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  1. I am going to fix that once I am home. I am leaving for a test today, I´ll be back by tomorrow in the evening.
  2. We are sG not SG. Just go into ts and ask people to play with you, it isn´t difficult to find people for comp.
  3. updated it to de_ww2_a1 -attg just needs to change it Changes: -Fixed Radar -Blocked all roofs for the first 20 seconds of the round -Closed off B -added 3 ladders for non flying races -Detailed a building more -Added planes/bombers to fly over the map every 20-35 seconds -Fucked some shit up -lel Those spots will be removed once I am done with detailing, there is simply more important shit to do atm in my opinion. I might add a jump out of the canal, dunno yet. I love seeing people being stuck there hehe
  4. that´s @TotesMagoats for you. BEST RO we have
  5. Welcome
  6. RIP Crobat you shall be missed.
  7. Welcome
  8. Welcome
  9. just gonna leave this here.
  10. You are a piece of shit. I hope a dog rips you apart, cunt.
  11. Welcome Adolf haven´t seen you since 1945.
  12. Welcome
  13. Welcome
  14. Why do you need a reset then? Just play and have fun. All of your arguments for reseting it are flawed. You can use the same logic for everyother server sG has. Just because you lose 25 points doesn't mean we need a reset.