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  1. Question about the SG JailBreak server

    During the past while many of our main player base has started to play other games such as pubg, or are focused on school or work. As our player base has gotten older they have less free time or their interests have changed. We are working on a solution to allow players to play when there isn't an admin available. If you would like to play feel free to message me and if I'm not busy I will just about always join. My Steam.
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  5. Jailbreak Map List (5/21/2017)

    Added: jb_bigmt_b2 jb_legoland_v1c
  6. Picture of your Favorite Car

    Yugo = best car
  7. shitty ass pubg i carried his ass to top 500 he can't even come to america

  8. The rules have been reformatted to be a lot more clear to new players. The rules should be the same but just formatted differently. I would like to thank revoker for doing a lot of the work on this. Hopefully this will make it easier for players to understand our rules. If there are any problems you find please message me ASAP so that I can try to fix it. Rules Here
  9. Step down thread [Denied]

    Unfortunately you do not meet the requirements it takes to leave the community. Please feel free to try to re-leave in AUGUST.
  10. INTRODUCTION JAILBREAK is quite an old mod. Its gameplay never stopped evolving thanks, especially, to its maps, battlefield of thousands of players all around the world. However, they took a bad way of life. Playing the same maps over and over became boring and stale. Relying on their achievements of predecessors, without any innovation of their own. This is why today, the biggest JAILBREAK servers decided to create an alliance. Various jailbreak servers are coming together to create this alliance. An alliance that will allow anybody to improve the situation, by creating a new map and bringing fun to thousands of players around the globe. JUDGEMENT Ratings will work in the following way : Each community will put a grade to each map. The average value will be their final mark, and the highest scores will win the competition. Communities won’t be able to judge maps made by players of their server (to be sure that they don’t give better mark to their friends). Criteria to be met are: Design / looks of the map Originality (custom textures / props, no copy/pasterino etc…) Games (Quantity, Splitting, originality etc…) Interest in each team (Map has to be balanced, but Ts are supposed to be able to escape, and CTs to survive if they are good and if areas are not too small) Enough spawns / cells (42T and 22CT spawns) On Sunday, October 1st we will be playing the maps to try them out. A post will be made, in the members section, and you can post your rating for each map and we will average it out to get our community rating for each map. PRIZES Let’s speak now about, the most important part, what do the winners get! Cash prizes are split like this: 1st place: 400$ + A 6 GB server for six months valued at $270 thanks to www.pulseservers.com 2nd place: 100$ 3rd place: 50$ ***For sG members only*** If any member places in first, second, or third place, they will receive an additional $50 - Donated by Don Juan PARTICIPATION To participate to this contest, you will have to finish and publish your map before October, 1st.If you think you are going to participate, we are asking you to go on the following website. You will be able to register with your steam account, and see other participants. http://mappingcontest.rebels-corp.net/index.php To be valid, you have to publish your map on the workshop or on gamebanana indicating that the map is made for the Jailbreak Mapping Contest and then share it on the website in the “Map” section. You will also have to put the following banner in the map: Good luck, everybody!