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  1. Just dropping by to get this off my chest... I would like to apologize to @Clamps To Clamps, I practically told you off for the thing I love most about you because of my own feelings, not taking into consideration how great you are at being an asshole. In my mind, I felt you were attacking me when really you were just being a general dick-which is basically you being you. When it all boils down to it, I was being a PMSing cunt and I want everyone here to know it as well. Here is a cake for you: and some brownies My mind is constantly racing every day while I'm at work, at home, or doing whatever, thinking of all the different things I want to say to you, like how much I miss you, and can't stand not talking to you... This is a jumbled mess... I had it all composed in my head earlier, and now that I'm typing it out and getting anxious I can't think straight... I'm just trying to say I'm sorry, again, for the 8 millionth time, you probably don't want to hear it, will be upset to see it, etc, etc... Clamps, I love you, I hate you and I need you. You were never just my online friend, you're the greatest asshole of my life, and I would do anything to get you back. Huge thanks to Zeus for the template!
  2. @Tristan. is hugely important to sG Staff. Completely indispensable. Plus, cali swag. I have no clue what he does. Cali swag is faggotry.
  3. I played an MMORPG called "City of Steam" before it went pay to play. My twink pvp character on that game was named Karma. (First character was named "Likesitraw" due to inside ODB joke). Anyways, "Karma" seemed less whorish. In retrospect, maybe not. Anyways, Karma has been my username for just about everything since then.
  4. About time, I thought you'd never leave. Seriously though, congrats on all the amazing things going on for you right now. PS I hear @sweetrock babysits
  5. 1 week wipes, cause ADD variety in maps small maps (more pvp) slightly boosted gather (for the builders and the raiders alike to feel less grindey) fewer plugins the better (less to 'figure out') This might not be popular with most of the people that voted, but this is what works. If population continues to go to shit, I'm taking back the reigns. Fuck this democracy shit.
  6. Here's the thing. I know what works for populating, yet people want to vote and have choices and shit. Then pop drops because you guys make shit choices and now it's all "karma plz" Come on guys. Either you want me to populate the server or you want to make choices. Pick one, because both isn't gonna happen.
  7. Wipe Hype! New Map: 5x gather, 2 week wipe, no Z-levels.
  8. Okay, the votes are in and now we have a better idea of what is wanted for the server. Some of the votes were close and if your choices were not selected you know how Hillary feels. The good news is that I'll be opening a new poll that will run until the next time we make changes, which will allow for a more fluid look at what is wanted on the server. When enough people want change, we'll revisit the info periodically and change again. *The results for this poll are: Gather: 5x Loot: Toned down but not Vanilla Map Type: Mix of types Wipes: Two-week wipe cycles *These changes will take place for the wipe today, though loot will take some time to tweak. I will put some work into that this evening and we will go to vanilla loot in the interim.
  9. Welcome!!
  10. Salt Queen, or Meme Queen?

  11. This poll will remain open until Wednesday March 1st. The results of the poll will directly affect the wipe on March 2nd. Please cast your votes on each variable to help decide how the Rust server will be setup for March 2nd and the wipes to come. As a note: This thread is not for suggestions, and you should continue using the suggestion thread to pitch ideas for our server. This thread is for the purpose of voting. Thanks!
  12. Still wondering why I declined to enter this conversation in the first place? lol Edited to add: I am closing this thread. It was for voting purposes, not whatever this has become
  13. I wasn't pissy at all, I'm surprised you got so upset, and a little confused tbh, but hey- to each his own.