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  1. Nau

    Sunday Funday GWF

    Post Brofest Golf with Friends hosted by @Sponsored Be sure to hop on discord around noon central to participate
  2. Nau

    Sunday Funday Overwatch

    Nau will be hosting Overwatch 6v6's and more. Be sure to DM him your battletag to participate.
  3. Nau

    Sunday Funday Battleship

    Beerman will be hosting a Battleship tournament. More info and sign ups can be found here:
  4. Nau

    Sunday Funday Rainbow 6 Siege

    @vexer Will be hosting 5v5's starting at noon central. Be sure to hop on discord around that time to participate!
  5. ez 4 South Harmon Institute of Technology.
  6. Nau

    Hey wats good guys!!!

  7. Nau


    Welcome ^^
  8. My character is actually unable to be eaten so you lost
  9. Nau

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    Shhh, they're not ready for the truth
  10. Context for new folk. Me has pocket aces: "Hey guys I gotta go eat so I can't play gonna all in this trash hand" Unsuspecting sG Folk: "all ins" Me: Chips
  11. Nau

    Surf Server Suggestions

    @bulletford Just fixed it
  12. Nau

    Surf Server Suggestions

    I believe @KiD Fearless lowered the map time to 30 minutes today. So that should solve that.