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  1. cookie eater

    Weekly Style Thread

    100% blindness legit obv.
  2. cookie eater

    Its about that time

    Was wondering when you were going to step down. I love you sharky poo, you did a good job.
  3. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday Cookie

    !!!! like 24!
  4. cookie eater

    Happy birthday Vexer

    i fell asleep lol
  5. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday Cookie

    Thanks buddy! A happy day of birth to you also!
  6. cookie eater

    Happy birthday Vexer

    He fucking beat me to it @vexer damn lol happy birthday dude!
  7. cookie eater

    Old UV Member looking for his old friends

    i fogot about xfire lol oldfags are dead newfags are alive. glhf welcomeback.
  8. cookie eater

    sG Summer Bhop Event [June 1st to June 8th]

    ill participate
  9. cookie eater

    Narwhals Step Down Thread

    Good guy narwhals thanks buddy
  10. cookie eater


    The only server it MIGHT work for is like minigames, and again, not on all maps.
  11. cookie eater

    Sorry I'm rude.

    Welcome to sG!
  12. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday Kung!

    Happy Birthday Kung!
  13. cookie eater

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    Thanks for your hard work centran! i love you! Happy Burfday!
  14. cookie eater

    Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Uh welcome to the forums.. Pro tip - stop with the z shit. duz urz understanz?
  15. 13/20? Ill ref him plays bhop a lot, havent had any negative experiences with him.