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  1. Getting ready to board my first flight here in about an hour. I'll see you guys in 8.5 weeks!
  2. Happy Birthday, bud!
  3. I've always thought about this too. Whether you believe in a God or whatever, breeding (AKA sex) has always been, or was primarily made for having children and keeping our species going. This day and age, yeah sex is mostly for pleasure now. To put some food for thought though, could some say we are failing at one of our primary jobs as human beings by not reproducing? This ultimately could be why some look down on those in the LGBTQ+ community, because normally what they do could (as some might say) "go against one of our main jobs as human beings" which is to reproduce and keep our species going, and improving.
  4. Nemo*'s been around for quite a while on the GMod Servers. He was super chill back when I played with him (so I assume he still is)! Welcome, bud!
  5. Happy Birthday, babe!
  6. I plan to be! And no, I don't leave till Tuesday haha.
  7. Hey, Air Force Basic Training is 8.5 weeks, and that's pretty much like a summer camp, right?
  8. My last Drill I had, when I was up at the Fire Station, we were pretty much forced to go through a PowerPoint about how the Air Force is dealing with transgenders now, and what's all up with that. Of course, being apart of the military and such, a good amount of us are more conservatives, and were shaking heads and such. Anyway, opinions out the window, one of the serious questions to the Major who was giving us the PowerPoint presentation was "So, since I technically don't have to go through surgery to identify as a female, could I get my gender changed here on base, tell them I identify as a female, and then get to take the easier PT test that's for females?" Long story short, the Major actually didn't have an answer. He said that most likely, people could actually do that if they wanted to. I post this to say no, I don't have a problem with transgenders. Your business is your business. However, I feel that it's getting to the point that people could (like a PT test) try to "identify" as the other gender, just to get by with certain things. Do I believe transgenders should also have the same rights non transgenders do? Absolutely! Do I think they should have special rights? No. That's my opinion on that whole shabam.
  9. Happy Birthday, man!
  10. I just saw it this morning while scrolling through Facebook. My heart was so full! If you haven't watched it yet, you need to!
  11. Never expected this to ever happen. But man, thanks for all the work you've done in this community!
  12. Happy Birthday, man!
  13. Now go gamble it and get even more shit!
  14. Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Thank you to those who have literally given it all for this country, along with their families. We can never repay you for the sacrifices you've made, and our country is grateful for you.
  15. I like apples!