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  1. bulletford


    idk about you but i see other good looking charts in gametracker...a server doesn't have to be full to be populated and fun skill surf: tttgo ZE, MG, war3 and surf rpg are our lowest pop servers right now also march is a slow month for a lot of people, it's a busy month in a lot of peoples school schedule.
  2. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    reduced speed threshold required to deal prop damage improved targeting check when trying to use c4 Players are now spectate the ragdoll correctly when tazed added the visualizer, activate it as a detective and carry it to death scenes to view the scene of as it was when a player died added binoculars for detectives to identify players from a distance
  3. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    fixed players being unable to use a c4 after the first time flare gun reduced from 2 credits to 1 prop possession improvements fixed slow reaction for selecting a prop, responsiveness of the hud improved reduced recharge time by half reset sprint movement speed on round start added a shotlog usable with ttt_shotlog added a spectate plugin usable with A or D to rotate through alive players
  4. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    updated the traitor button backend buttons are now stored in the db and working, migrated from keyvalues fixed a bug in the c4(which should fix the crashing when picking it back up) fixed the hud showing the wrong player count disable mp_randomspawn on ttt maps with spawns already compiled in the map
  5. bulletford

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    people don't change
  6. bulletford

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    not allowed
  7. bulletford

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Congrats to all new staff!
  8. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    revamped dna scanner, tested and fixed many issues added the ability for players to move hud elements sm_hud to open the menu, it allows you to move the role, overtime and player remaining huds individually, also allows you to minimalize the player remaining huds available huds are: minimalist - shows as numbers with no text simple - shows as ( Ts 3: Is 2) for 3 ts and 2 innos Slim - shows as Traitors 1: Innos 1 default - Traitors Remaining 3 : Innocents remaining 2
  9. bulletford

    sG | CS:GO Prop Hunt - March 2nd to March 3rd

  10. bulletford

    New donation from Nau

  11. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    remove knife on spawn Shop logic fixes to accomodate melee weapons, added support for mappers to manage their own traitor buttons, enable/disable random spawns based on the amount of spawnpoint entitys in the map, added support for workshop mapchooser, added an entityspawner plugin to manage random weapon spawns added the flare gun as a traitor weapon, use it to burn players or destroy bodies lots of back-end error fixes and improvements
  12. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    Updated weapons plugin to work with melee weapons from DZ update moved teleporter to be a spanner that has the model set to a Tactical Awareness grenade, left click to save your location, right click to teleport updated the newton launcher model set fists as the default spawn melee weapon added knife as a T Weapon re-enabled taser for detectives
  13. bulletford


    FIXED @cookie eater
  14. bulletford

    TTT:GO Change Log

    fixed DNA chat spam if the target was not valid. updated default models and gave detectives their own model, reduced radar delay from 15 to 12 seconds fixed silenced scout not being silenced fixed some weapons not showing in shopmenu fixed a bug in the voice plugin that was causing entitys to dissapear randomly added Teleporter weapon for detectives and traitors added prop possession for spectators added an anti stuck plugin to help fix bugged spawn points
  15. bulletford

    Props in TTTGO

    Props are intended to deal damage, and they will, but i have been prioritizing things recently, my intention was to fix the insta kill props. I'll get them dealing damage again soon