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    -Riding Dirt bikes,Atvs,Go Karts ( I have a YZ125 Dirt bike)
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  1. I have some plans for the car. It is a 2010 G37S Convertible. Although not many people like the convertible I didn't really buy it to race I bought it because its a ton of fun in the summer and I have taken it on two road trips with no problems. (Both were 14+ hour drives) What I have done so far: Stillen intakes Cat back exhaust What I plan to do after this winter: Z1 Tune Headlights Wrap car Different bumper and grill You like the car? You have any ideas for it? https://imgur.com/a/4hr2do8
  2. Are there any good places to advertise the server? I mean I think if people looked at the server on reddit or something and there were some people on there would be a lot of new players joining. Even though everyone grew up that's when we need to find new squeakers to join.
  3. BlackJesus


    I don't care if we grew up. There are plenty of other jb servers popping. WE need to figure out a way to push those people and trap them in the sG jb server.
  4. BlackJesus


    Welp every other jb server I go on I am getting 10x the normal amount of aids. sG has fallen
  5. BlackJesus


    Why is JB dead and how do we fix this issue.
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