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  1. Don´t buy from G2A they are a bunch of scammers ripping of game companies. http://www.pcgamer.com/tinybuild-claims-g2a-sold-450000-worth-of-its-keys-without-paying-a-penny/ I get most of my games from humblebundle https://www.humblebundle.com/wild-frontier-bundle
  2. Happy Burthday
  3. Making a layout isn´t easy. But these two videos are a lot of help and give you a good inside of what a good start for a layout is.
  4. 150 is the limit you can do for community servers. There is no "+" you need to stay below 150 mb, because it can´t be compressed otherwise.
  5. Does that mean you were also using those in match making? Or did you figure that you'd get banned if you used scripts in mm?
  6. I would go for Airsoft Gear and an XL mousepad in that case.
  7. wtf is your price range O.o
  8. I fucking love 3kliksphilip and his content, but god damn he sucks at level design....
  9. Only my spam mail account was breached, I couldn´t care less about it :^)
  10. Don´t take pills. Weed is okay. Never did weed, but that is only because I promised my mom when I was 6, that I would never smoke. (My grandpa died when I was 6 of lung cancer)
  11. We never tried to get you kicked or banned we simply wrote "-5/50" which is a refrence to our old voting system. It is something that we used to do a lot and in no way is it meant as "kicking or banning" someone. You need to grow a thicker skin dude. We weren´t attacking you, we were making jokes.
  12. You could try to go into your maps folder and delete all of the official maps, then verify your game cache and see what happens