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  1. RIP Gregg Allman
  2. This is horrible. People are horrible. When people murder other people it's always evil but it takes a special kind of psychopath to murder innocent random people just to make a point.
  3. @centran @driz both helped me learn a lot in a little time, but it depends what you wanna do with it. I'd be happy to answer simple shit.
  4. Last time was weird, but I'd be willing to try again if people are only rarely shitting themselves/throwing midgets. Also, I love Pike but I'm not sure he's a good DM
  5. Hey @Swed's mom:
  6. No update video by FooRun as of yet, but here's a look at the devblog for this week: http://playrust.com/devblog-158/ Research Tables are back! For what? For turning scrap into components. You can get scrap from breaking barrels or looting boxes. Scraps increase probability of success in creating components, so the more the better. Most importantly as @Rootbeer predicted, the game changes today, in a major way. Directly from the devblog: "Raid Towers The first major change is that you can now place all building blocks of the twig building tier inside other player’s cupboard radius without being authorized. This obviously opens the door for raid towers, dramatically changing the building and raiding meta of the game." and this: "Ladders In addition to making raid towers first class citizens I’ve enabled ladder placement inside the cupboard radius. Ladders are supposed to be used as an alternative for boosting or be used in the construction of a raid tower. Ladders now have more forgiving placement rules, even allowing you to attach them to the edge of floors. They can also be climbed from both sides and be traversed around to switch sides. Climbing a building with ladders should involve some risk but also be a relatively cheap way to exploit weaknesses in a base design." This doesn't mean your base is doomed, because now turrets can see and shoot through building blocks. There's a lot more in today's update and I'll add on when I get off work, but these were the most game-changing updates we've seen in a very long time. thanks @Avenger
  7. @Lv. 100 Crobat Confirmed
  8. Mid or feed (or mid and feed). I'll be there!
  9. Only thing I like about Apple products is that they bring me money.
  10. tfw when nobody reads your update info
  11. A few updates today will have an impact on performance: Navmesh should load faster client-side when connecting to a server. Optimizations include both animal and deployable culling (player culling has been in place for months) basically this means your client isn't trying to render shit unless it is possible for you to see it. Some sound tweaks related to distance- might get more details when the devblog hits to determine which sound distances have been increased and which have been decreased. Gameplay Changes: Vending machines can be given names, which appear on the livemap/minimap Eoka pistol has been buffed Wooh! Tighter spread makes the eoka possibly worth it on day 1 vanilla servers! Muzzle break was nerfed. Less accurate, less velocity, less damage The Heavy armor helmet now reduces vision regardless of settings (exploit of ignore hud option previously allowed free vision) AI Tweaks There is now a cone of sight for animals. This means you can sneak up on them, instead of them having esp hacks. Animals have stamina. They slow down and stop to regenerate. Bears and wolves will be more aggressive. Deer and boars will be non-aggressive until provoked (for reals this time...I think) Chicken damage was nerfed. Edited to add the devblog is out! http://playrust.com/devblog-157/ WIPE HYPE!!!!
  12. Fixes: Last week we saw lots of Violation level kicks just due to jump boosting on other players' heads. This issue has been resolved with some tweaks to antihack. There was a bug with stone doorways as well, allowing players to shoot through cracks. This has been fixed. Nav Mesh changes make servers run more smoothly, causing less stress on the server's cpu - making our already not laggy server, even less likely to lag.
  13. I'll second this. lmk what games you play and maybe we can play sometime. A lot of times existing jokes you might not be privy to yet or just varying personalities might make this clan look less than inviting, but I assure you there are good people here.