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  1. Sith

    Out of Your League Metrics

    See if you can find the latest response on the forums from anyone above an ENG/ADV and you have your answer.
  2. Sith

    Stepping down as SO

  3. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  4. Sith

    sG 2018 World Cup

    But if you end up beating the system, Russian police will find you dead after you committed suicide by jumping off a one story building with six bullet holes in the back of your head.
  5. Sith

    Stepping down

    Copying everything I do from the beginning to end RIP
  6. Sith

    PUBG/Fortnite Killer

    Problem is, the servers don't work. The shooting range is pretty funny though.
  7. Sith

    Step Down

  8. Sith

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    I really wish there was more we could do but we're doing all we can by doing nothing, we can't do more than nothing. Time to walk out of school for a week and forget all this ever happened until the next one and act all surprised!
  9. Sith

    Rage 2

    I enjoyed the original Rage, the story ended abruptly and unsatisfying but other than that I enjoyed the combat. Good use of interesting tools to diversify the fighting, hopefully they'll carry on the good features of the original on to the sequel but we'll see.
  10. Sith

    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Stepping down in a very Sith meme fashion. I'm going full-time streamer so I'm not gonna have time to be an SO for servers with broken maps, degraded damage logs, and nonexistant death scenes Gmod TTT has been stabbed in the back BY ITS OWN STAFF by removing the "Minecraft ONLY" feature, which was the main draw to our never ending player-base (and moderators), which consists of either emotionally frustrated 9-year olds or even more sexually frustrated trannies/weebs/furries. In all seriousness, this summer is busy for me and my playtime has been dwindling to basically nothing for a few months now. I keep seeing names that I don't recognize anymore and Gmod TTT is going down a new paradigm shift with new incoming SO's and regulars. As before, I've fallen out of love with the game mode and find myself forcing to up my hours on the server just to maintain my position that I've had for about four years now. Did I upgrade from my previous stepdown thread? Also make sure to follow and suBscribe, it really helps me out on this small-time stream, really just trying to bring a community together I appreciate it a lot. Its ya boi SithTheStreamer signing off. Stay safe guys. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://www.twitch.tv/siththestreamer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Sith

    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Calls the server shit, immediately follows up with the "put me in coach" its a bold move for sure, lets see if it pays off To be fair though, sweetrock would know more about making money off of kids than I would
  12. Sith

    sG TTT GMOD Server Map Update

    Top 10 anime betrayals of 2018
  13. Sith

    I tried

    Oh boy OH B O Y
  14. Sith

    editing genius

    A bottle of monster appeared on my desk after the video ended?
  15. Happy 21st to my boy @Swed He attac He protec But most importantly He tilt back He had his first alcoholic drink ever today As your unofficial RA in a university you're no longer enrolled in, for a floor you never lived on, in a building you never moved in to, cheers to you!
  16. Sith

    How autistic are you?

    Whoa, when did I click on a buzzfeed article?
  17. Sith

    Fortnite + Tornado = I don't mind dying while gaming

    Remember kids, continuing to live isn't a right you have, its a privilege. Not everyone makes it.
  18. Key context here is "black teenager in Alabama" tough luck, RIP him.
  19. Least trusted profession #44 sG Legends
  20. Sith

    Hello Folks

    Whoa, the dead have risen.