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    I'm totally down to DND
  2. WOOOO!!! I heard on the first day it was already POPPIN!
  3. Congrats @zebra @vexer and @Bluestreakid15!!! Wait..
  4. Happy birthday! onlypostingforthatfreepostggez
  5. Hello! I'm sure by the title of this, you're thinking one of two things. "Aw shit, here we go again" or "Jailbreak? What's Jailbreak?" I have a proposition for all of you! Recently, I posted a rather long message in sG's Server-Officer+ chat on discord, asking the masses to obtain some ideas and/or concerns that they had about Jailbreak and about how we could possibly "Bring it back from the dead.". I received some very good ideas and some very good concerns. Now that some of the brainstorming has passed, I will ask you, the populous of Syndicate Gamers, the same question. I'm going to copy and paste the same message, so if some of you have seen this before, don't hate me! I know that I am quite the memer sometimes. However, for those of you who have known me since the time I joined this community, you should know that I've always been very interested and invested in our JB server. I would like to start taking steps to reviving the server and making it fun and involving for every party involved. I would like to ask you all for your help, if you would be so willing. It will take some effort, but for how long I've spent on this server in the past and for how much fun I've had in the past, I believe it would be worth it. I would like to hear all of your comments, ideas, and anything that you think could possibly make our server more fun so we can move towards something that we can all enjoy. Please converse in this channel, or perhaps send me a private message. All I ask is that if your only input is "iTs dEaD, iT WiLL nEVeR bE rEvIVeD", please keep that to yourself. I would like real ideas and real comments / concerns. No idea is to large or to small. If there's something you would like to see added, or perhaps removed, please bring it up so that we can work on it. I truly do have faith that we could bring this server, and any of our CSGO servers back from the "dead". All they need is a little TLC and some good marketing. Please elaborate, we need all of the help we can get. From you. I will appreciate every form of input, whether it is positive or negative. Thank you all for reading my copy pasta. This server and this community has always meant a lot to me. I'd really hate to see it die. Lets do what we can. LETS GET IT I have multiple notepads at my disposal. Any idea that gets tossed up will be put in these notepads and will be seriously considered as we take the steps towards making THE DREAM a reality.
  6. EZ monies Too bad I've never made a mao before
  7. Yes, hello. Yes, welcome, yes. You've heard right, JailBreak is the one and only sG server and it is the best server. Others could say that sG's JailBreak server Trumps every other JailBreak server known to man kind. Infact, sG's JailBreak server is so above par that even the most famous of athletes and celebrities have played on it. Some celebrities you may have heard of whom have played on sG's JailBreak server include:
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    Happy Easter~!
  10. Wow. That is truly a HUGE thing for Ubisoft to be doing in efforts to rebuild Notre Dame...
  11. Bluestreakid15


    Welcome to the forums! JB is the best server
  12. Happy birth day!
  13. It looks pretty sick. Might put some hours into it
  14. Happy Birthday Sweetrock, you Racist Content Detected
  15. Bluestreakid15


    Welcome to the forums, Aust1n!
  16. But I mean, real green beans SURELY wouldn't just expose their identity like that...
  17. Bluestreak likey! I'm glad I dont have to spam to get 2500 posts now!
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