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  1. you can see the reset of the stream from here live https://www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
  2. What's going on?

    It just with new operation comes out people play it instead of the server, also other games like overwatch (season 5 just started) What about adding something like random multiple credit at random hour or something similar
  3. Zombie Escape causing game crash

    I recommand when you play in ze is to lower your settings for many reasons (like zombie on fire gun sound and from the map) unless you got good pc Do you have this problem on other ze servers or different gamemode? If yes then i think its from your computer if not then idk
  4. Happy Birthday Mimic!

    Happy birthday
  5. Dota 2 5v5 night

    If it as you say 9pm est time then no because it will be like 7am or 8 and i got classes tomorrow Like i said this doesn't have to be specific time, maybe add each other on steam or make steam group?
  6. Dota 2 5v5 night

    Rofl i was trying to get more people to join for this for like 2 weeks anyway it doesn't have to be specific time
  7. Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Will add 5$ as prize from me ( either store credits or supporter)
  8. Akumu

  9. Why is mako so popular

    you know that no one is forcing you to play the map, you could simply play on other server tell map change also you can type !stopshake (or something like that) and it will stop it
  10. @AntiTeal can't you put all players in ct when new round start like in gfl css?
  11. its out for Japanese version and i start to watch this stream holy fuck this game look good https://t.co/POclJsVkpd
  12. i have been watching alot of anime these weeks like i finish whole series in 1-2days i start to feel weeboo..... so do i need help or continue to be one of them
  13. Dota 2 Tournament?

    2vs2 mid like the one twitch hold
  14. time to get in hype train
  15. Frostdrake tryhards

    the thing is if this map have stages on it then i don't think people will get bored of it just look at other maps it don't take that long or effort to win i do still think it will kill the server because it get played with few players ( under then 10) witch is wrong, i have told antiteal to add minplayers for the map ( map can only be played if there x numbers of players on) and i don't think we should take risks like these