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  1. kinda similar with what i used to do back when i was painting, but on doors and walls n shit like that. especially siding. sniffing lacquer thinner is the best part tho, I know you don't use lacquer thinner in body work but i used to work with it all the time. It gets ya high for sure
  2. trigger.exe

    PC Build

    i legit said the same thing but iv been working for 3 years and havent gotten one yet kappa
  3. 5v5 comp for prizes hallo?
  4. at the shop we work at, we get mice every now and again, usually just a mouse trap and some peanut butter on it will do.
  5. 24/20 @KiD Fearless and @Clara big fat cheats
  6. takes me about 25 bucks to fill up, got about a 11-12g tank. I can get an entire week and a half maybe to get to and from work on 1 full tank of gas, i live about 25 min away 20 miles ish so. most of my driving is highway driving
  7. i average between 35-40 MPG in my 2012 Hyundai Veloster, but then again i baby the hell out of it. I'm also in the process of looking for a 88' Fox Body, with a 5.0 i can work with, boss is looking for a car to take to car shows and represent the company. Should be a fun little project.
  8. ill donate a McDonalds headset to you my guy
  9. man when you try to roast and get roasted.... ya got me there
  10. used link as a leprechaun.....
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