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  1. Don Juan

    Hi Noobs

    If your definition of "living life" is going to school I feel legit sorry for you
  2. Don Juan

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    18/20 Don't make me regret this Wayne!
  3. Don Juan

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    Love it when beerman has had a few beers and orders me around like the bitch I am
  4. Don Juan

    Newest addition to sG

    Congratulations Rayne! You will be a great father,
  5. Don Juan

    The Uncle Of ZE has returned

    Who are you? hehe:) 14/20
  6. Don Juan

    TotalBiscuit Passed Away

  7. Don Juan

    Post the car you are currently driving

    In Norway, driving motorcycles above 15Kw requires you to be 24 years or older.
  8. Don Juan

    Lets make a story only two words!

    with boners
  9. Don Juan

    0.0000001% WAR3 PLAYER CLUB

    surprisingly few, easy to get on jb
  10. Don Juan

    #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    Serious discussion forum, not making lesser informed made up shit as I went forum
  11. Don Juan

    #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    You do realize that this is the serious discussion sub forum and not the spam or the pub sub forum?
  12. Don Juan

    Hello sG

    Heyo my dude
  13. Don Juan

    League of Legends - Ten Mans

    Just made an account on NA IGN DonJuanDracuia
  14. Don Juan

    Why is jb dead?

    What killed JB for me is how people treat it like competitive and on certain maps where as last T, if you wanted to you could just camp your ass off and stall, especially if no admins were on.. But for others it might have just been life and the game CS:GO it self losing time for other more rewarding games.
  15. Don Juan

    Why is jb dead?

    Cus sG turned into pubg and overwatch tryhards