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  1. Sith


    Thank you for saving sG
  2. Sith

    Thanks guys!

    He said he misread the title or else he'd recognize it. I'm being facetious, I don't think anyone here matters. It was a quality social experiment to see how long it would take to get idiots to pray and say "tears in my eyes" on page 1 to "kys" on page 2.
  3. Sith

    Thanks guys!

    So I guess Beerman did die after all. Not physically but he's dead to all of us
  4. Sith

    Thanks guys!

    So I guess all you bandwagon sheep need to undo your downvotes from Imperium's post cause he was right. Honestly y'all should've seen this coming, it's Beerman. Everyone here knows he isn't better than to pull that shit.
  5. Sith

    Getting admin back

    Rank apps are a pain in the ass. Also to clarify a few things, I was absolutely demanding admin because due to the ranking formats, I was under the impression that I should have had it. I had ex-SO basic admin privileges (after I stepped down as SO) which aren't officially a thing so it seemed ludicrous to me that someone we have written down on "paper" is suddenly invalid because of how one person feels about it. Furthermore, I did actively reach out to Lindsay but turns out they're not adviser anymore, so then I reached out to Orange* who then contacted Zach. I created the forum post as a more permanent paper trail to refer to. EDIT: Cause it wouldn't be a Sith post if I didn't meme
  6. Sith

    Getting admin back

    I agree, admin is a privilege. It is a privilege given to L3 and above. If there is an unwritten rule about Gmod being excluded from the basic admin package of L3, then that should either be abolished, or we change the rank to reflect that Gmod L3 members don't get admin. That's kind of my argument so I'm confused as to whether you're supporting me or attacking my argument. This evolved to political BS like usual but the fact remains is that there are not enough people moderating Gmod and I am asking to be someone to fill that position as best I can, as I have in the past.
  7. Sith

    Getting admin back

    Sick, thanks.
  8. Sith

    Getting admin back

    Since when does Zach's word supersede rank permissions created by the community that we are all a part of? I don't really care if I get admin off of rank technicalities or because it's the logical thing to do. It's obvious that Gmod needs some attention and all the people who are in the position to do so are neglecting their obligations.
  9. Sith

    Getting admin back

    Yo, I recently joined Gmod TTT and for some reason I have no basic admin perms. If I could get that so I can do some basic moderator shit, that'd be sick.
  10. Sith

    Can we fix this?

    It's called statistics, it's kinda popular, you should look it up.
  11. Sith

    My time is now.

    Looking good for a perma-banned member, congrats
  12. Sith

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    It's extremely unpolished. The melee combat is a chore to do and the building layouts seemed to be created by a dude with huge ideas, with none of the time to fill it with anything. But the market is old-school DF and the gunplay is satisfying.
  13. Sith

    Dead Frontier 2(free)

    I remember grinding this when it was a web game.
  14. Sith

    The Sweetrock Academy for the Gifted

    "sG member distraught after a humorous post"