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  1. iafunky


    I have fortnite on ps4, but I perfer playing on pc. Cross platform works for ps4 to pc though.
  2. iafunky


    I have a ps4, but I don't have the game
  3. hello?

    1. Travesty


      is it me you're looking for?

      I can see it in your eyes

      I can see it in your smile

      You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide

      'Cause you know just what to say

      And you know just what to do

      And I want to tell you so much




      I love you


    2. BabyNicol3


      When @Travesty notices posts on my profile before me

    3. Travesty
  4. iafunky

    Its about that time

    Thanks for all that you have done for sG. You’re one of my favorite guys to chat with every so often. You can be very down to earth and a major troll and I love that about you. Cya around in discord whenever you pop in.
  5. iafunky

    Happy Birthday Funky!

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday Wishes.
  6. iafunky

    sG 2018 World Cup

  7. iafunky

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Happy Birthday
  8. iafunky

    Sith Stepdown Thread

  9. iafunky

    Hello Folks

    I like you
  10. iafunky

    Meanryd Recruitment [PENDING][APPROVED]

    19/20 Meanryd has always been a great guy to play with. Have always enjoyed his presense.
  11. iafunky

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Proud @BabyNicol3
  12. iafunky

    School Survey

    I got you Cat-o