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  1. What's your favorite video game?

    Forum post simulator 2018 is in early access, looks pretty promising
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

    Personally, I think this was a poorly done trailer. I feel like the marketing team took the reigns and put out more than the directing team was comfortable with to generate more hype.
  3. Guess I'm back again

    Ayy its ya boi
  4. You're right, we need at least maybe three more mass slaughters to justify doing something about it, lets drag it out until people get complacent. And only then, when everyone's tweet about thoughts and prayers become another post count increment, there will be another shooting BUT lets not be too rash. The problem is that humans are short-sighted and have short-term memory. If its not affecting us here and now, we might not feel as strongly about it until later when it happens again; just to be as surprised as the first time as to why nothings been done about it yet. How many times have we discussed gun reform, how many people had their life snuffed short because of someone else's insanity, how many times have we lied to families that their children's, parents, and siblings didn't die for nothing, how this time it's different? How many times have we said #neverforget only to be reminded a year later from an annually timed post that today something terrible happened? Or how about we ask a scarier question: How many more times will this happen before we decide that maybe "those" people who died may be "our" people next time? What if the next shooting isn't in the middle of a dense strip or in the packed nightclub? What if it happens in your school, or your town, or your fast food joint? Sure, it's probably not likely. That's the reasoning we use: "I live in a smaller town", "There's nothing important here for anyone to shoot", "I don't hang out with a shady crowd". If the day ever comes that you or your family and friends get gunned down because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, ask yourself this: How many people in the US are thinking exactly what I was thinking before this happened to me.
  5. If people want to help, vote for harsher gun restrictions or more thorough vetting. Donate your money or your time. If you don't do any of these things and have the balls to say "MY thoughts and prayers" then you're just disrespectful for saying anything at all. It's the most efficient way of not doing anything at all regarding the incident but making it seem that you're contributing to some invisible accumulation of "vibes" which is just a compilation of people just as sad as you, trying their hardest to bastardize empathy.
  6. Humble bumble (GET OUTLAST FOR FREE)

    I'd need to be paid to play Outlast.
  7. leaving sg

    happy leaving sg day
  8. Sith's app[Approved]

    Name: nickl95 Rules: Yeast
  9. Happy Birthday MistaChang!

    He's of age but none of his GF's are
  10. rip daca (not dakka)

    Our federal government literally baited these kids lmao
  11. JIG SQUAD BOI Me, @Swed, @Travesty, @Tyrone and @ThatOllieWhoDies basically won a server for them. Just the five of us. I ran logistics and Swed ran the offensive. So fucking smooth, so easy. It helped that we joined a somewhat winning team (we had about 60% of the map controlled) but we were definitely the winning push.
  12. How much work went into this Video?

    "Mr. Bones, kill yourself" i lol'd