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  1. Fixed non-equipable items from not being placed in the players inventory correctly
  2. Should be fixed, haven't heard of any issues after fixing fastdl
  3. Hasn't happened in the last 2 weeks of testing, considering it fixed.. Post here if it occurs
  4. added a new display message system for confirming and identifying players(and possible future additions) changed traitor sprites to use entity references instead of indexes made all weapon plugins use entity references instead of indexes (Hoping to fix some entity dissapearing issues) RTV map change will occur on the round end
  5. fixed an issue where confirming a player dead via their killers body would call OnDeathEvent causing the round to end early(among other issues) fixed an issue when checking the round for a winning team causing the wrong team to win sometimes fixed the traitor sprite, 1-9 c4 icons, jihad sound and other files not downloading. Added homerun bat for traitors Added Mp5 for detectives EDIT: Images for new weapons
  6. @Bulldonger
  7. Also fixed overlays not downloading correctly
  8. Updated OnEventDeath to correctly show headshots/penetrations(should correctly show on dead bodies now) Updated traitor killfeed to correctly show the weapon used delayed model changes on spawn some more fixed radar spots not dissapearing when new ones are created fixed c4 being removed when trying to place on an invalid position
  9. Hey guys, need you to confirm/test for new bugs on the server, there have been a lot of long awaited fixes over the last week, let me know how bad i did.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Fixed
  14. Should be fixed, will leave it open until confirmed
  15. Hasn't happened since i fixed the other first round issues