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  1. Dark Templar on Radar

    @Leeroy You are correct - if you change race to dark templar while you are dead OR if you die, you will lose the "radar hidden" buff immediately. This probably effects other races with the buff as well. I will fix this later today or in the coming days. Edit: JK I don't think that's the problem
  2. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Dark Templar is live at 6750 High Priestess is live at 9250 Lady Hederine is live at 14000 Illusionist is live at 15000 Since the last update post: Dark Templar Shield CD reduced from 5s to 4s No longer deals bonus damage with fire, nades, etc. High Priestess Dies immediately if it tries to defuse No longer loses the bomb in spirit form Lady Hederine No longer gets glock from ability Whiplash knocks enemies screen up, deals 15 damage, blocks them from walking backwards briefly (to help close the gap for the knife race) - now makes a cool whip noise, also denies LJ, speed, fly, etc. Always knocks enemy's screen around (at random, not a very strong effect) on hit - cooldown of 0.8 seconds on effect Selune no longer "respawns" when using back door, it simply teleports back to spawn This means you can't change races when you use it This fixes an HP bug when you change to certain races This means you don't get your magazine reloaded Honestly Selune has always been pretty strong so I'm not worried about this Changes related to High Priestess getting "farmed" by other races IF NO DAMAGE IS DEALT ON HIT/ABILITY/ETC Abaddon no longer curses Accuri no longer slows or deals deadeye damage Air Elemental no longer reduces gravity Altana no longer recovers HP Anti Mage no longer reduces ammo Brewmaster no longer triggers keg smash Cannibal no longer leeches Corrupt Disciple no longer does it's damage leech effect Dante no longer gets skill points Distortion does not gain Tempest Sword charges Dragon Knight does not deal ult effects Exile items do not trigger Flame Predator does not disarm Forest Elf does not steal cash Hand of God no longer gains combos Human General no longer steals cash Methodical does not gain "on hit" effects Musician does not do it's "on hit" effects Naix does not leech Phyrexian Sieger does not knock back Pyromaniac does not knock back Ravinick does not do storm strike, maelstrom, windfury, or burning blade Rottweil does not leech Scattergunner does not knock back Recon Scout does not disarm Shadow Monkey does not slap or banish Succubus Hunter does not gain skulls Takeno does not disarm Wizard of New Tristram does not steal money Enjoy the inadvertent buff to EVADE
  3. High Priest / On hit

    @Mr.Thaco-Olmon fixed
  4. Selune Phase Door

    why ya'll gotta go and do dumbshit I changed the race to teleport you back to your spawn location instead of respawning you. This means your ammo is not reset. Selune was good anyways, so we can call it a nerf cause I'm lazy lmao thanks
  5. Widowmaker / Reloading

    I actually intentionally let it reload based on what gun you have out. Call it skill ceiling? Pretty sure the smg also reloads faster anyways, so it's quicker to swap and reload. The spam insta-swapping is likely unfixable. Nobody should spam between the 2 anyways
  6. High Priest / On hit

    @Mr.Thaco-Olmon I fixed the cases on the races you listed, as well as stopping procs on the following races (some of them had no real effect, but it isn't necessary either): Illusionist Abaddon Accuri Air Elemental Altana Angel of Darkness Anti Mage Banshee Brewmaster Monk Cannibal have many more to fix still...
  7. High Priest / On hit

    It's not a perfect solution, but I prioritized evade first then reducing the damage to 0. This should reduce leech on hit, etc - but not completely stop it (e.g. night elf elder could give true shot). I'll find a better solution ultimately. edit: actually this probably does nothing for it... I'll have to look further.
  8. High Priestess of the Conclave

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Physical damage we deal is no longer affected by armor. Previously, if we dealt physical damage and the victim had armor, the damage was halved. This is to make it more consistent, easier to balance (40 dmg always equals 40 dmg), and make damage outputs consistent where they previously were not (see: ravinick). Races that are affected by this change: Air Elemental (reduced back stab damage taken was phsyical) Exile (one of the items he finds) Gargoyle (self-damage on failed goomba) Jukebox Hero (fireworks damage) Keeper of the Grove (thorns) Pudge (hook) Ravinick (lightning shield) Ruthless Mercenary (grenades) Second Wave (seeker mine) Although this is inevitably a buff to many of these races, I tend to take a stand-off approach when I make a big change like this and see how it plays out. I do not intend to nerf any of the above races, however I will consider doing so if it seems necessary over the next weeks.
  10. Greetings

    Are you looking to learn sourcepawn? I can send you some "getting started" info.
  11. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Bug Fixes: Death Bringer: fixed heal blocking potentially carrying over through death (I think... :)) Elemental: ult now checks for ult immunity Goliath: big swings hasn't been working for... a while apparently... it now works again (remember, left click only) Pudge: fixed a bug where Pudge's hook was attempting to target allies but was unable to do so. Basically, if an ally was close to an enemy, your hook couldn't hit the enemy because it was trying to hit the ally. Ruthless Mercenary: grenades can now be blocked by goblin alchemist Yrel: fixed description to show the proper speed buff
  12. KJ, Deathbringer

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Goblin Alchemist / Nade immunity

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Pudge / Hook reg problem

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Goliath / Big Swing

    Changed Status to Fixed