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  1. Firstly you would report things of this caliber in the complaint department section of the forums. Secondly, we do not have a person by that name on the staff team and you have no bans recorded in our system. You must be looking for another server/forums as there is nothing that shows a ban listed for you or indicates any abusive staff members.
  2. I think revising rules toward a more new player friendly kinda of way, our jailbreak rules are original and that's good but it tends to cause a lot of confusion for newer players which nowadays leads them to leave more often then now. I know some things have changed the past few months and i believe those were good changes in the right direction but we need more. Id have to look more specific details later but its just food for thought.
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    Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Sakarra

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Borderlands 3 Reveal trailer dropped today, what do you guys think? Edit: There also updating/remastering the current games with better textures and cool stuffs
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    dat part
  8. Play modded BL2 (BL2 Reborn) makes the game 10x better.
  9. The Cake is a lie. Thanks for dono.
  10. Zach said he will most likely add it back to admins on gmod because of the fact that it needs attention, although he said is currently busy and will check it out tomorrow.
  11. Welcome to the forums!
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