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  1. I'm guessing you're talking about the desktop shortcut, make sure there aren't any launch properties set right click the shortcut -> properties it should look like this
  2. The event is over! Here are the final counts for kills: Traitor kills: Homerun kills: Mp5 kills: Scout kills:
  3. Traitor kills: Scout kills: Mp5 kills: Homerun kills:
  4. Traitor Kills: Scout kills: Mp5 kills: Homerun kills:
  5. Traitor Kills: Scout kills: Mp5 kills: Homerun kills:
  6. 3 as of right now, bear in mind, as of last night the event requires 6 people to count the kills.
  7. Kills as traitor: Scout Kills: Mp5: Homerun kills:
  8. current leaderboards: Traitor Kills: Scout Kills: Mp5 kills: Homerun kills:
  9. It's definitely possible to disable when less then x players are on, I'm busy today, remind me if I don't do this please
  10. Cl_allowdownload 1, cl_downloadfilter all are the correct cvars
  11. Thank you for your contributions klark, You've done a lot for the community, Glad to see you'll be sticking around and I hope that you'll be around more in the future.
  12. mp9s with stickers that are replace by the mp5 have bugged stickers