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  1. lotmoshr

    What's your favorite video game?

    minecraft is the only answer to this question otherwise you're a goof
  2. lotmoshr

    leaving sg

    goodbye mom, I will never forget you
  3. lotmoshr


    happy birthday, hope you have a good year!
  4. lotmoshr

    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    dream team congrats guys
  5. lotmoshr

    Custom TTT Feedback

    First of all, GOOD WORK RIGHT HERE. Really, endless thanks for bringing this server back. Ditto on the return of the media player. Though maybe with something like an auto message in chat that, whenever a song starts playing, tells people how to use stopsound or mute the media player altogether. The chorus of people complaining on mic about the music being ear rape can be worse than the actual ear rape. I have no idea how that could be rigged up though. !trainfuck and !ach (at least I think it was !ach) would complete the nostalgia circle but aren't necessary (ie don't rush). Also, body bombs yo. Also #2, jw is kakariko village in the list of maps?
  6. lotmoshr

    sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    There are mods to do it (not very great ones) but it's not in vanilla Minecraft. Discord/Teamspeak is the way to go. Good shit, probably going to get back into Minecraft now. Are there any rules for the size of builds? How big is too big? I have a thing for underground railway systems.
  7. lotmoshr

    lot's mc applicator[Approved]

    In-game Name: lotmoshr How did you find sG?: the garry's mod servers Have you read, and do you understand the rules? yes
  8. lotmoshr

    Idea to bring back Custom

    would be willing to quit my job, drop out of school and just devote my life to being a TTT SO 24/7 if this were to happen. No but seriously I would play the fuck out of custom. It was always a fun time, we have lots of regulars on vanilla who have asked about custom and are always disappointed when we don't have one. I'm sure they'd be willing to figure out how to get the textures to work, so even without the old sG custom players we have a playerbase ready to go. It would be nice if when someone is upset there's no dm, if I could just tell them to type !servers and join the other one. Due to the whole CSS and downloads thing custom tended to attract a lot less RDMers/trolls so it's the perfect escape for people who are getting RDMed sixty seven times in a row with no admins on.
  9. can someone give me a walkthrough of how the tester on ttt_drybonesvillage works? specifically how to activate it? every time I try to test someone nothing happens and whenever I ask nobody online seems to know how lol
  10. lotmoshr

    sG official YouTube channel

  11. Tell them to cut the shit yourself, be that guy, that's what I did in highschool. They'll probably yell at you but it's only because they're embarassed. Usually they'll stop or at least tone it down after that. Another option, especially if it's really affecting your ability to focus, is to talk to the teacher yourself, remember she's been dealing with this for years so she's probably been desensitized to it. But as everyone else said, this is really just highschool lol. Even if the guys in your class were to be expelled there'd be another group to replace them within a day. You will learn to ignore it.
  12. lotmoshr

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the apology at least.
  13. lotmoshr

    BAN on a MASS RDMer

    For once in my life I have a day off and can get on before 8:30pm so I'll come keep the peace. If he's still on and still rdming I'll ban, but *repeats Krony's post*. Also just so you know for next time, you'll get assistance much faster if you post in the subforum "Complaint Department", though I can see why you'd think this would be the right place.
  14. lotmoshr

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Sorry man. All I can say is I was already in a bad mood and she decided to start calling me names for no reason. She claims the whole bitchass etc thing was a joke but her tone didn't suggest that. I've done my best to be polite to her, but she always responds to everything in a rude tone and with hostility. When she complains about every little rule or custom on the server I try my best to be civil and explain but she always just replies with more rudeness and "that's fucking stupid". I'm pretty much known at this point for tolerating too much shit from trolls and yesterday I just wasn't in the mood of having it, so yeah I went off in that thread, it's not something I do often but when it does come out it comes out hard.
  15. rip my sleeping schedule