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  1. where is the "best csgo player" so i can win
  2. sg > every other clan

    this is where sg should give us 25 dollars on steam, thanks just another farm as expected from the Syndicate Gamers
  3. Idea for an event

  4. #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    ah yes, gotta make sure u suck everyones dick to get accepted into sg instead of expressing shit on an online forum, tf is wrong with you lmao also oprah will never make it, gl
  5. 6/20 is cool guy
  6. I'm back. (somewhat)

    who are you again?
  7. Happy Birthday BullDog!

    hbd bulldog noob
  8. GCC BHOP Event


    be there or be square
  10. Hai

    wassup broski
  11. New donation from RootyCat

    rootycat, best cat