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  1. Karma

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    Let's um... connnect (;
  2. Karma


    Thanks for the read Yunki. Though I agree with most of this, I am a terrible person and will continue being a terrible person so long as chicken stays delicious.
  3. Karma


  4. yeah, play more rust 8/20
  5. Karma


    Hey there, still loving your name btw. Your friend asked to be banned...so I banned. Ask him about it. You're saying I banned your friend then raided you..... What actually happened: Someone else raided you while you were online, you logged off before they got there but your friends tried to defend. When your friend died, he went full tide pod mode and asked me to ban him. Idk what your issue is but I suggest you take it up with the person who was never going to be banned but requested it, twice before I actually banned him. Next time, please post some shit in the complaint department if you have an actual complaint. By the way, that's also where tide pods can ask to be unbanned. Otherwise, his ban sticks til next Sunday. [Better Chat] vtemzy: BAN ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ [Better Chat] vtemzy: u targeted us so ill target the server [Better Chat] sG | Thelnternet [SO]: is that you are purposefully trying to kill server pop because oyu got raided? [Better Chat] vtemzy: yep XD [Better Chat] vtemzy: ban me now If you have questions, use the complaint department. I'm not going to respond further here... the chat logs speak for themselves. Thanks! Girl, bye.
  6. Karma

    It Happened...

    Hell froze over and after over 4 years Rust is not going to be 'early access' anymore. Big changes are the updates will be monthly (instead of weekly) and the cost is going up. Check it out: https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/leaving-early-access/
  7. Karma

    sG | Rust has gone full Vanilla!

    Recently, we ran with a Vanilla server for a couple of wipes. It has proven to be more popular than our previous modded configuration. I'm happy to say that, for now, Rust is purposely Vanilla! If you play on the server, I'm open to your suggestions and happy to answer questions.
  8. Karma

    Staff Leaks

  9. Karma

    Community Digest - 10/8/17

  10. Karma

    Blueprints are BACK WIPE HYPE!!!!

    The server just wiped and..... Blueprints are back!!!! Given the new BP system, this allows me to manage the issue of "endgame" coming too soon on future wipes. We will have the option to wipe BPs to freshen things up if it seems like guns, C4, Rockets, etc are being made too early on.
  11. Karma

    Rust Raid Defense Event

    I agree on all points. Myself and @ThatOllieWhoDies just wanted an impromptu kind of "Hey come do some fun shit on rust" kind of event. Was the first one of this kind that was planned at all, so in the future we will take all of your above points and some of our own observations into consideration, but yes we absolutely will do this again. As short as it was, it was pretty fun, and got a few random non-sg players involved and hyped up too Thanks to all who participated btw! Special thanks to @krony @Sponsored and @ThatOllieWhoDies for helping with pre-event stuff too. I have a video and at some point today I'll get it uploaded to youtube.
  12. Karma


    Just kill her again. EZ
  13. Karma

    Rust Raid Defense Event

    Just like the title says, we're hosting an event for Rust where participants will take turns being raiders or raided. Myself, @ThatOllieWhoDies, @krony and @Sponsored are getting things setup for this event on the server. We will be skipping a wipe this Thursday to preserve our arena for this special event. What we need to know from you, is what time are you free on Saturday (what time zone are you in, as well), and do you plan to participate? https://strawpoll.com/kbxgpy89 < Vote on a time to start