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  1. Iherdcows Resignation

    Good luck with school Cows! Thanks for everything you've done. We should boss on osrs more often
  2. HBD Wintergreen

    Happy birthday @Wintergreen, send drunken nudes later!
  3. Yep, we only play MC maps on our vanilla servers. If you find a MC version of the map, feel free to suggest it
  4. Happy Birthday Ruffles!!!!!!

    Hope it's a good one @Ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. New donation from Lv. 100 Crobat

    Thanks and RIP membership?
  6. Happy Birthday Jeff!

    Happy birthday shark boy!!!!!!!!!!
  7. New to forums

    sup idiot sandwich
  8. happy birthday

    Happy birthday!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday Funky!!!!

    Happy birthday @iafunky!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Avengie!!!

    you're welcome
  11. Goodbye for a while everyone

    Whatever your health issues may be, I hope you get them under control..
  12. Its been 10 years y'all

    I remember playing with you some time before custom TTT died. Grats on 10 years.
  13. Step Down

    <3 you funky Thanks for the effort you put into surf.
  14. It's the Legendary Clamps' Birthday

    Happy birthday Clamps!
  15. Gmod event rewards

    Sorry about the wait. There was an issue with the ticket plugin we used so we eventually decided to reward everyone an equal amount of tickets. On top of that, we wanted to give people some time to sort out their achievement vouches from SOs. We just talked about this via steam but posting this here anyway for the record.