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  1. Player Feedback Needed

    Why do you hate me?
  2. CSGO streamer streams himself cheating

    Nothing new. There are many youtubers/ streamers that do this. Valve manually banned 15 accounts of a youtube hacker a month ago.
  3. Last Brofest

  4. Mirage Arcane Warfare (Free)

    Free for a day and keep it forever! http://store.steampowered.com/app/368420/Mirage_Arcane_Warfare/
  5. Free Speech

    You usually don´t get arrested, you will be fined and only if you did it in a public place. You can joke around as much as you want at home or on TV. We don´t do that, we can joke about it, we do joke about it. We do it a lot on TV in shows in movies etc. art, science, research and teaching, are all protected under the law and can show and present everything. Books/ works of art = art The only reason why games aren´t allowed to use the swastika and or any other nazi symbols is because Videogames aren´t considered art currently, which could be changed if a game company applied for it. Experts are certain that if a game company or any game in general e.g. Wolfenstein would apply for it today that they would become an art form, but no game company wants to go through the hassle of doing it. Like I said before we do not ban everything nazi related, we haven´t even banned the nazi party. We banned depicting their symbols and slogans in public unless it is for culture (e.g. tv shows, movies, art, research). You can talk about it as much as you want you are just not allowed to carry the flag with you in public or stand up in a café and make the nazi salute and scream "Heil Hitler". You are also not allowed to use HH/SS/SA and 88 for your numberplate on your car.
  6. Free Speech

    Are you high on something? We never act as if nothing happened, we simply banned the usage of the nazi flag/ SS flag / nazi chants in public. They are very much their for art, science, research and teaching. It is also illeagl to deny that the holocaust happened. How the hell are we acting like nothing happened? We are reminded of it everyday. We didn´t built memorials/ monuments for dead nazis we built memorials for the people we killed and harmed. "Denazification (German: Entnazifizierung) was an Allied initiative to rid German and Austrian society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of any remnants of the National Socialist ideology (Nazism)." You forced it on us after the war, yes you stopped inforcing it after a few years and we then changed it up a bit to allowing it for art, science, research and teaching. WE ARE NOT DENYING OUR PAST AND WE NEVER WILL. DON´T TALK ABOUT US IF YOU DON´T KNOW SHIT
  7. Free Speech

    Btw before I forget to say it, this simply isn´t true. Both groups received permits. https://np.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/6tx8h7/megathread_president_trump_delivers_remarks_on/dloo580/
  8. Free Speech

    What is your source for this guy arming antifa and shit? I have never heard of him. Also having new flags isn't really an argument for them being fake nazis seeing as a lot of nazis only buy them right before the protest. They don't keep them at home, they don't want their friends to know most of the time.
  9. sG official YouTube channel

    I don't use it much at all and when I do, I make the vid unlisted and only show it to friends.
  10. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    Gotta get those Nazi Lct calls!
  11. new servers?

    They are all up apart from dust 24/7 http://sg.gameme.com/ just not added to gametracker apparently
  12. Regarding Jailbreak...

    1. A major just ended and all the pro players are taking time off - means no tournaments means no viewers on twitch, almost no one wants to watch people play rank S anymore. (twitch) 2. A lot of people dislike the current operation and the operation maps. There will be an increase in players as soon as they finish remaking dust2. Or the new hud that we have been promised ages ago. 3. There were a lot of fps issues with the game lately and valve only just now fixed it e.g.: I usually get arround 300 fps on nuke, but with the issue it went down to 50. 4. I don't know why a decrease should even count as an excuse for our servers dieing. Just look at other communities they are doing better than ever, while we are staying at close to 0 players. (regarding all servers) 5. A lot of old regulars are fed up with the game mode and are currently playing other games (pubg). Just look at ZE it went from 40 players to zero in almost no time at all.
  13. hehe btw the map is on tttgo with the name ttt_kz, kz= german for concentration camp
  14. tfw when we are a bad community because we don't have an admin schedule and our SO's aren't on the server for one hour in the week. Even though krony is on basically 24/7 lel
  15. Anyone use Blender?

    Kid fearless meant Blender not Hammer, he is simply a dumbass 3dsmax> Blender Just download the student version of 3dsmax ez pz