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  1. Pike

    Question about the SG JailBreak server

    During the past while many of our main player base has started to play other games such as pubg, or are focused on school or work. As our player base has gotten older they have less free time or their interests have changed. We are working on a solution to allow players to play when there isn't an admin available. If you would like to play feel free to message me and if I'm not busy I will just about always join. My Steam.
  2. Current Map List (updated 10/08/2018) ba_arizona_2_2 ba_atlas_jail_b3 ba_dreamjail_watchtower_v2-1 ba_fail_jail_go_b4 ba_jail_alpha ba_jail_campus_2016_remix2 ba_jail_canyondam_csgo_v7-2 ba_jail_leoben_csgo_v3-1 ba_jail_lockdown_csgo_v3 ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 ba_jail_new_uprise_v2 ba_jail_sand_beta3fix ba_jail_shel_sgfix_csgo_v2 ba_jail_soar_beta2 ba_mlcastle_se ba_sg_spike_csgo ba_texture_jail_go6 jb_airforce_basic_v0-2b jb_airship_r1-4 jb_arcade_b4 jb_arctic_jail_v1 jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 jb_battleforce_reborn_rsc jb_bigmt_b2 jb_blackout_sg_v1-0 jb_carceris_021 jb_castleguarddev_v5 jb_chicken_island_b1 jb_clouds_sg_b2-1 jb_coast_v2b jb_farm_v3 jb_iron_go jb_jailberd_v5_final_fix jb_junglejail_v3 jb_koopa_v7 jb_lego_prison_v1 jb_mangaroons_bh_fix2 jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2c jb_moonjail_v2 jb_mountaincraft_v5 jb_obama_v5_beta jb_outdoorjail_v2 jb_peanut_v3r jb_putin_v2 jb_school_v3 jb_sg_deathcamp_beta6 jb_sg_dojo_v5-6 jb_sg_maws_v2 jb_sg_papas_kingdom_v5c jb_sg_scarlet_betav5 jb_sG_venus_v1 jb_shapeshifter jb_space_jail_b6 jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7 jb_stateprison_b3 jb_summer_jail_v1 jb_tensu_v4-2 jb_tower_b7 jb_undertale_v1 jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1 jb_paradise_lost_fix jb_fentex Can’t be nominated ar_baggage ar_monastery ar_shoots cs_assault cs_italy cs_militia cs_office de_aztec de_bank de_cache de_canals de_cbble de_dust de_dust2 de_inferno de_lake de_mirage de_nuke de_overpass de_safehouse de_shortdust de_shorttrain de_stmarc de_sugarcane de_train de_vertigo jb_lego_jail_v8-2 jb_clouds_5_sgedit2 training1