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  1. indeed it is. Miss you and the old crew
  2. Velo

    Rust is back!

    @just reX bro get on and raid him
  3. Velo

    Current Project

    That's an interesting project, will keep eyes on this thread. The rust could be worse Here's a parts truck i picked up a few weeks ago https://snag.gy/T8ERY2.jpg https://snag.gy/HjZ02J.jpg It could always be worse
  4. trucka you weeb... On a side note, the gf and I have been watching my hero academia. I personally have watched the entirety of Hunter X Hunter and me not being a full fledged weeb has actually enjoyed that series. The jap version. Me and the GF have also been watching attack on titan, full metal alchemist, blue excorcist as well as gurren lagann. All of which are pretty cool. Did I mention I partook in a forum for bleach before sG? Seen every episode until the last. Partials: The devil is a part timer and hal(?)s moving castle and the seven deadly sins
  5. Velo


    Welcome mr toe fetish
  6. Velo

    Rustbucket Thread

    I have 3 rust buckets 87 suburban, 87 K5 blazer and 85 monte carlo. not including my driver Fuq necro
  7. Velo

    Give Away

    Heckin' I But i might be sleeping for work at that time tomorrow
  8. Velo

    Obligatory Check-in

    Coinstar taking back the reigns?
  9. Velo

    Lax JB

    Back in the day... THERE WERE NO RULES
  10. No one can afford airplanes here lmao
  11. We had one of these before. Make original karma take her job back. I want to be a guest on the podcast so everyone can hear me complain about nonsensical things
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