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  1. Im making a few, can't guarantee if they are gonna get added or not.
  2. still counts as cheating
  3. Happy b-day my dude.
  4. The same thing happened to me a couple years ago, ik what that poor girls going to be feeling. Hope shes going to be okay.
  5. I just noticed something from this. Today is Chris Cornell's birthday, Chester and Chris were really good friends, could that be part of the cause of why he killed him self? We will never know ig.
  6. haxie waxie
  7. I legit just saw this on CNN on my phone, heartbroken saying he was one of my all time fav vocalist. He committed suicide, in case anyone was wondering.
  8. This would be really nice, but when a new player comes on, people do explain what to do and how to do it, we arn't that much of dicks. and one of these days someones gotta make a google sheet of expertise... plz
  9. No idea who he is, but r.i.p
  10. I also have a spotify playlist that though the years i just keep adding songs to it, 743 songs in this playlist. Its mainly stuff from the 70s-early 2000s, heavy metal, metal, punk rock, rock, ect...
  11. Don't beleve him here he is bad asf
  12. Iv never really liked CoD games, but i am a huge fan of WW2 games, so i might actually give this a try.
  13. First off, SG is steam gamers and they are super gay. Second off, if your silver-nova you can always play with me, i just tend not to try as hard most of the time when it comes to comp. I tend to play with @tazmanianxdude a lot, and a few other members as well, but taz is my go to lets fuck some shit up comp bitch.