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  1. Face

    What the hell happened?

    I won’t be around at all for 3-4 more weeks but I’m open to ideas that don’t take days to implement.
  2. Can confirm, Fearless is correct
  3. Face

    Default - sG|Warcraft Mod Race Guide Video #2

    If you want to make 1 thread and start editing all your videos into the post, I'm willing to pin it and you can just post in there "updated and added new video blah" so it shows up on recent post feeds etc. Just start a new thread and let me know if that's what you'd like to do!
  4. Face

    Halloween War3 Event

    All levelbank have been distributed by @skitt! Thanks everyone for participating!
  5. I wasn't here for the event, so I'm open to ideas on how to "balance"/improve the Necromancer and Reanimated? i appreciate feedback! @Shiftyrph won lots of event stuff @D4NK won lots of event stuff @marzu I know you played event @LunaBadger I know you played event Anyone else as well
  6. Face

    Halloween War3 Event

    ACHIEVEMENTS TO COMPLETE Highest Level as Necromancer (25 levelbanks) -- $20 Steam Card - Shifty Most Kills as a Reanimated -- Choice of Steam Game - D4nk Top Pumpkin Collector -- 1 Month of Supporter and $20 Steam Card - Shifty - he has decided to FORGO the free month of supporter, so it is being given to #2 pumpkin collector - Xiplitz Top 5 Pumpkin Collectors will receive 10 Levelbanks in a race of their choice - Shifty, Xiplitz, Mentos Cloud, Heavy Gloom, D4nk Top 6-10 Pumpkin Collectors receive 5 Levelbanks - Asspancake, Jah, Mr. Eagle, Marzu, Toad Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 25 Levelbanks - D4nk 2nd Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 10 Levelbanks - Shifty PRIZES: Shifty: $20 steam card x2, 45 levelbank D4nk: Choice of Steam Game, 35 levelbank Xiplitz: 1 month of supporter, 10 levelbank 10 levelbank: Mentos Cloud, Heavy Gloom 5 levelbank: Asspancake, Jah, Mr. Eagle, Marzu, Toad AS REANIMATED: D4nk was reanimated the most, died the most, scored the most kills, survived till round end, survived till his master died, and survived the full duration more than any other player. Shifty had the 2nd most survivals for the full duration. No one was close to Shifty on number of allies reanimated while playing Necro. Shifty was close (4 away from D4nk) on number of enemies killed while reanimated and 2 short of D4nk on number of times the full duration was survived.
  7. Face

    Halloween War3 Event

    @Rock is the supporter drawing winner - please contact me (via discord PM if possible)!
  8. Face

    B t w

    Big no. In addition to the obvious reasons, way too expensive lol
  9. Face

    B t w

    Technically the wedding is in January but we wanted it to be official before the end of the year... I’m legally married as of today
  10. Face

    Reanimated Losing Money

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Face

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congrats all. @ATG_AGENT is always welcome back after his extended absence
  12. Face

    A halloween war3 event

    Working on something but we will see where it goes
  13. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Released Black Market Dealer at level 3750 Air Elemental Reduces gravity on hit by up to 75% (up from 50%) Pocket Pressure now deals 25 damage to enemies when the smoke triggers Eye of the Storm now deals 20% more damage than previously Blade Master Now moves 22% faster in windwalk (up from 20%) Now respawns with 100 life from mirror image (up from 75 life) Now takes slightly more damage during Bladestorm Now has a lower chance for consecutive respawns from mirror image Jukebox Hero Shotgun no longer triggers effects multiple times Tracer Cooldown of blink now works properly like overwatch (recharge 1 blink charge per 3 seconds instead of each blink charge regenerating in 3 seconds consecutively) e.g. previously if you blinked 3 times back to back, you'd have all 3 charges in 3 seconds e.g. now if you blink 3 times back to back, you have 1 charge at 3 seconds, 2 charges at 6 seconds, 3 charges at 9 seconds Magnus, Link, Blade Master Can no longer "return to spawn" while silenced
  14. Face

    Undead Scourge Race Breakdown Video

    Well made video man, I had much lower expectations when I saw the post but it was thought out and decent editing!
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