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  1. Star wars teaser trailer

    For those of you who haven't seen the teaser trailer here it is. I watched it a few times to see if I can prove together what this one will be about and I have a few theories. So watch it and tell me what you think it will be about.
  2. I am Back Bois

    Whats up guys I know you have seen me get off and on lately but i am officially back. I have been busy with life as of recent and glad i got all that figured out. on a side know i am going to try and get alot of graphics and animations done so if u have any request and you want it made in a 3D esk design post it in the graphics forums with a ping of my name
  3. lets pop JB together

    i know its kinda a meme right now but i am on the server trying to pop it so get ur asses on the server maybe we can have fun
  4. lets pop JB together

    That's not what I'm saying I know trolls are everywhere I'm more referring to the trolls who go on jb when I just popped it and mfks and immediately kill the server
  5. lets pop JB together

    My god why are ppl such trolls and ruin the fun
  6. lets pop JB together

    im not on my computer so i dont have discord on here so i just posted here had like 17 ppl on just a sec ago
  7. lets pop JB together

    its good atleast u would of @Zip its just i know there are a lot but atleast im trying here cut some slack I would post on the steam group but i dont have access to that
  8. mass effect andromeda

    Honestly idc if it sucks I am a huge fan of the mass effect franchise and I can't wait to play it.
  9. Gorillaz

    Ooo I like a lot
  10. St. Patrick's Day!

    I'm an Irish drinking whiskey im totally not being a stereotype
  11. JB is more dead than Batman's parents

    Its time to stop these shit posts jb is going to comeback if not spring summer it will be as alive as ever.
  12. Making a game

    I'm thinking of making a 3d platforms but I wanna make a story to go with it. Its going to be silly but so far all I have is a astronaut in deep space crashes on a alien planet and falls into a alien Planet that is under the control of a separate alien race bent on war and he must find his way through the planet and the alien cities and complete sorta quest from the locals to get items to overthrow the alien warlords that are oppressing the planet. I should also mention its a game based on choices so depending on your choices it can change the story. So the reason for this post is I have a good story in whole but I need kind of back stories for both quest and story so I can fill in the blanks. In having a brain fart for new things that could work. So I turn to you my friends in the sG community to help me build this game one block at a time and in the end I will give credit to all of you
  13. Making a game

    I got you Spartan and trust me I understand oh to well how it is with forums ideas and the risks. Like u said it is the barest of bones right now as far as stories go I have thought of some good plot twists in my own I was more looking for ideas for either side stories or game mechanics.
  14. Making a game

    I mean u do need a strong base obviously it can change. But if u think about it most every type of media now a days are about the exact same weather it be movies or video games. You either have to get lucky and set a trend or kind of join the mainstream of ideas that is at the time. I'm always looking trying to predict (for a lack of a better word) what the next big thing is that is what it means to make artistic media such as video games.
  15. Making a game

    @MountainJew that would be good for like a main stories item to get across obstacles and a secret here an there. Its not a survival game like the forest or Minecraft its a 3d platformer so food and water won't really be a factor unless its a healing item.
  16. Making a game

    Kinda like the head museum in futurama
  17. Making a game

    @Jodas I like it I was thinking about that As well I have just been blanking out on more missions that could push each story along weather it be good, bad or neutral. So I will add that to my branch board I am making to show the stories that are going to be. @Bluestreakid15 I will use that as either like a quest string for an Easter egg of epic item. @Lindsay I will try to find away to incorporate that maybe like the animals in metroid or sonic I'm I will see what I can do.
  18. 1v8 clutch

    Where are the air horns when u need them
  19. I would like to sign up for the raffle preez
  20. Yu-Gi-Oh duel links

    Add me my user number is 200-941-644 I was the nerdy kid with all the cards and even the arm dual disk
  21. Weekend: server is dead

    I know I haven't been on a lot lately but wtf happened to the server literally the server has been at 0 all weekend and this is concerning me because I look at the other servers like TTT:GO and see that dead, and KZ also dead. So I am confused on what happened while i have been away I know the squeaker squad left bc one of their own got permaed but normally I have seen at least 15 ppl on on the weekends. I have been trying to pop but it seems like something horrible happened. but no one knows what. I am posting this tread to see what the issue is and how I can fix it as much as I can. Your frenziedly neighborhood SO, I Am Groot
  22. Weekend: server is dead

    and we should make it for maps that arent over played like dojo or minecraft maps like venus and others would make it less boring i think the last few events (excludeing the mini event) had achievements on maps that were way to over played even at that point
  23. Weekend: server is dead

    Hmm I tried this trust me when I tell u ppl who join a jb server with low pop are more likely to leave bc the less ppl on the server its less fun bc most of the time will make each round a fd. I try to pop as much as I can but during the week my work schedule is less than ideal for ( as I said before) I leave for work right before school gets out and get off after the server is Dieing. Plus this isn't only an SO issue we do our best but when popping a jb server its a little harder than any of the other servers (other than servers like ttt where its almost a death match) jb only works with 10+ ppl but when below that it's like a slope up and immediate drop in a circle of low pop.