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  1. Petition to reinstate No Balls Rule

    who are you
  2. Free Speech

    Did you just call me a fucking nazi you degenerate, throw your head on some concrete, I'll be there in 15 mins
  3. Free Speech

    I was actually insinuating that the "nazi's" were the ones curb-stomping but curb-stomping is generally a bad thing so it really shouldn't happen to anyone, y'know? If you hate "nazi's" with linear and tunnel-vision passion (sound familiar?)... doesn't that make you an anti-nazi nazi? Oh and illegal immigration is 100% a bad thing to happen to the American workforce, for both legal and illegal workers. For legal workers, this undermines their pay and status. If a company can find an illegal worker to work twice as hard for you, for half as much, that's a negative impact to our workforce. For illegal workers, they are denied benefits and standard living wages, requiring them to usually work "sweatshop" type of jobs, diminishing their positive impact to their families and their work skills.
  4. Free Speech

    If their faces are being shown and that leads to them being arrested, I could see the issue. If their face is being shown with them curb stomping another protester, I see no issue. Or y'know you drive a car in to them or something
  5. admin

    Be right there sweetrock
  6. For Honor - Free Weekend

    Looks like ubisoft is trying to regain their playerbase right before the huge update. Good luck. Gamers rarely forget.
  7. Well..

    Is this the equivalent to sG chemotherapy? Later gator
  8. What's up?

    Dude what the fuck, theres a floating head in front of a jet. What are they teaching you these days??
  9. Welcome to public schooling. Literally ignore 99% of the shit that goes down, minus math and science, you'll need that. Everything else is garbage and you'll forget everything and everyone within 1 year of any secondary education.
  10. Bro fest!

    Spet 2 is a bad day for me, sorry
  11. http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/senate-health-care-vote/index.html TL;DR: We're not fucked. Yet.
  12. Chester Bennington Lead Vocals of Linkin Park Dead at 41

    Pulled a Chris Cornell... what a bummer.
  13. Happy Birthday Jeff!

    Thats my boy
  14. PUBG - When Swed dies to a Camper

    Those are people that vote.