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  1. Salt Queen, or Meme Queen?

  2. This poll will remain open until Wednesday March 1st. The results of the poll will directly affect the wipe on March 2nd. Please cast your votes on each variable to help decide how the Rust server will be setup for March 2nd and the wipes to come. As a note: This thread is not for suggestions, and you should continue using the suggestion thread to pitch ideas for our server. This thread is for the purpose of voting. Thanks!
  3. Still wondering why I declined to enter this conversation in the first place? lol Edited to add: I am closing this thread. It was for voting purposes, not whatever this has become
  4. I wasn't pissy at all, I'm surprised you got so upset, and a little confused tbh, but hey- to each his own.
  5. UPDATE: We've gathered enough votes to see a clear split between preferences for 1x and 3x gather. I'll create a new poll for this week to further explore all of these variables, but in the meantime the tie needs to be broken pre-wipe and so I will need to go with a gather rate for this week. I'm going to remove Z-Levels and go with 3x gather until we can get a more clear idea of what is wanted going forward. Looks like the majority does want to keep the minimap, and also see varying types of maps from wipe to wipe. The preference for loot spawns in crates and barrels seems to lean just slightly toward the boosted loot we have now. In Summary: For this wipe we will go to 3x gather without Zlevels, keep the minimap, we'll have a random map type, and loot will stay the same. New vote will be created for this week to further narrow down what is wanted. Thank you for the suggestions and votes!
  6. I'm implementing the changes tomorrow. I can leave the polls up and if numbers change drastically I can change them once more for the following week, but this does take effect for this week's wipe. As far as the why, that conversation won't help you with not liking it, so gonna skip it.
  7. Not going to stop people from getting rifle bodies on day one. First because I'd have to keep 2 configs and rotate them, which is less than ideal. Secondly, no. Just no. That's super care-bear and I'm not doing it. I agree z-levels is a bit much, which is why the vote includes gather rates with and without zlevels. If a vote is really close, I'll probably revisit them. Probably going to wrap this poll up around 9:30-10pm EST to allow voting time before tomorrow (wipe hype) so I can implement the changes needed while at work tomorrow. With or without plugins, there isn't currently a way to decrease the napalm cool-down without writing a plugin for it and to be honest, it wouldn't be a big enough difference to do all that. One of the options above is to go back to vanilla loot spawns. Vote for it ... Looks like you said to reduce loot in your comment but:
  8. Okay, lots of suggestions brought me to the conclusion that I need a fresh idea of what is wanted for different variables on the Rust server. Couple things to vote on here, and we can revisit other variables if you see something missing.
  9. I'm with you guys on that. I'll revisit a vote for gather this week, before we wipe. Also, I've been making the map smaller and smaller on the sly. We went from 4500 at one point, to 2750 annnnd shrinking. Also, we need more ideas on server publicity! Keep these ideas coming.
  10. Why do I need to be a part of it? BTW notifications are off
  11. true true vouch vouch
  12. WIPE HYPE! Nowhere to hide now, we've gone barren!