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  1. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    Of all the games I played this year Nier Automata was my favorite. While Nier was my favorite game, it kind of got overshadowed for me in the last few days, because Titan Quest one of my favorite games of all time received a new DLC a few days ago Titan Quest Ragnarok. Gonna play the shit out of that.
  2. Ice's Application [PENDING]

    Ref He is a great Ze player and a great guy in general it is always fun to play with him
  3. Censorship on the forums. Have we gone too far?

  4. Making a ZE map and want opinions

    Honestly Ze maps don't need a boss, you can make great maps without a boss. If you need help we have a mapping discord, feel free to join. https://discord.gg/jP3N3Py
  5. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    We went with Barry :c
  6. Destiny 2 Ingame Clan

    The story is complete garbage. PVP sucks. But once you get lvl 20 it is actually fun to play raids / strikes, just don´t play it alone
  7. ZE Team War SignUp

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jodas009/ Team Lindsay
  8. it is i

  9. it is i

    Geh dich begraben du verdammtes Kellerkind, Preußen ist heutzutage teil von Polen nicht Russland. Rede nicht über die Geschichte meines Landes, wenn du keine Ahnung hast. Und sag ja nie wieder "Preußen über alles" du Hurensohn.
  10. it is i

    Preußen(Prussia) > Polen (Poland)
  11. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    Our new puppy He doesn´t have a name yet :c
  12. Tips on buying my first car.

    What the actual fuck is wrong with you lol. Always check under the fucking hood, check for leakages, check for rust, check for damages. Don't trust people. @trigger.exe as for your car, consider buying manual they are pretty cheap in NA.