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Dr Pepper

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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you very much fearless for all youve done for sG, i hope to see you around on the servers
  3. Thanks for the dono
  4. a true legend has passed away, how upsetting. Rest in peace.
  5. Thanks for the donation!!! Welcome to the forums!
  6. Thanks @krony
  7. @Reaper0470
  8. Bump
  9. Happy Birthday ZIP!
  10. haven't played WCS since source, might just have to start playing again.
  11. Hello, welcome! what servers do you play?
  12. probably should have put this in the help thread....or TMS doesn't really matter you are being vague af. whos channel did you join, what did you do/say, who is involved, ect.
  13. LOL Thanks crobat
  14. The movie "logan" which is the final installment of the wolverine movies.
  15. the new super hero movies seem pretty rushed and watered down in my opinion. lets just take logan for example. the movie was kinda hard to follow, and the amount of opening scenes where logan "wakes up" got so repetitive (i think he wakes up to a scene like 7 times). I'm not going to get into spoilers but the ending felt so lack luster i was just so disappointed i wasted money on that movie when i could've waited a few months and watched it for free. i saw the new spider man and i wasn't that thrilled with it either.