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  1. Face

    About my absence

    Sucks to hear, my brother had some bad seizures growing up and they can suck to deal with. Hasn't had one in 10 years though - once the medicine dosage is right you should be fine I hope! I hope it all gets better and we will miss you in the mean time.
  2. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Forgot to mention in last post: Khadgar - fire Crits now deal 75% bonus dmg (up from 60%) Also new changes Lina: Bloodlust (ability) replaced with Fiery Soul. Fiery Soul: [Passive] Every time a skill is used, gain 1-10% move speed and 1-10% bonus damage for 15 seconds. Max 4 stacks. There is a HUD display and console prints to show you your "soul" Dragon Slave (fire wave AOE when you are hit) now has a 450 radius (up from 400) now deals up to 30 damage (up from 25 damage) Light Strike Array (bonus damage and bash) now bashes for 2 seconds (up from 1 second) Thanks
  3. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Khadgar Frost Deep Freeze is now a passive and Ice Block is now the Frost ability Keep in mind you can still only have 1 ability at a time DEEP FREEZE: Passive - 22% chance to bash for 1 second and deal 12 damage ICE BLOCK: Ability - Encase yourself in ice and become immune to damage (and unable to move) for up to 6 seconds. 35 Second CD (thanks @bulletford ) Arcane Arcane Armor now grants up to 75% magic resistance (down from 80%) Arcane Blast now has a 30 second CD (up from 25 seconds) Fire Flame Strike now has a 20 second CD (down from 25 seconds) Flame Strike now states that it occurs over 2.5 seconds (previously said 5 seconds and was incorrect) Nominations - You can now nominate partial mapnames (e.g. "/nominate agen" is the same as "/nominate cs_agency"). Keep in mind some will not work (e.g. /nominate seas will trigger both seaside and season, and it picks one based on placement on the map list) Shopinfo/Iteminfo - You can now lookup items based on item names / partial item names (e.g. "iteminfo mole", "iteminfo regen"). Same as above applies, so "iteminfo ring" for example triggers ring of armor and ring of regen.
  4. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Gravity is now reduced by 50% (same as speed) when carrying the hostage, in an attempt to fix abuse e.g. grim reaper speed captures of hostages Widowmaker can no longer use her skills if she is carrying a primary weapon that is not an awp or an ump
  5. Face

    Grim Reaper Hostage

    In an attempt to reduce this w/o being too dramatic of changes, gravity buffs are now reduced by 50% when carrying hostage
  6. Face

    Phyrexian ult not procing on hit

    Enemies immune to knockback (default ? maybe another) or ultimates are not effected by it
  7. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Fixed Ravinick's physical damage lightning so that it is not reduced by magic dmg resistance - this may need to be done to other skills on other races in the future Rocky - looks like a lot but overall I think it's minor Thorns now caps at 30 (down from 35) Knockout now has a 54% chance to proc (down from 60%) Knockout now deals a minimum of 20 damage (down from 35 minimum) Knockout now caps at 50 damage (previously it dealt 2x your damage dealt with no cap - so theoretically 55 with an unmodified right click) Maps now show on the nomination, admin, and RTV list without the "/workshop/" path. They still cannot be nominated easily (via chat, e.g. "/nominate season" will not work) but I have a plan to fix that in the future... just a matter of time
  8. Face

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    Everything mentioned was adjusted. Level up sound won't change until a server restart which happens automatically tonight.
  9. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    More bugfixes: Maybe fixed issue where armor regen breaks when changing from wizard to igna Jaraxxus should now print HP regen stolen to console (similar to how it prints leech stolen). Jaraxxus should now properly steal regen from players Voodoo Witch Doctor chicken ultimate now denies the enemy of invisibility (should fix model issue) Yrel no longer spawns with a glock by default ... I think this was fixing a bug in the past but I couldn't recreate it so hope it works out
  10. Face

    Lady Hederine / True Dmg

    Shadow Hunter should be fine but may have been broken in the past. I'm OK with duelist/altana working how they work. I'm aware of the armor absorption issue and don't have an easy solution to it right now.
  11. Face

    Lord Jarax / Steal regen

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Face

    High Priest / Spirit of Redemption

    If the Exalted had robe of rebalance that would explain this pretty fast (60% dmg reduc on the ult cause the attacker would have 0 HP).
  13. Face

    Archdruid Malfurion Ultimate

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Face

    Voodoo Witch Doctor

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Face

    Yrel, Velen's Chosen / Maraad's Hammer

    Changed Status to Fixed