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  6. Fellow sG members! As vexer recently posted, we need all hands on deck to help save net neutrality! If you do not already know what net neutrality is, here is a very well-written Reddit post explaining it: TL:DR: Imagine every time you want to call your mom, it's a $15 charge. If net neutrality is eliminated, you will be charged per-service. Whether it be Facebook, Youtube, sG's forums, you name it, you can be charged for it. "You're probably familiar with your electric bill, right? You get charged for what you use, not how you use it. The power company doesn't care whether you have a drill press in your garage, a server farm in your basement, or an herb garden under some heavy-duty lights. The argument happening now is about the same thing, but with Internet access. Since the creation of the Internet, the federal government, through the Federal Communications Commission, has required your Internet provider to treat all of your activity equally. Your Internet company is not allowed to charge you differently for what you do with your Internet. They're certainly allowed to charge you more if you use more, but they're not allowed to charge you more if you use it for video games instead of streaming video, or for running your own server. That's the principle of Net Neutrality. The announcement today was an expected one from the new chairman of the FCC, who was appointed by the new president of the United States. On Dec. 14, the FCC will vote on whether or not Net Neutrality should exist. If the proposal passes as expected, companies will be allowed to charge you differently, based on what you use the Internet for. They might also decide to simply not provide Internet access to specific applications, websites or uses. Nothing requires these companies to do this. The repeal of Net Neutrality simply allows them to do so, if they wish. People are concerned by this because in most places within the United States, there is limited competition for Internet access. If a consumer is unhappy with a company's practices, there may not be an easy alternative. If you're outside the United States, this would have indirect effects on you. If companies do take advantage of Net Neutrality repeal and institute preferential treatment, it would affect how people use the Internet. Users in the United States would have an economic incentive to use particular websites, and those websites would receive more traffic. For websites that rely on user-created content, that would have a significant impact. In short, your access would not be affected, but what you access would be affected." Examples of what the FCC has done in the past: There's nothing hypothetical about what ISPs will do when net neutrality is eliminated. I'm going to steal a comment previously posted by /u/Skrattybones and repost here: 2005 - Madison River Communications was blocking VOIP services. The FCC put a stop to it. 2005 - Comcast was denying access to p2p services without notifying customers. 2007-2009 - AT&T was having Skype and other VOIPs blocked because they didn't like there was competition for their cellphones. 2011 - MetroPCS tried to block all streaming except youtube. (edit: they actually sued the FCC over this) 2011-2013, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon were blocking access to Google Wallet because it competed with their bullshit. edit: this one happened literally months after the trio were busted collaborating with Google to block apps from the android marketplace 2012, Verizon was demanding google block tethering apps on android because it let owners avoid their $20 tethering fee. This was despite guaranteeing they wouldn't do that as part of a winning bid on an airwaves auction. (edit: they were fined $1.25million over this) 2012, AT&T - tried to block access to FaceTime unless customers paid more money. 2013, Verizon literally stated that the only thing stopping them from favoring some content providers over other providers were the net neutrality rules in place. The foundation of Reason's argument is that Net Neutrality is unnecessary because we've never had issues without it. I think this timeline shows just how crucial it really is to a free and open internet. This is no small matter. If net neutrality is eliminated, you won't just be able to search up what you want, when you want. You'd need to pay extra for everything. Want to search: Videos? Extra. Sports? Extra. Social Media? Extra. Pornography? Extra. Weather? Extra. Are you starting to panic yet? There's so much we can do, and it starts with YOU! Here are some very helpful links from Reddit user u/Knopfmour DO YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR INTERNET AND KEEP IT FREE? WONDERING WHAT TO DO? LOOK NO FURTHER SIGN UP TO A PROTEST AT A VERIZON STORE NEAR YOU, FIND YOUR LOCAL ONE HERE: http://verizonprotests.com/ Contacting people The vote is up to 5 people on the FCC. Two of them are in favour of Net Neutrality and three of them are opposed to it. To defeat the net neutrality repeal, one of those three men has to change their vote. Their Twitter handles: https://twitter.com/AjitPaiFCC https://twitter.com/BrendanCarrFCC https://twitter.com/mikeofcc We need to go straight to the source. Be civil, be concise, and make sure they understand that what they're about to do is UNAMERICAN. https://resistbot.io/ Text "RESIST" to 50409 or message resistbot on facebook and It will find out who represents you in Congress, and deliver your message to them in under 2 minutes You can also go to www.battleforthenet.com call your representatives and tell them why you want them to stop the FCC and why you want them to protect your internet. www.CallMyCongress.com to call your congressperson and make sure they are representing you. Tweet your local representatives or post on their Facebook page, tell them that if they allow the FCC to destroy Net Neutrality then they will lose YOUR vote. WRITE A LETTER. Write a letter to your representative, to the FCC, to whoever it concerns. Letters are ALOT harder to ignore and have a big impact. Send your letter via USPS and make your voice heard. Petitions Link to whitehouse petition https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/do-not-repeal-net-neutrality NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY YOUR SIGNIATURE BY CLICKING THE LINK IN THE CONFORMATION E-MAIL AFTER YOU SIGN. ALSO, The more personalized message you send, the better! The FCC is complaining that "bots" are sending emails to them because they are all in the same format. Be unique! IF YOU DON'T GET AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE, DON'T GIVE UP! There are plenty of videos and pages of people explaining what net neutrality is, here is only a few: *Links from Markiplier's video* Reddit thread with TONS of info: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/7ek4q6/join_the_battle_for_net_neutrality_net_neutrality/?st=jac1ka5u&sh=41883eff Contact your Representatives: https://resistbot.io/ Another Helpful Tool: https://democracy.io/ Find your Representative: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative Find your Senator: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?OrderBy=state Contact the FCC: https://www.fcc.gov/about/contact Don't think your vote won't matter. It's simple, ladies and gentlemen. The internet is under attack, and we, the people, are the last ones standing. We can fight this, and we can win this. Please, for the sake of internet freedom, do your part.
  7. Gaming Community Central Partnership

    Sweet! I'm friggen excited!

    Happy Birthday Totes!
  9. PUBG Squad thread

    I have it. Just can't run it
  10. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    Hello there. Many of y'all know that I have a walmart PC and can't run very many games above 30 FPS, I would really like to change that. I'm looking for something that I could piece together relatively quickly, while staying around the $500-$800 USD range. I would like something that I could upgrade with new hardware also relatively easily, and could run most of the newer video games with ease (IE DayZ, PUBG, ETC.) I need help with the entire build, honestly. Every single component, and I would also need a monitor, but the price of the monitor will not be included in the $500-$800 price range. When in comes to the case, I want something that would be capable of housing multiple fans / cooling systems. I'd rather have a shit ton of fans and not have to ever worry about overheating. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Bluestreak
  11. Thanks Smash!!!

    Get rekt @Smash
  12. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Glad to see the new changes being implemented. I'm glad I could help bring up server population!