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  1. Ironic

    Holiday Picture (2018)

    Added @tazmanianxdude and myself.
  2. Ironic

    Christmas Nightmare

    Well, looks like I'll have to fix my CSGO
  3. I never thought I'd get to such a low part in my life where I had to watch anime. I thought I was better than that, I thought I was an actual human with actual human behavior. I'm just kidding ya'll. Anyways, I've been really sick these past like 4 days, and I decided to try out and watch Death Note, as it was recommended to me from a friend. Needless to say, I was very impressed, and I actually ended up finishing the whole thing in a 24 hour span (got nothing better to do when you're sick). So with that being said, I was just curious if there was any other good anime's out there ya'll would like to recommend to me. I'd love it if they were dark and mysteries like Death Note was. I tried to get into Devilman Crybaby, which I liked the storyline, but I didn't really enjoy the first couple of episodes, so I stopped. Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy so I like nudity you know, but all the nudity in Devilman just didn't seem like it fit in too. So yeah, feel free to leave your comments down below of any anime's you'd like to recommend me.
  4. Ironic

    A Migration.

    I think I'm gonna throw up, that's how I feel.
  5. Ironic

    Doodle's intro :D

    Welcome to the forums! Stay away from @Lindsay
  6. Ironic

    sG | Kz-Climb Server is dead

    What server isn't dead right now? Welcome!
  7. Ironic

    Toreba Crane Game Winnings Thread

    Thanks for sharing! I may have to try this out.
  8. Ironic

    Hi Noobs

    He should be an L5 by now. He got in the same month I did.
  9. Ironic

    Hi Noobs

    Ollie! Things have been going great for me man. What have you been up to?
  10. Ironic

    Weab Trash

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Or if you don't live under a rock and have an up to date phone, it automatically does it for you.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Stay away from @Lindsay
  13. Ironic

    Fall TTT Event

    @Wolfshade add me on steam and I'll get you your award https://steamcommunity.com/id/ItsIronic
  14. Ironic

    Any Xbox One Gamers?

    Hey ya'll, I just recently upgraded my One to the Xbox One X (gamestop is having a crazy deal right now.) Anyways, if any of ya'll have a One and play it often, feel free to add me. Right now I'll mainly be grinding Black Ops 4. Gamertag: sG Ironic
  15. Ironic

    where is eddy?

    No thanks.