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  1. weapon purchases are now logged fixed a bug where suciding during pre-round reduced karma
  2. DNA radar spot now has a glowing entity similar to radar, can now see dna across the map Fixed a crash associated with DNA Radar refresh timer is now 15 seconds, down from 30 DNA scan time is now capped at 25 seconds, regardless of target range. Fixed sm_buy not working when trying to buy radar
  3. fixed a bug with sprint and healthstation LastHeal/LastSoundTime not resetting for next round, making them not work until the round time is > last rounds heal/sound time Updated the plugin that removes weapons on round start, It no longer forces the game_player_equip entity to trigger on all players at the start of the round, which I believe caused a visual bug with weapons, which make them seemingly disappear when you pick up a real weapon which removed the "fake" weapon. Let me know if the weapon bug still happens, It could also be a loadout issue.
  4. added a popular fix for models/arms issues. made t button sprite die on round_end Pre-hook, hoping they won't survive into next round. This is the cause of the T sprite issue. fixed homerun not clearing completely also fixed an issue that allowed players to throw a bat when they had no weapon. fixed sprint errors that caused it to not work if you were sprinting when the round ended. added a team join fix, hoping to fix the issue where players get stuck in spectate.
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Has not occurred
  7. Has not occurred since reported
  8. @fps_trucka
  9. Sounds are no longer are controlled by music volume, You can now reduce your music volume without worrying about hearing silenced scouts Fixed death sounds not playing sprite error fixes and cleanup, I found out that the traitor buttons are the cause of sprite issues, I think I fixed it. Let me know if you experience it again. new c4 lcd hud(see below), Also made it oriented correctly(not upside down anymore) changed silenced scout sound fixed voice notification counting for staff on round end Sprint plugin added, Double tap W to sprint (see video below)
  10. 10 total players who have selected a team
  11. A few updates from the last couple of weeks Fixed mapskins not working, all players should have t models now fixed an issue with the forcetraitor and forcedetective commands where they could also be picked again through regular means fixed c4 displaying the wrong safe wires homerun bat launches people(old update) More sprite changes Temporarily disabled sprites on t buttons Voice drain no longer affects players during pre-round or after round, and doesn't affect players until 10 people are on a team
  12. Voice drain no longer affects players during pre-round or after round, and doesn't affect players until 10 people are on a team
  13. It still pinged me, I see your edit!
  14. This should be fixed
  15. I'll try to do this tomorrow