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  1. Jodas

    Uncelebrated History - Nazism in NA

    What is ein Auschwitz? Sounds like a sauna.
  2. Jodas

    Non-HDR (LDR) maps crashing clients

    What about maps that are compiled with a full compile? (HDR and LDR)
  3. Jodas

    Talk Aircraft Questions

  4. Jodas

    Its about that time

  5. Jodas

    sG 2018 World Cup

    How dare you take my country @Rayne
  6. Jodas

    Post a picture of yourself

    In Curaçao atm
  7. Jodas

    hi from skorp

  8. Jodas


    @Yunki If you had the possiblity of having your own farm, with chickens, cows, pigs and whatever else. Would you then consider eating meat and eggs, when you know that you are taking good care of them? You would obviously only eat animals that die a natural cause in this scenario.
  9. Jodas


    I honestly can get behind the thought of going vegetarian (even though I would never do it), but this is something I can not get behind. And quite honestly I do not understand it. In the end everything I am going to say about these things is that if you buy these things locally from a farmer or a friend or whatever it should be okay, shouldn't it be? 1. Chickens will lay eggs no matter what, it doesn`t hurt them and it is something they will have to do. Just be sure to buy those eggs locally from a farmer or a friend or get your own chickens, we have had chickens for decades. As long as the egg isn't "pregnant" (no clue how to call that sorry) it should be fair game to vegans shouldn't it be? 2. Same basically goes for milk. 3. We have many beekeepers here where I live, they protect the bees take care of them and to their best to keep them alive and well. We need bees to survive and I am pretty sure that we actually do not have natuaral beehives here anymore, they are all from the beekeepers and they support them selfes by seelling honey. Without the money from selling it they wouldn't be able to keep them alive. It doesn't hurt the to make honey and you will keep the alive if you buy the honey. 4. I honestly don't see a problem with wool, sheep need to be shorn. 5. Basically what @Bear-Man-Thing said about zoos.
  10. Jodas

    CS:GO TTT Servers Down?

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