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  1. Happy Birthday Rex!!
  2. Try a different usb port (if you're using the ones in the front, use the ones in the back and vice versa) If it's a gaming mouse, check your drivers. If the shit is still happening, buy a new mouse. Sorry I didn't respond on steam, my attention was drawn a number of ways at once.
  3. Thanks everybody
  4. @nothing_but_fail ty <3!!!!
  5. Thank you 21 again for the 12th time!!
  6. Yep. You know who you are too. I'm thoroughly disappointed.
  7. You seem overly infatuated with sticks being put into asses. I don't know what happened, but I hope whoever made you like this was served some sort of justice for putting branches near your rectum.
  8. Let's go team "hotties"
  9. You quoted me and then said "screw you." I just want to make this clear that this is not in the cards for you, no matter how gay you are.
  10. Wait til tomorrow when @Eddy returns. also returning: @driz and for yet another time @Paul_Waffle Then @Jeff The Flying Shark is gonna step down and return so he can re-abandon tttgo
  11. I blame everyone but myself. I thoroughly checked my "calendar" before creating, if you know what I mean. "Hey Siri, when should I make the Rust event?" "Hi Karma, you should start the Rust event on the 27th" "Thanks Siri!"
  12. until
    Rust Revival July 27th - August 10th Players will compete for stats in several categories over the two week period (Spanning two wipes). Categories: Unstoppable: Most Arena Event Wins (First choice of the prizes) Rampage: Most PvP Kills (Second choice of the prizes) Sniper: Longest PvP distance(Third choice of the prizes) Keeper of the Loot: Most Heli kills(Fourth choice of the prizes) Rocket Barrage: Most Rockets Launched (Fifth choice of the prizes) Techies: Most Explosives used (Sixth choice of the prizes) Take Aim: Longest PvE Distance (Seventh choice of the prizes) Beastmaster: Most PvE Kills (Eighth choice of the prizes) Prizes: $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG $20.00 Steam Card - Donated by sG $20.00 Steam Card- Donated by Karma Mirror's Edge- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG Rocket League- Donated by sG If you'd like to donate a prize please contact Karma on Discord, Steam, PM here on the forums or in-game. Rules: 1. Karma can't win shit, but other staff are welcome to participate. 2. You do not need to be an sG member to win, but you do need to be reachable for prize delivery. 3. Boosting by killing members of your team will automatically disqualify you for any pvp prize (including distance), so be sure to turn friendly fire off by using /ff off in-game.
  14. Jessica