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  1. Why is jb dead?

    What killed JB for me is how people treat it like competitive and on certain maps where as last T, if you wanted to you could just camp your ass off and stall, especially if no admins were on.. But for others it might have just been life and the game CS:GO it self losing time for other more rewarding games.
  2. Why is jb dead?

    Cus sG turned into pubg and overwatch tryhards
  3. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    I am so good at this gem that u ban me cus ur computr is to slow to show me tru skill ex dee so dont unban the tru ruski pro jumper i will go to other server k thx bai That thread gave me aids... god bless
  4. #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    This. If you Americunts keep electing shit like Trump, and other celebrities who wants to run for president your country will tear it self apart... Regardless of what their views are and plans are, if they have no experience in any public sector or other elected job you are fucked. Also I see no difference in her speech compared to Hillary's; "look at me im woman xD" and Oprah; "look at me im woman AND black!! XD" lol
  5. I'm sorry what?

    Hey and welcome to sG!
  6. Happy birthday ya fuck

    Ayy my boy getting older!
  7. Hello all!

    Welcome my dude!
  8. Noz

    Ayy my boy Nozraci
  9. sG XMAS Party (Brofest) Vote For the DATE!

    I mean, it doesn't have to so close to the actual christmas
  10. sG XMAS Party (Brofest) Vote For the DATE!

    Don't think I'll make it but if I do I'll get so drunk people will get to see my pubes. see me do push ups and pass out trying to play Arma with Howard all featuring my awesome seagull!
  11. JB night 12/16/17 & 12/17/17

    It wouldn't matter anyways for in all honesty we should just do both days
  12. JB night 12/16/17 & 12/17/17

    Why sunday lol, Saturday would be a lot better as people (me) dont have work on sundays but on mondays...
  13. ok

    Hi there!
  14. Real Life Jailbreak

    I mean, you still get LR more frequently than a lot of people!
  15. Crypto Currency Mining Guide

    If it goes well maybe you can pay off my car as well! Hey, hope it works out for you. Keep working for your goals!