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  1. Tilex Ultimate Guide

    I do not made this guide, this guide was made by @Cubic², enjoy. Tilex Ultimate Boss Guide This guide is intended for helping to defeat the insane extreme (lvl 5) boss on tilex which SG(SteamGamers) has not beaten yet and is based off an earlier guide from possession when the tilex contest was active PSE Tilex Guide When map is loaded in the extreme boss is only enabled up to round 9 So assuming the previous levels are completed in a perfect run players have up to 5 tries to defeat the extreme boss (6 if optional DDR is completed) On normal mode (lvl 2), if you turn right instead of left after the bridge where the first tram normally ends by the police cars, there is a 20% chance of a knife item spawning there If a human takes the knife and manages to make it to the ending tram when it stars moving, an optional DDR mode is activated where the tram disappears and humans have to jump over the DDR arrows to make it to the end (if you touch it you get pushed back to beginning instead of dying like lasers) If someone manages to make it to the end platform within a time limit, then hard mode (lvl 3) is skipped and you go immediately to extreme mode (lvl 4) with red filter When entering the boss room there are 4 items to pick up which are indicated with pistols 3 items are Heal items that restore HP to 250 (20 sec cooldown) 1 item is Abyss which teleports humans to a safe spot and should be used during LARGE EAGRE (40 second cooldown) Humans should stand primarily on the north side of the arena so it is easy to survive ZANTETSUKEN and HOLY attacks Finally it is recommended to stand on the lines of the arena as certain portions of the area will break during the battle which creates risk of falling to your death PURPLE BOSS ATTACKS FALLEN ONE This attack happens only once at the beginning of the boss battle and sets HP to 1 Use one heal to restore HP immediately GAEA RAGE Zombies can approach from 2 of outer platforms surrounding the arena so some humans should defend the zombies After this attack one of the platforms will break LARGE EAGRE Water will rise in the arena creating a spinning vortex around the center pulling zombies toward the humans Use Abyss in the middle to teleport humans to a safe spot and avoid infection Remember not to crowd around the middle before Abyss is used otherwise Abyss will cancel out If Abyss is not used properly then the best way to survive is to stand directly in the center so zombies have least chance of knifing you WIND OF ABYSS A purple fog will surround the arena with an abyss effect in the center and humans receive constant tick damage Get away from the middle and keep tapping S to avoid the slight pull towards the center EXA FLARE Use one heal as soon as the flame particles appear before the red flash happens If heal is not used in time then the boss kills all humans instantly SURGE PAIN Green flames will spawn on the statues on the edge of the arena and humans receive constant tick damage Humans should not shoot the boss and instead must must shoot all the green flames to stop the attack This attack does not stop even if other attacks are in effect so it is important that statues are shot quickly If humans shoot boss during this attack, green flames will appear at the feet where the shooters are causing massive tick damage for those who walk into it Therefore it is recommended to move away from each other so you don't take unnecessary damage from others' mistakes ZANTETSUKEN Go to the north statue and crouch behind this statue to dodge lasers ez On insane extreme mode, once purple boss is killed, then purple boss will come back to life and be accompanied by a new yellow boss indicated with the REZURRECTION text and attacks will happen with greater frequency If there are less than 10 players alive shoot the purple boss first otherwise everyone should focus fire on the yellow boss YELLOW BOSS ATTACKS CURAGA Purple boss heals the yellow boss So focus fire on purple boss if only few humans are alive MORTAL DISEASE Constant tick damage is applied to humans so stack heals so humans remain with high HP QUAKE Keep jumping to minimize damage taken and use heal if necessary After this two parts of the arena will break so stand on the lines HOLY White particles surround each player and players standing in the particles after a few seconds will be instakilled Therefore it is recommended for all players to initially be grouped up in one spot and run to the other side after the particles form After both bosses are killed just run to the ending platform where the buddha block would be and defend for a few seconds to win.
  2. Zombie Escape Changelog

    09/12/2017 -Added AntiTeal jump tracker. -Increased server slots from 48 to 62(61)
  3. Start's Application [PENDING]

    Didn't asked me, he's a good guy. Ref 8/20
  4. sG application for Darkfrywarrior [PENDING]

    Confirm. Friendly non toxic good ZE player.
  5. sG Application for Clusterfuck [PENDING]

    I'll refer this fucker
  6. Battlemech7 Clan Application. [PENDING]

  7. I am is of the returned.

    Server lag fixed. Chewy's gone Nugget's gone AntiTeal is still around, not much Reduced slots to 48 Welcome back, i'll ref you just apply.
  8. Zombie Escape Changelog

    11/30/2017 -Changed net_compresspackets from 0 to 1 -Added GOTV to our server, taking 1 slot. -Changed default map to ze_Random_p2
  9. Hi guys C:

    Welcome darkfry
  10. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    Final results and team points: TEAM SCORE: Lindsay: 6 Krony: 5 Top Player scores: Miacoz: 5 ArexBB, aDeadMan, AznNinja006: 4 Gym's, Willy Wilson, Guardian, MistaChang, Dane, EasterLee, StarSlayer, Apliy, aust1nrekt: 3 Kitaryuu, Clusterfuck: 2 REST: 1 So standings: -Miacoz will get to pick 1st one prize of the pool. -3 Randomizers will be used to draft prizes on the people who scored 4. -1 Randomizer will be used to draft prizes on the people who scored 3. -All Team Lindsay members will earn a zombie escape badge. -Team Lindsay will earn additional points and credits if they wear their tag.
  11. Hello

    I hope you tilt kid by being better than him, welcome to the forums try zombie escape some time in the future.
  12. Nemo's Application [APPROVED]

    ref 13/20
  13. Deadcore Event?

    OK. The issue with deadcore is, we can win the map if there's no randoms, lets say the randoms makes us lose the map mostly because they don't know what to do or they refuse to listen. Even better servers struggle on this map with good players. We're average.
  14. ZE Team War SignUp

    Signups closed again.
  15. Zombie Escape Changelog

    11/16/2017 -Set both Mother Zombie and Infected HP to 15000. -Set Zombie HP Regen to 50hp per second. -Removed decoys from the following maps: ze_rizomata_a44 ze_rizomata_b43 -Changed knockback from 3 to 4. -Added AntiTeal Shownames plugin.