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  1. cookie eater

    Narwhals Step Down Thread

    Good guy narwhals thanks buddy
  2. cookie eater


    The only server it MIGHT work for is like minigames, and again, not on all maps.
  3. cookie eater

    Sorry I'm rude.

    Welcome to sG!
  4. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday Kung!

    Happy Birthday Kung!
  5. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    Thanks for your hard work centran! i love you! Happy Burfday!
  6. cookie eater

    Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Uh welcome to the forums.. Pro tip - stop with the z shit. duz urz understanz?
  7. 13/20? Ill ref him plays bhop a lot, havent had any negative experiences with him.
  8. cookie eater

    Server Hardware Build Recommendations?

    why would you ever need a rig like that as a server machine?
  9. @vexer Do we have our team full yet?
  10. cookie eater

    Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

    this sounds pretty dope actually.
  11. cookie eater

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    great cheng can now abuse the fuck out of me congrats guys!
  12. cookie eater

    War3 Survey Results

    Really in-depth survey you had there man. Looks like you have the data you need to continue making war3 great. I'm surprised there were not more troll responses.
  13. cookie eater

    Humble bundle amnesia for free

    Rip no longer available
  14. cookie eater

    StarSlayer's Application [APPROVED]

    18/20 good ze guy +ref
  15. cookie eater

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    how can you NOT be a fan of Minecraft OR toons!!! I love em all.
  16. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday to one of the best map makers in all of CS:GO

    Happy Birthday Jodas!
  17. cookie eater

    What's Up Everyone!!

    Welcome back banana!
  18. cookie eater

    Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    sG* #Inb4JP well.. You could.. we don't need admins phh. /s All the servers i'm in, you have to click "I'm over 18 years of age to view this content -- Gives you a big red button that say HEY YES I WANNA SE THIS SHIT" edit: admins dont have to hit hte button.
  19. cookie eater

    Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    Eddy: "We have JP'd the following members for conspiricy to the clan:" Carl Sagan Beerman Cookie Eater SpartanSakaro Destin
  20. cookie eater

    Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    im pretty sure if you mark it as NSFW forum you have to "Accept" to go into it every time you want to browse it. Discords "Administrate Server" flag is the one that does this whole bypass thing, Just remove it from JCS and other staff Give Eddy a JCS+ rank so he can administrate the NSFW channel in discord and look at all the furry shit that will be posted. You can technically still administrate discord servers without that flag.
  21. 23/20 1 day and 23 votes damn Of course
  22. cookie eater

    Thaco's Application [APPROVED]

    13/20 Yes War3 is always accepeted.
  23. cookie eater

    Nozraci's Application [APPROVED]

    9/20 +ref War3 is always accepeted.
  24. cookie eater

    My Resignation.

    Good luck man! hope to see you around!
  25. cookie eater

    It's almost that time of year!

    110 days, holy shit. Good luck with whatever you are doing.