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  1. Where is my nazi award????
  2. Post your favorite marvel movie.

    Are we talking about Marvel made movies, or movies that are based on Marvel comics?
  3. Post your favorite marvel movie.

    Black Panther
  4. Wassup Y'all

    Happens to the best man ;( I killed 30 people in 2secs and for some reason they banned me, fair enough a bunch of them were behind walls, but I am just that good. Fucking valve man always with their false-positives.
  5. I wanna become an admin so im gonna introduce myself :)

    You are leaving them, but you still use their clan tag in your name on the forums?
  6. de_subzero

    The map is made for comp and for casual meaning that it has 12t-spawns and 12ct-spawns there shouldn´t be any issue.
  7. Hello sG

    You sound like a smart cookie
  8. #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    MFW Oprah is giving a speech
  9. I'm sorry what?

    TTTGO TTT Vanilla West TTT Vanilla Central TTT Custom
  10. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    Barry keeps on growing but he won´t stop biting, that is why I have to cuddle him so that he cannot bite me :c (I have to keep my head down otherwise he bites my nose lol)