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  1. Face

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congrats all. @ATG_AGENT is always welcome back after his extended absence
  2. Face

    A halloween war3 event

    Working on something but we will see where it goes
  3. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Released Black Market Dealer at level 3750 Air Elemental Reduces gravity on hit by up to 75% (up from 50%) Pocket Pressure now deals 25 damage to enemies when the smoke triggers Eye of the Storm now deals 20% more damage than previously Blade Master Now moves 22% faster in windwalk (up from 20%) Now respawns with 100 life from mirror image (up from 75 life) Now takes slightly more damage during Bladestorm Now has a lower chance for consecutive respawns from mirror image Jukebox Hero Shotgun no longer triggers effects multiple times Tracer Cooldown of blink now works properly like overwatch (recharge 1 blink charge per 3 seconds instead of each blink charge regenerating in 3 seconds consecutively) e.g. previously if you blinked 3 times back to back, you'd have all 3 charges in 3 seconds e.g. now if you blink 3 times back to back, you have 1 charge at 3 seconds, 2 charges at 6 seconds, 3 charges at 9 seconds Magnus, Link, Blade Master Can no longer "return to spawn" while silenced
  4. Face

    Undead Scourge Race Breakdown Video

    Well made video man, I had much lower expectations when I saw the post but it was thought out and decent editing!
  5. Face

    Out of Your League Metrics

    (I couldn't help myself)
  6. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Shade Runner ability now triggers the team flash warning in chat (since it works a little different than a regular flashbang...) Keep in mind intentional (or blatantly negligent) team flashing is against the rules. Scattergunner uses sawed off again
  7. Face

    No Suicides on Pre-game?

    Yes, abuse prevention.
  8. Face

    Shade Runner Can buy MP7

    bonus dmg proc is based on speed and distance from enemy, if you aren't moving quickly the frame the hit registers (e.g. A/D spam registers as low velocity most of the time) and if you aren't close to the enemy, you'd deal no bonus damage. MP7 is fine as it does not get the bonus damage. Pistols dealing bonus dmg is intended.
  9. Face

