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  1. Do you take me for an idiot? I am not missing any textures the map is simply huge as fuck, I thought about porting it to csgo a while ago but seeing as I couldn´t even get above 60fps on the map in gmod I gave up on it.
  2. while this map looks dope, it is very poorly optimized. My fps drop on it to 50 and lower.
  3. I am the same lel.
  4. well the reaction of me and my friends to that question was basically
  5. lol sorry fixed it rofl I had it in there put deleted it apparently while fixing a mistake :s https://www.politicalcompass.org/test
  6. https://www.politicalcompass.org/test A friend showed me this page "Political compass" a week ago. And I thought it would be great to show it to you all now (seeing the recent threads and posts) and ask you to do the test and share your results. You can do the test whenever you are bored or having nothing better to do it only takes about 10 minutes of your time. Ordinary pointed out to me that it is probably more focused on european people because of some of the questions and the lack of others. BUT HEY WHATEVER like it is just a small test it doesn´t show your full view or your actual stance only tendencies and I´d like to know the tendencies of sG. (Even tough I know that people are just gonna troll the shit out of it lol #casualsGfriday) I´ll start this of with my result (btw my friend who showed it to me was all the way at the bottom left)
  7. The thing is that I don´t want a driving game I fucking hate driving games, the only time I really drive in games at all is in games like GTA or Watch dogs basically in open world games where I have to use the vehicles because I simply don´t have another way of getting there. Of course you could say but why don´t you use the fast travel option in Ghost recon if you hate it so much, well I tried but for some reason it doesn´t work for me it works fine for my friend but when I try it nothing happens. The reason why I am so focused on the driving is because I love the original Ghost recon games it was one of my favorite franchieses together with Rainbow six. I honestly want to like the game but I just cannot get myself to like it. The whole open world thing seems wrong to me same as in Metal Gear solid the open world is just pointless in both games. (Metal Gear was a great game, I loved it but I never did anything in the open world, I played the missions and that´s all.) There wouldn´t be a need for vehicles if it wasn´t open world and if it wasn´t an open world game they could have focused on story and level design instead which would make it a much better game.
  8. Honestly the game is awful, the only time you can have fun with it is when you play with friends and laugh about how bad it is. The car physics are horrible probably the worst I have ever seen. You drift around every corner and float down mountains like a flying turd. While the damage on the cars looks good, the collision physics with other cars are just horrible either you will hit them and nothing happens or you will hit them and they get knocked the fuck back. And if you jump of off a cliff on a motorcycle while doing a wheelie and then hit the ground then you are going to fly off the bike like superman and die as soon as you hit the ground. In case you don´t do a wheelie while jumping off than the bike will just behave like a pogo stick. To quote one of the reviews on steam "The cars driving experience feels as bad as the one in CSGO custom maps." The AI is one of the worst AI´s I have seen recently, you can be right up there ass and they don´t spot you or ignore you all together. The mission design is lame and the dialogue is not good what so ever. It is also amazing to fly with an airplane directly into a mountain with 200km/h plus and all that happens is that you drop like a potato and the plane can´t fly anymore. It doesn´t explode it just fucking drops like a dumb potato. This is my favorite so far: Even though the lights on the car are brocken, it will not stop casting light. Edit: Ubisoft never fails me. XP boost in a single player game LOL
  9. Error 404 school not found.
  10. Nice a fresh start after only 16 posts must be the fastest one we ever had xd
  11. Welcome
  12. no

    you better get one of your so called "epiphanys" real quick if you don´t then it is going to end badly for you and your shitposting.
  13. no

  14. I literally trolled my enemies everygame in the open Beta, I would just tab out of the game and back in and make it resync. There are no pros to P2P.