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  1. Coldfuse

    sG Summer Bhop Event [June 1st to June 8th]

    I am participating kid fearless likes the gay
  2. Coldfuse

    Competitive CS

    Yeet. Ranked as GN2 but I used to be DMG. I keep getting paired with baddies. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981584356/
  3. Coldfuse

    I'm a hero

  4. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 76 years old... Wow
  5. Coldfuse

    Rocket League - 1v1 Solos Tournament

    Will there be a live stream?
  6. Coldfuse

    Post what new titles you want! (Zombie Escape!)

    Zombie Slayer? Or maybe for shiggles: insert a title after the name saying "Grimes". Like "Coldfuse Grimes" for example.
  7. Coldfuse

    League of Legends - Ten Mans

    I would like to participate even though I'm garbage.
  8. Coldfuse

    Harmy's Application [DENIED]

    Rock's opinion matters very little. He lacks the ability to make a concrete answer and will probably change it within 48 hours anyway in a failed attempt to seem educated and responsible. Don't be Rock. I'll refer you Harmy for wrecking me on ZE
  9. Coldfuse

    FoxCom's Application [APPROVED]

    Will refer 15/20
  10. Coldfuse

    Battlemech7 Clan Application. [APPROVED]

    Rock is dumb. You're chill. I will refer
  11. Coldfuse

    Kimsgrim - Formerly ninjasalad

    I feel like I remember playing with you. Did you ever play wcs or wcs2?
  12. Coldfuse

    School Survey

  13. Coldfuse

    Willy's sG application [APPROVED]

    Ref Played a little ZE with him earlier this summer. CSGO won't start up anymore, so rip, but he was enjoyable to play with when I could play.
  14. Coldfuse

    Winter 2017??

    Coldfuse is coming back to destroy some nerds for this