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  1. Don Juan

    Current Project

    https://m.imgur.com/a/i1rnjB4 Started welding today, made some progresd but there are strict rules here about how it should be done so some parts will take a lot of time as it has to look like original parts. But now there isnt a gaping fucking hole in my chassis anymore atleast. That is one rotten chevvy! I'm sure it doesn't have the diesel engine right? Posted a hidden video of me just driving around if it interests any of you.
  2. Don Juan

    Current Project

    Ayy, dont know if i will put anything really big in, but i have 2 10inch woofers laying around
  3. Don Juan

    Current Project

    Yeah I will. I will post when i fix things and when i add stuff, next on list is fixing exhaust and some lights. will also add some audio upgrades
  4. Don Juan

    Current Project

    As for now I will keep the seats in and just use it as a car to go drinking in with friends. 9 seats makes for a great vehicle to go to parties with and festivals with my trailer. Maybe in the future I will convert it to a recreational van. 4x xenon high beams are more than enough lights really. The ledbars was mounted only to see if i liked the look.
  5. Don Juan

    Current Project

    I took them down as they didnt really fit the vehicle look i am going for. So only using the xenon kits now. It is annoying when people dont dim, so I like to remind them... Having good highbeams is a must in Norway as at winter time there is basicly only an hour or 2 of daylight.
  6. Watched it. I always thought that Black holes would merge into supermassive entities that could not support its own mass and then explode out into a new big bang. But to think that they too can decay into radiation means that the universe will just end up being litteraly nothing? or dark matter? It is just guessing what we humans do as our life from lives in a "fast as fuck" state compared to the universe and I honestly dont think we will excist for more than a couple thousand years to find out or even figure out what will or might really happen. Sad, Kinda wish I could live forever.
  7. Don Juan

    Current Project

    I recently aquired a van, a Ford van. 1988 E250 Club wagon XLT. 7.3 Diesel IDI N.A It has 360k kilometers on it. I am going to fix some rust and windshield needs to be replaced before it passes the inspections. Going to put updates here on what I do with it, progress, pictures, videos and so on. Pictures of my car and what ive done so far. https://imgur.com/a/utgg8qf
  8. Don Juan


    Now you can apply for l1!
  9. Don Juan


    A full week with no new topics, forum is officialy dead! New requirements for joining, L1 = 1 post L2 = 1 topic L3 = 2 post and 2 topic L4 = 4 post and 3 topic L5 = 5 post and 5 topic Vet = 7 post and 6 topic With this new system we make sure that everyone has a fair chanche after 5 years here to get a new rank!
  10. Happy birthday NSFW
  11. He is a child predator. No doubt. But people dont care enough for this to be any bigger news than it is. And being a bad person doesn't make you a bad artist. And liking a bad persons art/music doesnt make you a bad person yourself. I will not stop listening to MJ and if I like hitlers paintings I dont see why I couldnt hang them on my walls. It is unfortunate that being a popstar gives you this kind of "immunity" to crimes and that people will go above and beyond to protect them and hide their secrets. I hope we will get to a point where people get the justice they deserve regardless of popularity but i dont think we will get there anytime soon.
  12. Should have spoken out when it mattered, this information, true or false changes nothing and will be forgotten of in a month.
  13. Don Juan


    Hi, It's nice that you want to drug people. Just post on the forums, play thousands of hours and maybe if we think you are cool you can get admin for free, or apply for SO and hope you get it, or pay for premium admin and skip all that! Welcome to the forums~~
  14. Don Juan

    Nostalgia Attack

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