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Don Juan

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  1. Thanks Krony! Your commitment to the clan is undeniably beneficial for us and brings joy and financial strength. Thanks a lot for your continued contributions.
  2. Homos?
  3. wtf is a romper
  4. cue a lot of fags vote yes who dont even play the server :V
  5. Saying it wont make your orders invalid. Not saying it shouldn't either. This rules probably makes at least 30% of new players turn their back before they are even on the second round. - Join first time - CT spot open - Join CT cus chill - Do warden cus regulars dont. - Didn't know about "No detours No delays" being mandatory on each and every fucking single command - Get slayed/CT'd - Leave and never rejoin........... 10/10 rule
  6. Agree with freekiller. Dual monitors is overrated if it means you have to pull back on hardware to get it.
  7. Happy 17th!
  8. Rip taz
  9. Dont you fucking die on me
  10. Thanks a lot dude!
  11. Thanks a lot!
  12. Rip my job, need me that title.
  13. longest standing L1 member?
  14. HBD Joe
  15. 1-10%? or like 1-3%?