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  1. Happy birthday!!!!
  2. Happy birthday @iafunky!!!!!!
  3. you're welcome
  4. Whatever your health issues may be, I hope you get them under control..
  5. I remember playing with you some time before custom TTT died. Grats on 10 years.
  6. <3 you funky Thanks for the effort you put into surf.
  7. Happy birthday Clamps!
  8. Sorry about the wait. There was an issue with the ticket plugin we used so we eventually decided to reward everyone an equal amount of tickets. On top of that, we wanted to give people some time to sort out their achievement vouches from SOs. We just talked about this via steam but posting this here anyway for the record.
  9. Happy birthday dude!!!
  10. Thanks @centran!!!
  11. Good guy, been around gmod for awhile. Sucks at csgo tho welcome
  12. I'm not really much of a drinker, but I went up to the store at midnight and bought a 6 pack of bud light platinum lol
  13. Thanks!
  14. Happy birthday guys!
  15. Happy birthday!!