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Don Juan

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    Playing video games, listening to music and having good times with good friends.

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  1. Shogun 2 and I'm in.
  2. Thanks for the £££
  3. Thanks for your contribution to the community. Did you know that the staff uses at least $20 on pizza, since you are staff you probably do
  4. Where can I get this? NVM: Found it. Who wanna play with a newbie?
  5. Server is up now I believe.
  6. One of my emails are breached :/ but alas its a spam one so whatevs.
  7. Lets roll up some, lets blow up some, lets roll, lets blow, lets roll up some.
  8. IMO if you are unsure, don't do anything. But also as Jodas said, don't do drugs. Weed isn't a drug.
  9. STFU, Don't listen to this wannabe Doctor. The ONLY real doctors we have is Dr C12K and Dr. Pepper. Also I feel sorry that you feel this way about our autistic community, was looking forward to getting to know you.
  10. Howdy!
  11. TFW you get a job right before a tournament that requires playtime :V
  12. You're my hero