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Don Juan

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    Playing video games, listening to music and having good times with good friends.

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  1. You mirror your C, like this Ɔ
  2. This fucking cunt of a bot whom has been named "Clyde" thinks he can keep me from spamming servers haha, what a twat. Also, any1 have an idea of when sG Discord will work for me again?
  3. Holy shit, I actually won something!! Sign me up for the tourney http://steamcommunity.com/id/foundagunbutnobanana
  4. Hi and welcome!
  5. Hmm, that is actually a fact that surprised me. Maybe thats why Italians and Mexicans are so agressive all the time
  6. Cool fact, might the data be fixed as the Japanese have so high standards that they don't like to admit that they do have sex? First
  7. Compare this to the actions of 22 of July in Norway. Where a far right nationalistic socialist killed close to a hundred people. AFAIK most of his followers are from other countries, and a lot of his followers in Norway lost all respect for him after killing all those people. Only to claim it was necessary due to them being far left and in his eyes was going to ruin our country. Scary shit to write off as "Just another tragic loss of life"
  8. Is it possible to make it so that the lowest ranked players by points be terrorists then :V
  9. I hope that the stupid part of the population in your country realizes that this murder rampage is just as bad as if it was done by a muslim. Fanatics are scary humans.
  10. I fail to see whats so negative about being a T except the zombie powerups
  11. Live by it
  12. You only earned 48,5 dollars :V
  13. I want to kill myself
  14. Hi!