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  1. JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    Will come hang
  2. Brofest 10/28

    Someone ping tubbles so he'll sing for us
  3. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    What purpose does this serve?
  4. Brofest 10/28

  5. Thanks Junzou!!!

    I played the first one. Modded it and played the shark
  6. Tips on buying my first car.

    I can't find a K5 in MD with no rust :'( Been looking forever.
  7. Tips on buying my first car.

    What? If it's strictly for work, find a cheap chevy express van/gmc savana (make sure the oil pressure is more than 25psi when it's just sitting there running, V8 LS series engines are known for oil pumps going out but are super duper reliable and last forever if you take care of em.). If it's for work+leisure and you don't wanna drive a disgusting work van around to your friend's house or vacation, maybe consider a pickup truck (with cap) or suv as they are easier on the eyes.
  8. Rust Guitar God

    I recommend watching the whole thing
  9. Blueprints are BACK WIPE HYPE!!!!

  10. For all the weebs