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  1. Jiffy

    editing genius

  2. Jiffy

    editing genius

    hello people
  3. Jiffy

    Sad to say

    make sg great again
  4. Jiffy

    bite farming fragadelphia

    come watch bite farm at his first lan
  5. Jiffy

    editing genius

    the editing genius returns with a black ops 2 zombies edit
  6. Jiffy

    new car

    never knew you had a subie fugner, nice man new picture also, lots more to come
  7. Jiffy

    new car

    gotta 06 wrx sti ill post some more pictures tomorrow
  8. Jiffy

    editing genius

    pretty proud of this
  9. Jiffy

    editing genius

    taught myself by just watching streamers edit. I recommend Mito, he's also very entertaining. if that't not your niche then t3c also has decent tutorials, used them once or twice but in reality I taught myself. suicideboys is kind of a joke within the editing community, too much edginess yes
  10. Jiffy

    editing genius

    didn't like my last edit, gimme some clout for this one
  11. Jiffy

    editing genius

    preview for a contest
  12. Jiffy

    eeiu birthday :d

    gp gamer !!
  13. im the best player in sg
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