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  2. If you really don't want anything to do with pills or mj, you have to tell yourself you don't fucking want it. GET MAD, go work out or something and get all of those thoughts out of your system and you'l be good for a bit. I've never done pills, but i've smoked weed on occasion. Never really felt like I needed to, but I do every now and then if i'm feeling adventurous (or drunk) You have to do what YOU want. Fuck what other people want you to do. If they are offering to smoke you up, that's fine and there's nothing wrong with that, just say nah. but if they call you a faggot because you won't tell em to fuck off and you can leave. There is one thing though, no matter what we say on these forums, you are going to do what you want to do and no one can change that. Like I said earlier, you will stay away from it if that's what YOU want.
  3. Dang, one of my emails were breached... Luckily it was the email I use for stupid non-important shit. Thanks for the link
  4. I have a 480 at the moment, pretty satisfied for what I use it for. Will wait for Vega
  5. So P2 is back!?!? Hide your pizzas!
  7. My head hurts...
  8. Thanks Goose
  9. ayy lmao
  10. Gotta buy it
  11. Steam should give an option to make inventories private. Shits getting fucking old