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  1. Sakarra

    Congratulations Nicole!

  2. Sakarra

    What do you use to jump?

    Both for CS, although i use scroll more on CS but in any other game i use spacebar.
  3. Sakarra


    Hello! Welcome Back!
  4. Sakarra

    New donation from Lindsay

  5. Sakarra

    Luke's Application [PENDING]

    active player 11/20
  6. Sakarra

    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

  7. Sakarra

    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

  8. Sakarra

    Clara's application [PENDING]

    plays bhop 2/20
  9. Sakarra


    Welcome to the forums! Come check out some of our other servers when you have a chance.
  10. Sakarra

    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team.
  11. Sakarra

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    You finally made it. 21/20
  12. Sakarra

    Weab Trash

  13. Sakarra

    Hallo (intro)

    Welcome! Good to see another friendly face on the forums.
  14. Sakarra

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    Welcome to the forums!
  15. Sakarra

    Say hi

  16. Sakarra

    Halloween War3 Event

  17. Sakarra

    New donation from Rock

  18. Sakarra

    Happy Birthday Dawg

    Happy Birthday!
  19. Sakarra

    found my new fav server

  20. Sakarra

    Sg is big homosexual

    what what
  21. Sakarra

    Fall TTT Event

  22. Sakarra


  23. Sakarra

    War3 Crash Bug

    I tried to replicate it and couldn't