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  1. Wifi Problems

    so lately iv noticed that I been lagging on servers a lot within the last few months when everything looks fine on my screen and my pings below 30ms. Back in September my family switched from AT&T's wifi to Time Warner Cables Spectrum. Which first of all it says you'll be able to get up too 100+dl MINIMUM pl0x scammed. Anyways, from what people have seen in game, it looks like I am playing with 200+ ping, skipping around, blah blah. so people like DWW on war3 made the assumption that im using a lag switch, other people on other servers, and iv actually been banned off servers because they think i'm using a lag switch. I know for a fact that im not. Iv asked for people to demo me playing then send it to me, because some times I thought people were fucking with me. So if you don't know, i play on a super budget PC, it was bought for me to do school on, that slowly turned into me doing more than just school work. That forces me to use Wifi, now if i were to connect to the internet via internet cable or Ethernet, i could probably fix that problem, but my mom already said she does not want holes drilled in her floor to connect everything. Nor do i wanna move my entire desk next to the router to connect. So im curious if it's because there are 5 different computers hooked up to the wifi all pretty much being used at the same time, (but wouldnt that increase my ping to the server aswell) or is spectrum just that shit....
  2. Post a picture of yourself

    At work the other day. Just a FYI This basement is fucking disgusting.
  3. Swatting claims first victim over Call of Duty

    nvm changed my mine

    happy Birthday Big Boiiiiiiii
  5. Happy birthday! guardian

    happy birthday my guy
  6. Delete: de_exodus_blue_v1

    It was one of the maps submitted in the war3 map tourny.... its honestly bad tho so +1
  7. Watch out for the squeaker

    I would just post it into pub but put [Race] in the name so people know its a suggestion.
  8. Watch out for the squeaker

    welcome to the forums my dude
  9. RIP Net Neutrality

    Better yet, what did the FCC do, they angered millions of Americans. I wouldn't be surprised if the american people grabbed the FCC by their balls and dragged them around like a little bitch.
  10. C++ sGCC v1.01

  11. In-Game Server List

    tbh i don't think we even have a advert that shows a link to a server list.
  12. hey everyone i am new here

    Welcome my guy
  13. Lil John Is A God

    fucking love lil jon yo.
  14. Superheroes mod, a cs1.6 classic ;)

    I'm sure Attg can code new races to do exactly what these heros do anyways. Less money being spent on a whole new server.
  15. Im 17 now :P

    acting like 17 is the new 18