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  1. League of Legends - Ten Mans

  2. Yo

    !whip ironic 100
  3. Need help digitizing recipes. Will pay $

    Man, these new sG events are getting a little weird huh
  4. Real Life Jailbreak

    The dude wanted to shoot him as soon as he geared up, that's the end of it. He just did whatever he needed to do to make that happen.
  5. Gun control

    Name me one right that you currently have. And DON'T use google.
  6. School Survey

    "If you had more time, would you consider buying fast foods?" What are you asking by that? Like, more time during the day? Doesn't seem like a fruitful question
  7. C++ Number Array Help Request!

    ^ To output an array, you need a for loop. Arrays aren't able to output like a variable, so you need to visit each element of the array and increment your way through, outputting each value on the way.
  8. Ref, if he handle the gmod community as an admin, he can handle the sG community as a member
  9. Superheroes mod, a cs1.6 classic ;)

    This is what it looks like when I play war3 honestly

    What game are you guys playing and why are you both losing
  11. :^)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Honestly, EA doesn't give a fuck. Disney, on the other hand...
  13. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Me and @Swed are a fairytale story come true
  14. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Honestly, there's no right way to do a relationship. It just happens. How the relationship will turn out will depend on how sincere you are. As long as you understand that you're in a relationship (once you're there) and it'll require work and it wont be ALL good, then things will progress. No point in setting milestones because everyone definition and rate of "progress" is different. Don't compare yourself or her to other couples, its not the same and it never will be, so don't hold what you have in comparison to others. In terms of starting one, I find that being straight up is the best. When you "hang out", whatever that means, if you like her, ask her on a date. Once you go on a few dates and like what you see, tell her that. If you feel like you know each other enough to start going steady, TELL HER THAT. Communication is key, I don't like subtle hints because I'm as stupid as a rock, so I don't pick up on cues like that. My most recent relationship had a girl that was touching me constantly on a couch and I wasn't getting it. She literally had to say "Nick, you know I like you right?" I did not.
  15. Staff Leaks

    Genuine statement
  16. JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    I'm surprised to hear about your age, based from what I could gather from your forum posts and CS:GO playtime, I would have assumed you were younger. I have to ask, are you really 35? If so, how did you come about gaming or have you been gaming since an early age?

    Happy Birthday, I remember when you first joined and we first started playing DOTA 2 together where I had to carry you. Not much has changed tbh.
  18. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    Make sure you plug the power in to an outlet.
  19. My favorite skit is when he explains the reasoning behind the racism of the Duck Dynasty and owner of the Clippers, I thought it was so inspiring. Bill Burr is the kind of dude that will say what he wants, intentionally offend the audience, explain his reasoning, and have the audience go "oh actually, he has a point" while they're laughing their asses off.
  20. I'd recommend watching that entire Netflix special, it's gold. His view on religion and racism is refreshingly real and raw.
  21. Happy Birthday Tort Tort!

    got that good loooong neck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. Study tips

    Study in a place where others are studying. Studying by yourself is way harder than studying surrounded by students also studying, it helps you focus. I don't like making goals in terms of time because I don't have that type of self-discipline. I create goals using activities. For instance, if I have to review three chapters, I might tell myself that after I finish chapter 1's practice problems, I'll have a snack, cigarette, beer, whatever. That way you're pushed to complete your task instead of waiting for a timer to ding to do something you probably don't want to do. Also let the stress and fear of what will happen if you fail sink in. I find most of my "enthusiasm" to study is just a fear of what comes after I fail. Once that anxiety kicks in, you'll find it impossible to sleep and eat so just make yourself feel better by studying. Its a good morale and mental boost.
  23. What's your favorite video game?

    4 wam at 20 speed