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  1. happy birthday turdurfysmurf
  2. Happy birthday jennifer karma
  3. Another dose of whitey
  4. Thanks for the money, i'll RDM you now
  5. I can't even step down to L3. I legit tried
  6. Overkill, sweetrock. Overkill...
  7. the fuck is this shit
  8. if i win something, can I have a static bradley spawned at my base instead of a prize?
  9. Y did I read this
  10. Cliques are retarded Regardless, If you feel you are being abused in TS, download OBS at this link: https://obsproject.com/ set it up and record beforehand, (make sure you set it up to record TS and your own mic as well (make sure you don't have any ambient retards in the room you're in because no push-to-talk)) then make a thread in the CD. sG's general guidelines apply to all servers. TS server falls under all servers... What ever happened to Klark's bro?
  11. Such an underrated band from the 90s
  12. ok