, and I've been hanging out with my family this weekend. I still have another whole week of Airmans week to go before I head back home for my two month break before Tech School. Anyways, just wanted to ask what all I've missed out on in these past 2 months I've been gone? Here's a picture of me during graduation if anyone cares: https://imgur.com/DrRV3S1 Once I'm back home, I plan on maybe upgrading my PC and being more active again with you guys!
  12. I would like to apologize

    No, I've been at Air Force Basic the past 7.5 weeks lol. Just wanted to say I was never mad at Blue for no showing. It sucked, but I was never upset with him or anything.
  13. Gonna be gone for a little while.

    Getting ready to board my first flight here in about an hour. I'll see you guys in 8.5 weeks!
  14. Happy Birthday Taz!

    Happy Birthday, bud!
  15. Transgender Community

    I've always thought about this too. Whether you believe in a God or whatever, breeding (AKA sex) has always been, or was primarily made for having children and keeping our species going. This day and age, yeah sex is mostly for pleasure now. To put some food for thought though, could some say we are failing at one of our primary jobs as human beings by not reproducing? This ultimately could be why some look down on those in the LGBTQ+ community, because normally what they do could (as some might say) "go against one of our main jobs as human beings" which is to reproduce and keep our species going, and improving.