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  1. Extended end of match time temporarily for contest so people have more time for screenshots.
  2. Added last Ct plugin
  3. Updated: Added: jb_arctic_jail_v1 Removed: jb_paradise_island_v1
  4. Added credit bonuses for playing during the weekend.
  5. +1 For JCS
  6. Updated
  7. Updated: added default maps
  8. In a show of solidarity with @driz, I am making a post for @Fugner for his stepdown
  9. My gold is 477 1 ticket for Race 1 ticket for Expertise
  10. Hey everyone I'm so good Give me rep
  11. So there is a new version of clouds on the server. It is based off of version 5 (we were using 4). I modified the map, here are the changes of v5 or ones I made. Added surf behind soccer. Added Volleyball next to Tic-Tac-Toe Added Warday room (Can press stop button is t's try to hide in it) Removed Top breakable block in connecting cells One way glass walls can't be shot out of (I think if it worked) Ct's enter cellblock in a different location then T's Ct's teleport to the top of extreme climb Extreme climb doors actually work A few more hidden things (some I added some added in V5) Removed the sv_ commands from the map Hopefully it should be more balanced and less T sided along with a couple new games.
  12. Updated: jb_clouds_final4 --> jb_clouds_5_sgedit2
  13. Kinda random but when I opened this I was watching this on other monitor. Nice coincidence. Scishow