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  1. I'll sign up cause I might be back then
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for all the support so far it was fun coming back to the forums to read all these it was really needed. But no I am still not back won't be for a while longer till it gets under control. Wanted to give an update since a few of you might want it and like Velo wanted I didn't really explain what it was. So what it is called is Mitochondrial Myopathy which is form of Muscular Dystrophy that effects the mitochondria. I won't go into the detail cause you can just read about it and I'm not very good at explaining. I'm currently working on getting the right treatment and trying to get better.
  3. I'm signing off for good while due to a lot of health issues that eventually will kill me and instead of battling them I've been hiding in front of a screen playing video games and not handling depression like most people should. I won't be on to read the responses so if you want to be rude or say shit like no one cares then go ahead but this is for the people that would like to know and I don't personally want to message every single one of you guys to let you know. Thanks for all the memories and the fun I had on the servers. It was amazing meeting you all and being less toxic around people. This is your boi Booch signing off.
  4. Congrats on 10 years
  5. Why can I never get knife
  6. Sad to see you go man hopefully you still stay around and play on the servers
  7. Thanks for the money
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Then idk man
  10. If it's a USB mouse might be a bad USB port?
  11. Welcome to forums
  12. I kind of liked it I mean didn't really notice I was just playing
  13. I'll do it I think league is fun I just have a shit pc so like it's terrible fps but I'm still okay at it.
  14. I personally have to use medicinal marijuana for a muscle problem. I personally am too young to understand politics or what it is I just know personally medical marijuana helps a lot of people not just personally but I've heard it. Some people in fact need it to go through a normal day. I understand people use it in a wrong way but there's a lot of uses for it not just to get high. But ayy I'm too young to understand any of this.
  15. It helps with oh you didn't say it before you said no detours so I'm going to run and bitch that I was fked because I tried to rebel for 1 second. It gets old and then you have a person complaining in admin chat the whole round because it was a fk. There is no point in it just for you to rebel as a t because the warden didn't say it.