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  2. This is rude.
  3. Hi
  4. We did one over Saint Patty's day, but i'll be sure to stop by if there is one. Might even hop on cam for @Beerman XD.
  5. Congrats everyone.
  6. Hello!
  7. Thank you for your generous donation!
  8. This guy.... I don't like him.... Hes Canadian.... he's mean to me.... Hi Dixon
  9. It was louder in my headphones. plays.tv lowers it quite a bit.
  10. So @BabyNicol3 decided to watch a horror movie trailer. http://plays.tv/video/58e0958bf290334176/nicoles-deadly-scream
  11. Uno in table top?
  12. Who's wave????? hbd
  13. This guy. He liked to give me the Franklin..... Hi Kim<3
  14. Back when I played it wasn't rdm because they have picture of the c4 on their screen with the time left on. Its their fault if die to it @Avenger @Zachpl Isn't letting me tag zach, but you could ask one of them to maybe edit it into the motd.