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  1. Bluestreakid15

    Ymir Game Discussion Thread

    It looks pretty sick. Might put some hours into it
  2. Bluestreakid15

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Sweetrock, you Racist Content Detected
  3. Bluestreakid15


    Welcome to the forums, Aust1n!
  4. Bluestreakid15

    green bean survey

    But I mean, real green beans SURELY wouldn't just expose their identity like that...
  5. Bluestreakid15

    Changes to R&R - March 1st, 2019

    Bluestreak likey! I'm glad I dont have to spam to get 2500 posts now!
  6. Bluestreakid15

    Happy birthday Spider!

    Happy Brithday!
  7. Bluestreakid15

    Give Away

    Free stuff is great. But free stuff to spice up your Valentines day is even better! Shop Adam and Eve now for 10 FREE TANTALIZING GIFTS ANYWAYS I, Shall participate! Just ping me on Discord pls or I won't get the notifications
  8. Bluestreakid15

    happy valentines day!

    @BabyNicol3 kicked me out of the Nicole squad cause she's T O X I C!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bluestreakid15

    Please accept me :) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Why's wolfshade even staff? 18/20
  10. Bluestreakid15

    New donation from Nau

    Pizza Pizza Pizza
  11. Bluestreakid15


    Depends on the eggs. Scrambled? All the way. Any other way? Miss me with that tomato goodness.
  12. Bluestreakid15

    Welcome your newest sG podcast hosts

    An sG podcast wuld be pretty cool
  13. Bluestreakid15


    WHalecum to the forums!
  14. Bluestreakid15

    Congratulations Nicole!

  15. Bluestreakid15

    New donation from Nau

    You're sucha 13.37 player, nau OwO
  16. Bluestreakid15

    New donation from Nau

    You're sucha 13.37 player, nau ;)
  17. Bluestreakid15

    New donation from Nau

    You're sucha 13.37 player, nau
  18. Bluestreakid15

    Bulletford is a cunt.

  19. Bluestreakid15

    Give me VET

    Quality post, thanks. (Free posts for Bluestreak)
  20. Bluestreakid15


  21. Bluestreakid15

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I do think that especially with the CT:T ratios that we usually have now, the CTs could use a bit of a handicap.
  22. Bluestreakid15

    They made a game about me

    A story about Chang, that's a video game?
  23. Bluestreakid15

    Jailbreak is great!

    You're right. Rep and post count are separate things. I'm pretty blind.
  24. Bluestreakid15

    Jailbreak is great!

    It's truly strange how it only happens on certain occasions. We forced changed the map and had no problems when it came to loading up. (675th post btw)
  25. Bluestreakid15

    New donation from Lindsay

    Who's Lindsay?