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  1. Fixes: Last week we saw lots of Violation level kicks just due to jump boosting on other players' heads. This issue has been resolved with some tweaks to antihack. There was a bug with stone doorways as well, allowing players to shoot through cracks. This has been fixed. Nav Mesh changes make servers run more smoothly, causing less stress on the server's cpu - making our already not laggy server, even less likely to lag.
  2. I'll second this. lmk what games you play and maybe we can play sometime. A lot of times existing jokes you might not be privy to yet or just varying personalities might make this clan look less than inviting, but I assure you there are good people here.
  3. Now I gotta lock em for you, ya creeper
  4. steam card or whatever game is left over, was not even aware I'd be close to making playtime. addicted to ttt
  5. Yeah, tell your family to be safe (I mean, I'm sure you have but just be sure) This was done in broad daylight in the middle of a street. Ugh, I'm sorry you ended up watching that video too. I'm usually pretty desensitized to most shit you find on the internet but that video literally shook the fuck out of me. I hate the fact that any moment can be your last based on some person's relationship problems or money problems or mental instability. People are fucking horrible, disgusting pieces of shit sometimes.
  6. wow im tired af - fixed
  7. I live 30ish minutes away from where this happened. I usually don't lock my door when I'm home but I definitely did tonight. I hope he is caught soon. I saw the video too, thinking the news site wouldn't show it. I was wrong and I can't get that image out of my head.
  8. Oh, Happy Zombie Messiah day to you as well.
  9. Peace offering for the Norwegian people
  10. People should have stuffed seagulls
  11. LOL
  12. The devblog is here! Check it out!! These changes look awesome! http://playrust.com/devblog-155/
  13. Today's update should be a bit larger due to last week's update not being ready in time. As Garry stated last week, those bits will be rolled into this week's patch. The upgrade to Unity 5.6 ended up in decreased performance, graphical bugs and even vanishing player models on the staging branch and those kinks should be worked out for today's patch. This also means a forced wipe this week, as last week's patch would have been forced as it was the first Thursday of the month. I'll post more when the devblog comes out, for those who play Rust. Hope to see you all there when I get off work. Let's not let the server die!
  14. The oldies are the best when you gain this type of :inspiration: <3