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  1. Don Juan


    Hi, It's nice that you want to drug people. Just post on the forums, play thousands of hours and maybe if we think you are cool you can get admin for free, or apply for SO and hope you get it, or pay for premium admin and skip all that! Welcome to the forums~~
  2. Don Juan

    Nostalgia Attack

  3. Don Juan

    New donation from Dark Fry

    Thanks a lot my dude!
  4. Don Juan

    New donation from Nau

    Jesus, Thank a lot Naufrage!
  5. Don Juan

    Please accept me :) [PENDING]

    13/20 Cool guy played with him a bit and is chill
  6. Don Juan

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Looking forwoard to town of salem!
  7. Don Juan

    Jailbreak recommendations

    I will admin whore the shit out of killwhores
  8. Don Juan

    Thanks guys!

  9. Don Juan

    Jailbreak recommendations

    and if people actually joined instead of talking about joining and "bringing it back"
  10. Don Juan

    New donation from Ironic

    Thanks for the donation!
  11. Don Juan

    Dead Props

    This sounds more like mildly infuriating than annoying. Glad I wasn't on for this and probably won't be until it is fixed. If you're dead you're dead. I will just end up doing life choices and fucking Daniel over hehe.
  12. Don Juan

    Thanks guys!

    Fader vår, du som er i himmelen! La ditt navn holdes hellig. La ditt rike komme. La din vilje skje på jorden som i himmelen. Gi oss i dag vårt daglige brød. Forlat oss vår skyld, som vi òg forlater våre skyldnere. Led oss ikke inn i fristelse, men frels oss fra det onde. For riket er ditt, og makten og æren i evighet. Amen.
  13. Don Juan

    Thanks guys!

    Man, tears in my eyes. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery!