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  1. Starcraft Remastered is out!

    Can you still make custom maps? I used to make maps...
  2. Warcraft 3 Event Map Vote

    On servers other than war3 (jb, surf, ze, I think that's it) Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. Event Map Bug List / Suggestions

    @KiD Fearless Hopped on and saw cs_jailbreak, this is all my personal opinion, but if you want the map to succeed I think it needs changes - anyone can feel free to disagree with me openly on this... CT spawn entrance to the yard (the fence) should not directly face an entrance to the building. I know they can go around to the rubble wall or w/e, but that's substantially slower... I just feel in general that fence makes the map play slower than it needs to Need shit in the yards. Trucks, sheds, containers, something. I know it's a jail yard but most jail yards aren't void of life entirely. It's very difficult or impossible for Ts to leave the building if they wanted to get cheeky, flank, etc. Along with the problem mentioned in the above point, needs an entrance and/or windows on the roof (see: cs_assault) to give more entry points for CTs Needs stuff on the roof to offer some protection if you tried to exit on the roof. Maybe just a couple AC units and a utility building or something (see: cs_crackhouse) I think it could use an underground entrance. Maybe create a tunnel from one of the cells to outside the jail yard wall as if a prisoner was trying to escape. Maybe even connect it between a few cells (they were working together!). See cs_militia I feel like after opening up more angles for CTs, Ts might need more protection. Maybe put some long tables flipped on their side facing the front, lower-level door for example. Right now it plays a little too much of the "Ts have no reason to leave, CTs are limited on their ability to enter"
  4. The War3 Guide Reborn

    I don't mind giving out XP formula / XP per kill formula / XP per level but I imagine Skitt/thorgot etc probably would. If they say yeah I'll give you what you want. Most of it isn't really difficult except the XP formula is something proprietary AFAIK Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. The War3 Guide Reborn

    When you're wrong on 2/4
  6. The War3 Guide Reborn

    If people spent half as much time leveling races as they did worrying about expertise, they might have found the most OP expertise on War3... too bad it still sits patiently... waiting to be discovered.
  7. The War3 Guide Reborn

    I will come out of retirement to change/remove them all Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk

    Hello, I am here to formally lodge a complaint expressing my concerns with the state of Gamers, Syndicate. As someone who frequently plays all of our servers, the future causes me great concern. You see, I not only regularly play the terrorist trouble in town GO, but I also often help revive the rust. As someone who does both of these things, I was faced with a dilemma when the following came to my attention today: It may not be easy to see to the naked eye, so I have used highly-specialized forensic computer science software to help the average user notice the problems. The RED represents times when the terrorists are going to town for some trouble, while the BLUE represents an attempt to revive the rust. This may not seem like a problem to most, but I have also added a third color, GREEN, which represents the times when the terrorists are going to have trouble as well as the rusts need to be revived. How am I to trouble terrorists while reviving rust? Please help.
  9. Need a Microphone

    I've had a yeti for 3 or 4 years and have no complaints with it. I wanted a nicer mic and headphones because I got tired of them breaking. 99% of issues with them are always in the cords - so I wanted a nicer mic with a detachable cord. It's expensive for a mic, but it was also a gift. I don't see why people (not necessarily anyone here) are willing to spend $100-200 on some peripherals (mouse, keyboard) and not a microphone or headphones. Communication is important too
  10. Abusing AFKS

    This thread is so serious tho lol Also @Swed I laughed at the AFK post and almost uprepped, before stopping and going "oh he's prob on LOA", so I can relate to @Iherdcows etc.
  11. Hit me with the gossip

    we need monthly after-action reviews on TMS threads so that AFK people can quickly catch up on the drama
  12. Hero Plugin concept;idea

    A lot of things are bugs not because of laziness but because the problem is either very difficult (big time sink) or nobody knows how to approach it I feel like in general the low hanging fruit is fixed pretty fast
  13. Legendary system concept

    I think I might be more in favor of a global list of legendary items that has some restrictions on it. But, while it is easier to do, it's much less customizable (e.g. Cant modify specific skills, has to be broad effects), so that part I dislike. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. Legendary system concept

    Adding just 2 legendaries for every race would take a 1-2 week long coding binge, not including the week it'd take to create the legendary system. Also if they were all added at once they'd be super boring. Itd take a lot of effort and thought to create something unique. An argument could be made to make all the first ones from the expertise and just remove expertise, but that's probably a bad idea for a few reasons, the main one being "I already earned this, why do I have to earn it again". Something about stacking legendaries with expertise seems like a bad idea. Imagine if orc had a good legendary on top of what it already has. I don't know. I like the idea. If it was me I'd make it really, really rare. I'm thinking 1 legendary per 2 weeks if you are regular. Maybe 1 shard a month. Selling shards seems easy but also kinda like a bad idea. If they were sold, I'd be tempted to say $10 each. If legendaries existed, it needs to be rare, and to make farming worth it it'd have to demand a high price tag. However, that really feels p2w. What if you could buy expertise? Seems dumb. I have mixed feelings, but I really appreciate the thought put into the idea Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk