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  2. one of the only ubisoft titles i still enjoy we dont talk about primal
  3. Thanks krony! you da best
  4. cant go wrong with free stuff
  5. never afk freeze @Revöker as a t you can delay a game all you want until a timelimit is usually given, but if you detour out of the payable area of a game you will probably get mowed down.
  6. its the same reason i dont play vertigo :l
  7. killwhoring is usually situational so IMO it is usually best to leave it to whatever admin is online. on a side note alot of you young bloods still dont know the difference between killwhore and playing the game effectively. the whole point of JB is to trick the t's into messing up so you can kill them, so that the last t can get lr. now if you see a t move 1 step when they should be frozen it was probably just an accidental WASD key press, and so i would let that slide. just dont be afraid to kill them if they are jumping around when they should be frozen or if they mess up, that is their own fault for not listening/rebeling.
  8. Well its about time for a new operation. i already bought my ticket, and this op has some cool gamemodes i cant wait to try out. heres a video if you dont want to read new box has crap skins
  9. was agency the map on the skyscraper? yes, it was. i cant believe valve added that map to another operation i got griefed so much on that map by enemies and teammates jumping off the building.
  10. Happy Birthday @Midnightx!
  11. Thanks for everything!
  12. Thanks @TotesMagoats
  13. Welcome to the forums!
  14. Thanks for the donation!