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  1. Aaaaand we're back with another segment of "Shit I could've googled"
  2. My father used to subscribe to the Omaha steak deliveries, we had enough meat and seafood to eat for MONTHS. I miss it
  3. Is my college degree disabled?
  4. First the start FRESH threads, now its the apology threads, whats next bois
  5. Time to go MIA for 7 more years then come back to a community I'm inactive in just to say I've been here for ten years :^)
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/14/world/middleeast/turkish-guards-washington-attack.html?mcubz=1&_r=0 Looks like our police force came through. Figured I'd add on to this thread rather than make a new one. TL;DR - The fuckwad Turk security team who thought they could attack peaceful protesters with no consequence due to their "diplomatic presence" were dead wrong and now have outstanding warrants issued against them for assault. Any attempt they make to re-enter the country will result in their immediate arrest.
  7. can I get a whereareoureventprizes123 in chat please
  8. I don't find much sense in forced rehab. No one will change their drug habits unless they want to, mandatory rehab won't miraculously cure someones mindset.
  9. Are we being serious right now, do a 5-second google search, jesus christ
  10. So that wave thing Howie was doing, that's the equivalent of applause in deaf culture. No sense in clapping if they can't hear it right? So deaf audience members will shake/wave their hands to show appreciation. She's not the only deaf musician around. There's a deaf rapper in Detroit, Sean Forbes. Met him and his dad, super cool people but tbh his music is garbage. People don't usually go for his musical talent, they just like to contribute and support him.
  11. Later Dunkey, good luck on your YouTube videos
  12. And cutting off a penis is a little bit like changing your reproductive functions. Not that it occurs in all transgenders, but it does occasionally. In which case they'd be changing both their physical and social gender.
  13. Apparently being a social justice warrior means you can just change words depending on whether you want to be right or not lmao
  14. I don't understand why anyone would want to be transgender, imo But other peoples personal lives are really none of my business. If a chick wants a dick or a dude is tired of his, idgaf one way or another, I have my own problems to deal with