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  1. Lv. 100 Crobat

    MidNight_Ace's Application [PENDING]

    Sorry for not replying to your message in time, I can refer you, good ze player when I used to play there a lot. 22/20
  2. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Stoned Zombie Run

    @MistaChang soloing extreme 2 on mako is a bit difficult, I suggest to change it for a win
  3. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Stoned Zombie Run

    yes, im in
  4. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Zombie Escape Skin Suggestions

    As a PSE regular, he knows what skins should be added to sG and which don't. I agree these skins would fit perfectly on the server.
  5. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Mudkip's Application [DENIED]

    He screwed me alot of wins for beating maps, but he's a good kid no doubt and he triggers chewy so sure i'll ref him. 8/20
  6. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Aristocat's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Useful and chill dude. 11/20
  7. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Serif's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    KJ Spammer 18/20
  8. Lv. 100 Crobat


    Very well desgined map, it looks like de_icewerk. Just want to know, if you tested the map already, does it have walls where you can see through textures?
  9. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

    Congratulation to all the winners. Although the even is over, I hope you guys can keep Jailbreak popped.
  10. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Sakarra's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    9/20 We could use more bhop members. @KiD Fearless
  11. Lv. 100 Crobat

    TheWaffler's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Ref 12/20
  12. Lv. 100 Crobat

    FuFu's Application [APPROVED]

    19/20 Almost 3 years on war3, despite the image above, He's active on the server (and also tilt top players in there, which i find funny).
  13. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Make me proud chang
  14. Lv. 100 Crobat

    StarSlayer's Application [APPROVED]

    All i will say, he needs to control himself sometimes.