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  1. tl;dr? ctrl+f "sorry" - 0 results ctrl+f "destin" - 5 results
  2. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log (1/15/2019)

    Fixed traitor tester fixed some weapons not showing in the shop and being unable to purchase them correctly fixed homerun bat not behaving correctly when you throw it fixed newton launcher materials not downloading Updated gamedata for most plugins
  3. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log (1/15/2019)

    Scoreboard now works more like traditional TTT. Traitors can now see exactly who is alive at all times, Traitors see themselves and teamates see as CT, everyone else on T. Innocents and detectives see all traitors and innos on T team, detectives show as CT on the scoreboard.
  4. bulletford

    Can I get an Staff approval?

    granted you are now CEO of 'sg'. We however are sG, so you're not our leader, sorry.
  5. bulletford

    No love for war3 stats

  6. bulletford

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team.
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  10. bulletford

    App [DENIED]

    Application Denied, pending punishment for abuse of access.
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  12. bulletford

    Player skins not loading?

    Hello, I got pinged, thank you for free rep, you're welcome for working models
  13. All future patch notes will be posted here.