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  1. hello i am JahIsLove

    ummm don't think you can ask for refs, but welcome anyways.
  2. voice_player_volume

    i saw the title and thought this was a new suggestion or something. but YESSS WE NEEDED THIS FOR YEARS
  3. War3 sm_createmenu Suggestion

    There was a guy a while ago who made a post showing how to change the radio menus manually through your csgo files, which is a bit of a pain and it changes the menus in comp so you can't use them there. but yusss this sounds nice.
  4. Hi im Knightjs

  5. Happy Birthday Vulcan!

    Happy Birthday fatty <33
  6. Tips on buying my first car.

    What i would like to carry with me, but can't. Step Ladders, 4 foot - 8 foot Tool boxes for things like tape measures, screw drivers, the basic shit, but then i need shit like blue tape, plastic wrap to wrap furniture with, if needed, stir sticks, like a thousand plastic buckets to put paint in, like a thousand different paint brushes, from Chinese Bristle Brushs, to Nylon and Polyester brushes, ranging from half a inch to 4 inches, then staining brushes. Then roller and roller polls, roller trays, liner for thos trays, Cleaning materials. Drop clothes is a big issue at the moment, all the drops we have in the trailer im working from now are all torn up, they got holes in em. Now things material wise, paint, paint thinner, cawck, glaze, deglosser, shit like that is already provided, but we tend to run out of something and wont get more for another week. because my boss makes trips to the store on the weekend to kind of restock i guess you can say. Paint rollers, and brushes, and scrapers, tools n shit we got to have our own, i been borrowing my co workers tools for weeks, which their fine with, cuz i give them back at the end of the day, but yes i would like my own. Yes im really over looking it, but i would like to have anything i need to do something at any given time. EDIT: and Sand Paper is another big issue. He likes to provide us with it, but we needed 50 grit and thicker, and we dident have any.... and since he does not shop till the weekend, we are stuck using 120 grit on shit that we need 50 grit for.
  7. Tips on buying my first car.

    Im in Wisconsin so if anyone finds something on craigslist or something. I been looking for a bit. @Don Juan A Ford E150-E350/Customline would be a little too big, and the gas would prolly cost my entire paycheck. I looked at my dads 89 chevy g20 van, its kind of the same but its in terrible condition. Thanks for the suggestion tho. My dad has a buddy thats selling a 2000 Ford Ranger, my boss has 2 rangers that he uses for snow removal, and is trying to sell them. Anyways, the one im looking at has been sitting in a garage for 10 years, and before then it was only used during the summer/fall/spring. It's in really good condition, yet to find a price on it. but ill def want to find a cab for it. If im using it during winter which i will need to. I also saw a 1998 Chevy Trailblazer sitting out in someones yard, a thousand bucks for it..... Now idk about buying cars, but a car for a thousand bucks, i see that aint really worth it. I haven't looked at it yet, i might tomorrow if i go past it.
  8. Guess I'm back again

    welcome back my dude :D:D:D:D
  9. Tips on buying my first car.

    no more than 10 thousand. i already know to check everything, i was about to take my dads 1982 Chevy G20 van, till my step dad looked at it. I did not look at it thinking it was going to be fine motor/tranny wise and it running, but frame wise, neh. so yeah one hard left or right turn in that rusty bucket of bolts it might split in half cuz of rust.
  10. Tips on buying my first car.

    tbh looks is the least of my worries.
  11. Tips on buying my first car.

    We had a client that had a pedo van. turns out he was a pedo. fucking creepy fucker.
  12. Tips on buying my first car.

    I know this is wayyyy too early but it's something i got to think about. Here is what the situation is. If you don't know, i work as a painter. As of this very moment i do not have a car to use to get to and from work. My mom drives me in the morning, and she usually picks me up after depending on what shes doing for work. Here's why i don't have a car. My older brother is 21 years old, no job, no school, been done with school for 5 years now. He has done absolutely nothing with his life. I leave for work usually at 6:30-6:45 am, somewhere around there. He needs the car to drop my sister off at school at 8 because shes a spoiled little brat, so if she says she does not want to take the bus, she won't. I carry my water jug, my lunch box, and my 5 gallon bucket that has all of my five-in-ones, paint brushes, scrapers.... ect.... I want to carry more, like extra paint buckets to put paint in, mine is currently sitting in the trailer atm with paint getting all dried up n shit in it. My parents have already agreed to pay 50% of my first car, and ill pay the other half. I need tips on what to get for this type of thing. Something that's not too big, but yet again something not too small, because i want to be able to carry ladders, platforms, and other big things. so maybe a small pick up? idk. Any suggestions?
  13. We are back

    yeah we arnt steam gaymers, we are Syndicate Gamers. get it right. :/