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  1. Heck yeah, man! Guard all the way! So, normally they do make us pipeline straight through to Tech School, however I enlisted June 30th of last year, and I graduated High School May 19th. So with how the Guard at least works with enlistments is you have to be at Basic by the time your one year hits, or before. So, they had to get me to Basic between May 19th, and June 30th. The Master Sergeant that was working on my dates found a Basic and Tech School date that would have worked perfectly and I would have been able to pipeline straight through, however someone else took the spots before I did. So, they were forced to send me to Basic first and split train, or else I would have went over my one year without having been to Basic. Basic dates are really easy to find, it's Tech School dates that are harder to find. And your BMT should last around 8.5 weeks. I don't know what they've been telling you exactly, but they always tell us BMT is around 8 and a half weeks. (http://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/air-force-bmt-boot-camp-schedule.html)
  2. Hey guys, first off sorry I haven't been as active on the servers lately. I've mostly been dedicating this past month or so to seeing family, friends, and etc. It gets crazy around High School graduation time, as I'm sure a lot of you have experienced it lol. I'll be more active again once the end of summer rolls around (you'll find out why in a second). Second, here in about 3 weeks or so from tomorrow (Tuesday), I'm shipping out for my Air Force Basic Training. The training (or as some people like to call it "Summer Camp") is approximately around 8.5 weeks. Not sure the exact day yet, but I should be back around mid August, because I'm having to split train (meaning, I have to come back home after Basic, and wait till October for my Tech School because they sadly weren't able to let me pipeline through). Just thought I should let the general public know (even non sG members, hence why I put this in "The Pub") where I'll be at and that I'm not just going inactive on this community. I'll see you guys around later! -Ironic AKA Kaleb
  3. Also, feel free to add in (for those of you graduating college), what was your degree and plans for the future? For those graduating High School, what's your plan for college/military/work force/etc? Example by me: I graduate today (May 19th) from High School. As most of you already know, I'm apart of Arkansas Air National Guard (AKA weekend warrior Air Force). My Air Force Basic Training is coming up here in a few weeks, and in I plan to be a Firefighter not only on the Military side of my life, but also civilian. As of right now, I also plan (sometime in the future) to go to the Community College in my town, and get my Fire Science associate degree, as well as my EMT. Even though I'm apart of the Guard, I'm gonna be serving 6 months full time at my base right out of my Tech School, and I would also like to get deployed at least once through my 6 year commitment. As of right now, I plan on making a career (20 years or more) out of the Air Force. Not sure if all of that will be Guard, or if I may want to go Active Duty, or become an AGR (full time Guard member) in the future. We'll see though if any of that changes. That was a long example lol, but you guys get the gist.
  4. Who all in here is graduating either High School or College? After 4 years of feeling like doing the same shit every year, today I finally get to graduate High School (may post some pictures later).
  5. Is that not the same with every command though? Every command can be abused, and I'm sure it would be worse for an SO to ban everybody, rather than set everyone's karma to 1000.
  6. Nope, I've been karma banned 2-3 times for just killing RDMers and people that are T-baiting. @centran was karma banned one time for killing like 4 T buddies with a C4 because they were dumbasses and didn't watch on their screen lmao.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. AKA: Every President that's ever stepped into office.
  9. Something you were never good at anyway.
  10. Happy Birthday, bud!
  11. Same! My Xbox One should be coming in tomorrow, and my friend is gonna gameshare with me! Super pumped for the remastered zombie maps! Playing Kino again will be a blast!
  12. Don't be stupid and protest in the middle of the road. Problem solved. But then again, you can't fix stupid.
  13. Nice.
  14. Happy Birthday, man!