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  1. sG | Rust has gone full Vanilla!

    Recently, we ran with a Vanilla server for a couple of wipes. It has proven to be more popular than our previous modded configuration. I'm happy to say that, for now, Rust is purposely Vanilla! If you play on the server, I'm open to your suggestions and happy to answer questions.
  2. Staff Leaks

  3. Community Digest - 10/8/17

  4. Blueprints are BACK WIPE HYPE!!!!

    The server just wiped and..... Blueprints are back!!!! Given the new BP system, this allows me to manage the issue of "endgame" coming too soon on future wipes. We will have the option to wipe BPs to freshen things up if it seems like guns, C4, Rockets, etc are being made too early on.
  5. Rust Raid Defense Event

    I agree on all points. Myself and @ThatOllieWhoDies just wanted an impromptu kind of "Hey come do some fun shit on rust" kind of event. Was the first one of this kind that was planned at all, so in the future we will take all of your above points and some of our own observations into consideration, but yes we absolutely will do this again. As short as it was, it was pretty fun, and got a few random non-sg players involved and hyped up too Thanks to all who participated btw! Special thanks to @krony @Sponsored and @ThatOllieWhoDies for helping with pre-event stuff too. I have a video and at some point today I'll get it uploaded to youtube.
  6. KOS?

    Just kill her again. EZ
  7. Rust Raid Defense Event

    Just like the title says, we're hosting an event for Rust where participants will take turns being raiders or raided. Myself, @ThatOllieWhoDies, @krony and @Sponsored are getting things setup for this event on the server. We will be skipping a wipe this Thursday to preserve our arena for this special event. What we need to know from you, is what time are you free on Saturday (what time zone are you in, as well), and do you plan to participate? https://strawpoll.com/kbxgpy89 < Vote on a time to start
  8. Salutations

    About time Hi
  9. Rust Revival 7/27/17-8/10/17

    2 from that group were banned, but these individual players were not the ones. Double checked myself cause they change names all the time.
  10. Rust Revival 7/27/17-8/10/17

    The results are in! Congrats to all of those who won and a big thank you to all who participated. If you see your name here, message me your prize preference and second choice. I'll be awarding them in the order below. Thanks again <3 Unstoppable: Most Arena Event Wins (First choice of the prizes) Rufus with 20 arena event wins! -Selected $20 Steam cash Rampage: Most PvP Kills (Second choice of the prizes) Ung with 109 total pvp kills! -Selected $20 Steam cash Sniper: Longest PvP distance(Third choice of the prizes) [ARN] Cravenchilly with a 222.2 Meter pvp kill! Keeper of the Loot: Most Heli kills(Fourth choice of the prizes) [ARN] Supreme with 7 total heli kills! Rocket Barrage: Most Rockets Launched (Fifth choice of the prizes) Ollie with 72 Rockets fired! -Selected $20 Steam cash Techies: Most Explosives used (Sixth choice of the prizes) ChanclonBandam with 80 Explosives used! Take Aim: Longest PvE Distance (Seventh choice of the prizes) Sponsored with a 407.46 meter kill on an animal! Beastmaster: Most PvE Kills (Eighth choice of the prizes) Sponsored again, with 204 total animal kills! Remaining Prizes: $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG Rufus $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG Ung aka NERD $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG Ollie $20.00 Steam Card- Donated by Karma Mirror's Edge- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG
  11. I Want to Give You Some Money

    There's a winner!!! @DarkFalcon won the draw!! Contact me for payment details, I'm flexible. (steam cash, paypal, etc) Thanks to everyone that voted!!!! This went really well and I will do more of these in the future, but due to the current rust event, I'll wait until September for the next one.
  12. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Great lunch break read. I'm pretty good at explaining simple shit to simple people. Lemme try to paint you a picture @*star* @Dad? Paidmin vs SO/Staff is basically hooker vs girlfriend. Your admin is the hooker, cause you paid for that shit. You are entitled to it and definitely able to use your permissions within the rules, but you get what you pay for. No clout. The SO you are complaining about @lotmoshr has admin that's girlfriend status. That bitch even makes him sandwiches. Clout.
  13. Happy birthday to a huge nerd

    Happy Birthday!!!!!