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  1. confirmed. been around vanilla ttt for awhile, has always been a good paidmin. Really friendly and helps new players learn the ropes.
  2. Oh I see. We don't have a rule that explains when it's okay to kill someone for not killing another player, so I guess it's just always been admin discretion. IMO, I would slay someone if they killed you for not killing a person who threw a discombob.
  3. No no, not at all. I was just trying to give an example of when you can and cannot be killed for not killing someone. I usually never kill anyone for discombobs unless it throws me off a ledge and damages me. I'm not sure if by "forced" you mean kill or be killed or kill or be banned for trucing?
  4. Well.. There's a line between playing cautiously and simply ignoring someone who's running around blatantly shooting everyone. For example, if some calls a kos on "bob", I may not kill bob just because I'm not sure if he's actually the traitor or if the traitor is calling a false kos to bamboozle the innocents. If I watch bob kill a bunch of people and not ID their bodies, and I decide to just stand around as if nothing ever happened, I can be killed for that since it looks like I'm not killing a known traitor (assuming no one is RDMing). Depending on the situation, it may be considered trucing. This is taken from our motd: Trucing is forbidden (not killing a specific player even if you know they are traitor). We usually only ban for trucing if 2 friends (1 t and 1 inno) are running around killing people together.
  5. No worries, I moved it for you
  6. As I said earlier, I'm not totally against it being given to SO's, but I don't feel like its necessary to effectively admin like you make it seem. From what I've noticed, It's extremely rare for an SO to get karma banned, since the RDMers are usually banned before they can negatively affect someones karma to the point of getting karma banned. Even if a person isn't RDMing, but they are still having a negative impact on peoples karma by just randomly shooting and acting like an idiot, we can just warn>slay>ban them to stop the constant T baiting so it isn't getting people karma banned. As for karma bans that happen when an admin isn't there, I would be willing to appeal someones karma ban if they can prove to me that their ban was caused by killing RDMers/T baiters ect.
  7. You're right, most people who know how to play correctly don't lose karma from RDMing, but from killing t baiters ect which is well within the rules. I guess I can't see any major issue with giving SO's access to !karma, except the obvious "it might be abused", but that risk applies to all commands too. (might get annoying having to deal with everyone asking you to reset their karma after they see you resetting your own) I've never been super close to being karma banned, but I'm not against SO's having access to the command. Ultimately, it's up to @ZachPL though.
  8. Hey

    Yes You already made an introduction thread like 2 weeks ago, you stoopid idiot
  9. 9999699999699999699999699999699999 9666696669696666696666696669666966 9999696669696666696666696669666966 9666699999696699696699696669666966 9666696669696669696669696669666966 9666696669699999699999699999666966 Press Ctrl + F Then press 9 Happy birthday!
  10. Confirmed, seems like a decent guy. Plays MG a lot and participated in the most recent brofest.
  11. Old TTT fag, welcome back coldwar!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow!!! U da based!!!
  13. known rdmer jk, welcome to the forums!
  14. Wtf, why didn't you tell me your birthday was coming up???!?! hbd fgt
  15. Happy birthday!