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  1. New PC, Need Help!!

  2. To the haters

  3. RUST

    maybe they're adding back in workbenches from back in legacy when you needed a workbench to craft certain items.
  4. I would like to apologize

  5. thats a lot of money
  6. Official: Request Your Badge

    can I get the sg tourney badge? not quite sure how to prove it, i have no ss
  7. I found OrdinaryGamer96

    wait, people go to conventions to watch hentai? what.. ok.
  8. Rompers

    why are they a thing
  9. the guy was on twitter before the concert talking about bombing it

    whats my hourly pay?
  11. just reX's Application [DENIED]

    conf Reffing because he is a laid back guy that is fun to talk and play with. I've had plenty of good laughs with him in teamspeak, he'd make a good addition to the community. Although in the past he was viewed as "one of the toxic squeakers" or whatever, hes improved and r e f o r m e d.
  12. CSGO Main Signup Thread

    http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/696787 smfc http://steamcommunity.com/id/jiffyy/ no capt
  13. HElLO

    wASSUP bRO
  14. 1) MOAB only covers a one mile radius. 2) Why risk OUR lives instead of bombing the fuck outta them and risking none of our lives? 3) MOAB isn't nuclear. Please ordinary, think about what you say and do your research.
  15. Fanfiction Time

    "Then the tentacles come out" LMAO