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  1. He's more active and thorough than most of our SO's/staff. Confirmed.
  2. Throw up your nutty plays or unusual situations. I'll start us off
  3. It's really not this hard. If you're being a dick, deal with the low karma. If you're dealing with RDM'ers or confusion in a fight and its affecting your play experience, sure, reset your karma. It's the same as autoslaying yourself if you accidentally RDM. It's the SO's responsibility to maintain a professional and unbiased position on the server. You shouldn't abstain yourself from adhering to the MOTD just because of your rank. If you can't make the distinction between when to use your powers and when to not, you should not have SO and you should feel bad about yourself. I think this thread has been derailed enough by too many people who aren't even active, trying to create issues where none exist and make this in to a "Well back then", "When I played", "I have more player time so I think", "In my opinion" Zach already answered the purpose of this thread so its time to hop off the soapboxes and continue being completely irrelevant until the next time you wanna pull a Junzou (are we still doing this) and walk yourself right in to other people's business. And to answer your question, yes. EDIT: Coming back to the point, if SO's abusing setkarma is a concern, maybe make us immune to karma degradation (as well as staff, if its possible?). This way, we don't have to worry about karma setting and will never have to deal with karma bans or low karma. If there's further issues with this, this tells me that staff doesn't trust us to not RDM on the server, end of discussion.
  4. Technically speaking, yes. But most people don't because people who throw disco's are usually oblivious to the fact it's KOSable. I do however, both for the fact that its traitorous and they could be a T, and if they're not a T, it helps narrow down the suspect pool so to speak.
  5. Disappointment round 2 bois Can't wait for Bungie to ask me to buy a season pass, then be told I need to pay for the DLC anyways x d Also, if they could explain what the hell this game is about from the first Destiny, as well as adding some lore and story to this one, that'd be cool. Knowing what you're doing it and why you're doing it is kind of a big deal when it comes to developing immersion and story.
  6. If you are an innocent and witness another terrorist committing traitorous acts, and you do not act on it if he/she was a traitor, that is KOSable. Guilty by association. So in a sense, you would be punished for not actively participating in the killing of a traitor (or a suspected one). Maybe if you were an active Gmod player, you'd know that Anyways, Zach responded and gave an answer. Although I disagree, it's his word I suppose. Still looking forward to the upcoming event, make sure to hop on everyone!
  7. One statement coming from a Gmod TTT advisor who regularly plays the server, the other coming from one who doesn't. Hmm. I honestly fail to see how giving us abilities to moderate a server to the fullest extent, minus perma-bans, is fine but then add karma management into the mix and suddenly thats too far.
  8. Except when Will aslays a dude for 20000 rounds, then implement a slay cap for SO's entirely. owait
  9. Turkey is used to police not doing anything when it comes to brutality so this must've been a surprise to the Turks.
  10. Unless an officer is 100% confident in a players integrity, I wouldn't reset their karma. I'm mainly bringing this up in anticipation for the upcoming event. With newcomers and stupid members that don't read !motd's, stopping yourself from playing and involving yourself in the game is not a solution to a problem that often occurs from playing the game CORRECTLY. Especially if you're moderating the server and expected to vouch for achievements that you may or may not be a part of because of restrictions to your effectiveness as a player.
  11. The main loss of karma is not from RDMing. I know what the rules of the server are, I've been an SO going on three years now. On the contrary, it's the rules that actually cause the karma loss. Shooting randomly, throwing incends, walking by unID'd bodies, straight up killing other RDMer's, there are plenty of ways to lose karma without playing the game incorrectly. I don't see why karma should punish a player for playing their role correctly. If someone is going around killing inno's, then thats a ban the SO should issue out. A week max, depending on the amount of people he/she RDM'd. Karma ban is only for an hour. I don't think you guys are understanding the reasoning behind this post. This isn't a "I RDM'd people and got banned for an hour", this is a "Why can't SO's have access to this command". It's been on my mind for a while and I figured I'd throw in a thread arguing that SO's should have access to this command, its for the benefit of the server. If an SO can't handle the ability to manage karma, they don't have the ability to manage RDM or to administrate the server. Why would they be an SO in the first place?
  12. SO's not being able to reset karma is ridiculous. Why an SO would get karma banned is beyond me, it prevents us from playing the game as well as administrating the server. The only response I've heard with this argument is "People will abuse it." If you can't trust someone to reset their/others karma, why would they have SO and be able to ban, gag, kick, slay? Just give us setkarma ability, things would be so much easier.
  13. It's almost as if Trump endorses staff who agree and support him and then shit on those who don't. And this was news when?
  14. Time to get your free cage-free frappachino from Starbucks
  15. When someone tries to enter or attack your vehicle, that's a slam to the accelerator.