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  1. Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    i got money on my boy Floyd. His stats over all is just way better than Conor's, no hate tho. Conor is a great fighter.
  2. Hello, my name is AntyCrix

    Hello, Welcome to the forums/
  3. Can you guess the word?

    its autism
  4. Populate Jailbreak 17/18

    oh no its been happening since before the update. i can join other servers fine, but not jb
  5. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Happy Birthday <3
  6. Populate Jailbreak 17/18

    ever since i had to reset my PC i couldn't be able to get onto JB, i let it sit to connect for 45 min and still not connected so.... rip
  7. Happy Birthday Ruffles!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday
  8. What was your experience in high school?

    High School for me was completely different than High school or you, because i went to a online school. A lot of hours sitting at home and playing csgo instead of doing schoolwork. I just graduated this past year so yay me. neh but for real doe i only spent about 2 days doing 1 weeks worth of work, so every year i was done almost 2-3 months before everyone else.
  9. Post a Picture of Your Setup

    touché touché
  10. Post a Picture of Your Setup

    ok idk about anyone else but the monitors being un-leveled in bugging the shit outta me. Maybe move the PC to the floor off to the right, move the speaker over, and level it out. If not, GET A BIGGER DESK.
  11. Post your desktop

    i usually have the task bar hidden, but it popped up when taking this.
  12. Happy birthday to a huge nerd

    Happy Birthday
  13. Piggy piggy

    Happy Birthday my dude!!!