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  1. Lot!!!! I miss you! Have a great new year
  2. Bruh no matter how much I get shit on for this PC, it's the best one I've ever owned. It's God-like compared to my past PC and laptop.
  3. Nah, it doesn't bother me. I was planning on upgrading the CPU, case, motherboard, RAM, and fans when I got back from deployment anyway. I already sold the old graphics card and got $100 for it. I'm not too worried about it tbh, for now the PC runs perfect for what I need, but I'll definitely give it an upgrade after my deployment.
  4. Maybe of 2021, I'm getting deployed around July time-frame, but when I get back I'll probably do an upgrade.
  5. Decided to try out a Rocket just to see. Rocket League - Everything to the highest quality, averaged around 200 FPS (Would go depending on the movements obviously from 180-250ish) On the lowest quality, it stayed around 220-240, I could tell the lowest quality made it a bit smoother, but honestly not by very much and not enough for me to justify playing everything on the lowest quality. Also I looked online, and I think Dead By Daylight is capped at 60, but I can go into my config on the game codes and change that. Well I'll be damned, I didn't know I'm losing about 100 fps because of my CPU lol. Well anyways for the time being, I'm still very happy at the 120 I'm getting. Like I said before this is still the best Gaming PC I've ever owned, so I couldn't tell a difference in the world if my CPU was causing me to lose anything. I do plan on upgrading in the near future, but right now I'm happy with what all I'm getting. Thanks for the help!
  6. Only three games I've really done so far is CSGO at Ultra settings with 120 FPS, and then Dead By Daylight at Ultra settings, but I assume that game is capped at 60 because even with lowering the settings I couldn't get any higher. I've also played Overwatch on the highest settings, don't know exactly what the FPS was, but it wasnt lagging at all. So far I don't have any other games that require anymore "power".
  7. I'll do it in a few days when I'm home. I mean my biggest things is I just wanted to be able to play my favorite games at decent settings with high fps, and currently I can play the highest resolution settings with about 120 FPS on average with no lag.
  8. I asked a few people and they said thay my PC would be pretty dang good and that I was getting a good deal. Even my other friends IRL. I never heard a single thing about getting scammed or getting a bad deal until you guys started on this thread, all of my other 5-6 friends I've talked to who have build PC's said I was getting a good deal. They did mention the CPU being a little old, but they said it was still pretty powerful and will do just fine. I was never looking for the most powerful thing on the market. I uploaded the "First Build", and I never got any comments for a few days, then I got @daniel_that said it was "pretty epic" or whatever. Haha man I've been playing on a laptop for like 6 years, this PC is so much better and faster than my laptop . Overall my PC costed about $1300, $1200 if you include the fact I've already sold the old graphics card. I understand now that I might have gotten scammed a couple hundred bucks (although like I've said before PC part picker said his PC was worth like $700 in total), but I still love this PC. I haven't had any issues and it's still the fastest and best gaming PC I've ever seen and played IRL. I do plan to upgrade in a couple of years, but until I can tell it's not as powerful as I think, I'm gonna stick with it since it's what I got!
  9. I just did, I can't find a PC for $1300 that's better than the one I have. Well technically you could say my build only costed $1200 now that I sold that old Graphics Card. I know I don't know as much as most the people here, but word of advice, don't come in arguing stating someone's build is trash, but you won't even simply link me to a build that's better and cheaper than what I did. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I don't see what you're saying and you failing to link me to better cheaper parts/builds doesn't help. Just going "You're dumb, ignorant, dont understand parts, etc." doesn't help.
  10. Well thanks for still not proving anything then.
  11. Ya'll haven't spelled or proved anything. I know the parts were older, but for $500 I couldn't find all those parts together for that cheap. Again, I also already sold the old graphics card for $100. So assuming I dont sell anything else, could you find me a better CPU, CPU cooler, motherboard, and case for less than $400?
  12. No, I don't understand at all how I "overspent" on all the parts. Looked like a good deal to me and I couldn't find the parts any cheaper than the deal I got. So far the performance from my PC has been amazing, and like I said the best gaming PC I've ever seen in real life. I do plan to change out the case, CPU, and motherboard my next upgrade, but until I see my performance lacking on this PC (maybe once DDR5 becomes the standard?) I'm just gonna stick with it because I love it
  13. I can't use that ripjaws, that's DDR4. I did originally buy that, without realizing it was DDR4. I paid $65 for my Vengance. Couldn't find anything cheaper at the time, and no stores nearby had any DDR3 in stock. Like I said, I cant find anything online that had all his parts together for less than $500. Feel free to do some research and link me to all the parts if you can prove me wrong, but I couldn't find anything. At the end of the day, I still got most my parts cheaper (due to the black Friday sells at the time), and my PC is the fastest and best quality I have ever seen IRL. I love it! What exactly did I get scammed on? And idk, the AMD so far has worked perfect for me!
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