    Shade Runner Damage

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Shaderunner is now tester Time of year to change the server meta via some balance changes. I don't necessarily agree with everything I changed but sometimes it's fun to see how it pans out and it can just get adjusted back in the future if necessary Added an announcements plugin. Announcement menu will display when you first spawn each map, first spawn after the announcement is updated, or whenever you type "/announcement" Accuri 25% increase damage (up from 20%) 40 higher HP cap (up from 25 higher) Archimonde Now has 40% chance to inflict Flame Lash (down from 56%) Angel of Darkness Longjump is now 20% stronger Black Mage Converts 10 armor into 20 hp (up from 15 hp) Boreas 40% of damage absorbed as armor (up from 35%) 1.5 bash duration (up from 1.4) 30s ult cd (down from 33s) Dreadknight When your killer dies, you now respawn with up to 150 hp (up from 100 hp) Drow Queen ESP now triggers 1-2seconds more frequently and has a larger radius Ult cd 20 seconds (down from 30 seconds) Exile Now deals 50% bonus crit damage (down from 60%) Flame Predator Now gains up to 50% speed (up from 45%) Fyndhorn LJ is now 4% better Poison now deals 16 damage (up from 12 damage) Poison CD is now 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds) Golden Tail Ult CD now 0.8 seconds (down from 0.9 seconds) Gray Man Crits for 100% bonus damage (up from 75%) Hammerstorm Bolt now deals 24 damage (up from 20 damage) Hand of God Forward Slash now has 4 second cooldown (up from 3.5) Human Alliance Invis now up to 55% (up from 50%) Khadgar Arcane Armor now grants 50% magic resistance (down from 75%) Deep Freeze now has a 20% chance to bash (down from 22%) KilJaeden Soul Flay now deals slightly less damage in a 400 unit radius (down from 600 unit radius) Lilith Now absorbs 30% of damage via armor (up from 25%) Now deals 25% bonus headshot damage (up from 20%) Now deals up to 5 bonus damage (up from 4) No regens 6 hp/s during ultimate (up from 5 hp/s) Link Hook CD is now 5 seconds (down from 6 seconds) Molecule Now evades 30% of attacks (down from 36%) Motoko Skills now display what they do lol Camo now lasts 5.5 seconds (down from 6.25 seconds) Nature Wisp Now evades up to 66% (up from 65%) Night Elf Now has 26% evade (down from 28%) Night Elf Elder Now gains 25% speed and evade (up from 20% speed and evade) Now gains 70% trueshot (up from 50% trueshot) and allies gain 35% trueshot (up from 25% trueshot) Nithhogr Incinerate is now 50% chance (up from 45% chance) Burning attackers is now 40% chance (up from 30% chance) Ult is now 4 second CD (down from 5 second CD) Orcish Horde 19% chance to crit (up from 17%) P250 Agent now 5% more invis in all cases now deals 100% bonus headshot damage (up from 80%) Persnickety Longjump is now 13% better Leeches 30% (up from 25%) 20% bonus damage (up from 16%) Phyrexian Sieger 50% increased molly damage (up from 20%) 70% slow with flashbangs for 5 seconds (up from 40% slow for 3 seconds) Pistoleer 24% bonus damage (up from 12%) 70% invis (up from 60%) Ravinick Lightning Shield now caps at 25 damage reflected (down from 35 cap) Lightning Shield now reflects 15% of damage (down from 19%) Remember the Name Poison now ticks 5 times (down from 8) Ruthless Mercenary Now blocks 40% of damage from first headshot taken (down from 50%) Savage 65% evade chance (up from 60%) Shadespawn 50% knife move speed (up from 35%) 80% knife invis (up from 70%) 20% increase move speed (up from 15%) Mind sear now hits for 4 damage per bullet fired (up from 3) Shadow Hunter Now heals 2 HP/s AOE (down from 2.5/s AOE) Shinobi Aruki Invis now 60% (up from 55%) Vanish invis now 85% (up from 75%) Vanish CD now 8 sec (down from 10 sec) Soul Reaper Ult now has 500 unit distance (down from 600 units) Ult damage reduced by ~8.3% Spy Invis now 5 seconds on hit (up from 3 seconds) Invis now 90% on hit (up from 85%) Invis on hit now 50% to proc (up from 25%) Cash given min per round now 1250 (up from 500) Cash given max per round now 3000 (up from 1000) Star Lord Water Leech now 25% (up from 20%) Wind disarm now 22% (up from 20%) Damage resistance now 35% (up from 30%) Crit chance now 25% (up from 20%) Speed now 50% (up from 40%) Tatsu Bash now lasts 2 seconds (up from 1.1 second) Troll Ult dmg immunity now lasts 3 seconds (up from 2.35) Xian 25% bonus damage (up from 20%) 2.5 hp regen (up from 2.0) Yrel Now gain 15% passive speed (up from 10% speed) Gain up to 15% additional speed (30% total) from Pursuit (up from 10% speed - 20% total) Judge enemies for 20 damage (up from 15 damage) Gain 25% bonus damage during ultimate (up from 20%)
  11. Face

    Exalted Sorcerer Turning

    5 sec cd to avoid spam of auto snipers etc
  12. Face

    Recon Scout

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Face

    Priestess + Dante Interaction

    I would say all of these are unique but correct interactions in my mind.
  14. Face

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Link can no longer buy orb of frost When carrying the hostage, you now lose all speed and gravity buffs Emperor Don first skill (knockback attackers) now states what it does and has a 300 radius (up from 220 radius) Now has 30% chance to evade physical/magical (up from 26%) Recon Scout now cancels his ability when he is holding a hostage. Thor now spawns with correct taser, etc. when you spawn as no race and change to Thor