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  1. Succubus Hunter bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Alistair the Templar

    PRE: ATTK: br1ck (69 Tatsu, Ice Dragon) || VIC: dad (18 Battlefield Pro) || Dmg: 25.327625 POST: ATTK: br1ck (69 Tatsu, Ice Dragon) || VIC: dad (18 Battlefield Pro) || Dmg: 22.794862 Weapon: weapon_hkp2000 W3S: 0 25.327625 * 0.9 = 22.7948625 pack it up boys, mystery solved
  3. War3 Maxed KDR

    O.o you know we can pull this from the database in 5 mins with a query? It used to pull down every day for us automatically. I also have a spreadsheet where I can paste the raw data in and it does all the comparing for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    I thought so as well... just tossed it in there to see what people thought
  5. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    Current point I want to gather thoughts on: How do people feel about doing some form of raffle/drawing for supporters every month or every other month? We'd set a date (likely the last day of the month) and pull all active supporters at some point that day, then at a point in the future (next week or two) we'd draw a random name (or names) from that list and they would win something. I was thinking along the lines of: design a race with Face design an expertise with Face additional level bank (50?) small prizes ($10 steam card?) other?? feel free to suggestion I would announce the drawing a week or two ahead of time, and I'd set some restriction (e.g. if you won the last drawing you can't win this one)
  6. Purchase a War3 Supporter package here. Description of Benefits Access to the exclusive #war3_supporters channel on the JoinSG discord server, which frequently includes discussion of future changes to the server, brainstorming, and other War3 Staff discussions. See this post for more info and how to gain access to the server if you are a supporter. When a supporter is in the game, all players gain 1% bonus experience (caps at 10% bonus experience, if more than 10 supporters were present). You can access races up to 250 levels above your total level. e.g. if your total level is 500, you have access to races up to 750 total level required. You will also get an additional "New Races Unlocked" text print showing what races you unlocked because you are a Supporter. You can use "/suppcash 16000" once per map to give cash. This has the same rules as admin cash. Every 5 rounds, can only use it for 15 seconds after freeze time, and you cannot give 16k in addition to an admin giving 16k. Ability to nominate maps, no matter how recently they have been played (currently must use /nominate <mapname>, it will still show on the nominate list as disabled). You can use "#" in ALL chat to send special messages (similar to (ADMIN) or [STAFF]). (W3 SUPPORTER) Face: Hey! You can use "#" in TEAM chat to send messages that only supporters can read and respond to. (TO W3 SUPPORTERS) Face: Hey! All players can type /supporter to see the active supporter XP bonus and a list of all supporter benefits. When Supporters join and leave, custom joining and leaving messages print: [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has joined the server! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 1% [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has disconnected! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 0% Other/Miscellaneous Feel free to use this thread as a discussion of supporter benefits, including suggested new benefits, changes to existing benefits, etc. All money earned from War3 Supporter packages goes to supporting the development of the server and prizes for events. I will use this thread to announce any changes to the supporter package. Thanks for supporting the server!
  7. Racism

    Honestly, the rules are blatantly hypocritical. It's kind of how 95% of all ddos threats come from asia, so we block most (all?) of asia from our servers. 95% of kids trying to be cool (e-thugs as c12k said) is getting a rise out of people with the n-word, people meme about kids on xbox calling people the n-word for a reason. If our rules actually had anything to do with what's offensive vs what's not offensive, we would be equally concerned about use (or at least the over-use) of the words faggot, retard, etc. We clearly do not design our rules to block what's offensive, but to block what "edgy" kids/young-adults will over-use most. I think anyone actively trying to defend any word that is similar in sound or spelling to the n-word (@driz included, who I have a lot of respect for) is just trying to be edgy or overly technical. Arguing "context matters" is idiotic, we all know what the context is on a video game server with the average age being about 17. Don't pretend anybody says knickers or niggardly etc. without knowing what exactly what they are doing. That being said, I think our rules on what you can do/say on our server are fairly loose and often unenforced.
  8. Item Purchases

    Well, it's been over a year since I've updated this but I decided to do it with the 2 new items. My thoughts: Tome still sucks, 65.42% wtf It surprises me how popular boots are, I like them but apparently not as much as other people... it'd be probably 3 spots lower if it was my list Surprised how popular ring of armor is - glad people are using it Periapt seems to be getting more use since the change? Man necklace is so under-utilized compared to where it used to be I think Prismatic Signet is hands down the most under-valued item (holy shield would be a close second)... I honestly don't understand why it isn't more utilized, especially when you buy it with chain.
  9. MRW /s Grats all
  10. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Fixed a bug where Air Elemental smokes didn’t explode when they collide with players. Made it so when Smoke throws smoke grenades near the bomb, the radius in which they no longer do damage to enemies is much larger,
  11. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Fixed a bug where molotovs could bash on the following races: Emperor Trump (reflecting bash from a molotov when the molotov shouldn't bash) Anti Mage (when attacking and mini-bashing a person with their knife out) Damoi Tui (bash aura) Dragon Knight (bash nearby enemy when hit) Chronos New Game + Lina Banshee Dreadknight now prints a hint when acute senses entangles a knife race. Ravinick now properly displays how much damage it deals with it's effects in hints and text. Thardy lifesteal no longer persists through death. Not live yet but should be live at some point in the next day: Fixed a bug where in some rare cases skills that deal magic damage (not "additional damage" or "critical damage") could get be critical hits. Thanks to [mention=23021]Hamburglar[/mention] for providing some "/debug" notes which were helpful [emoji4] This may or may not negatively affect the following races. If you think one of them was "balanced" and this bug has significantly altered it's damage output negatively, please let me know and I will review it. Blademaster Dante Khadgar Soul Stealer This also fixed a bug where bonus damage to undead (Priest, Yrel) could count on magic damage skills. This includes Priest's Judgment, Yrel's Holy Shield, and Yrel's Judgment. Human invis was reduced from 65% to 50% to agree to the skillsinfo and what it has always been. Not sure why/when it was increased ...
  12. Blade master crits on ultimate

    Thanks for the help with the debug notes @Hamburglar - will be fixed soon
  13. Skill Effects Not Showing Up Randomly

    There is another bugpost about this.
  14. Dreadknight's Acute Senses Not Working Properly

    Added a hint print when it activates @LunaBadger
  15. Extra Ammo Races

    Changed Status to Closed