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  1. The only thing i like about this is the new skybox, dust looks a lot better with it.
  2. I actually use a old McDonalds headset that i found in one of their dumpsters, its actually really nice it has 1 ear piece instead of 2.
  3. ughhh its so purrrdyyy
  4. Iv never even held a vape before. yeah ikr, lame. i do smoke weed about once a week, but i'm not a complete pot head. That's about it.
  5. id recommend downloading VTF Edit, if you use a online converter, the file has a chance to be corrupt and won't work.
  6. why dont i ever get free shit....
  7. One thing i found out when i started mapping not too long ago, its not as easy as it looks.
  8. carrying you my ass. your the one still silver 3.
  9. Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me
  10. I plan on getting my first in a few months. its gonna be huge. Go big or go home.
  11. Happy Birthday
  12. and another sound change.....
  13. i dont know if this suits your project, but this is my fav. Zakk Wylde wrote it about his good friend dimebag darrell who was shot back in 2004 in Ohio
  14. Happy Birfday