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  1. Coldfuse

    Stan Lee died

  2. Coldfuse


    I still remember playing CSS JB with Bulletford, Monkeh, and some others. Best was Monkeh having two squeakers do a singing contest with one T as the judge and when they finished he decided to freekill both of them because their voice "gave him super aids." My favorite moments of MG were when nErd, Rufus, Kid Fearless, Vexer, Ventus, and some others started playing regularly. One by one they came along and started playing and we formed this MG group that just had a great time roasting each other Vexer. The funniest moments were moments like on Minecraft course where we would throw a smoke into the TNT maze while someone was in there to blow them up. Griefing... Good stuff. Or maybe when Vexer played all-star that one time and the ENTIRE server started singing.
  3. Coldfuse

    sG Summer Bhop Event [June 1st to June 8th]

    I am participating kid fearless likes the gay
  4. Coldfuse

    Competitive CS

    Yeet. Ranked as GN2 but I used to be DMG. I keep getting paired with baddies. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981584356/
  5. Coldfuse

    I'm a hero

  6. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 76 years old... Wow
  7. Coldfuse

    Rocket League - 1v1 Solos Tournament

    Will there be a live stream?
  8. Coldfuse

    Post what new titles you want! (Zombie Escape!)

    Zombie Slayer? Or maybe for shiggles: insert a title after the name saying "Grimes". Like "Coldfuse Grimes" for example.
  9. Coldfuse

    League of Legends - Ten Mans

    I would like to participate even though I'm garbage.
  10. Coldfuse

    Harmy's Application [DENIED]

    Rock's opinion matters very little. He lacks the ability to make a concrete answer and will probably change it within 48 hours anyway in a failed attempt to seem educated and responsible. Don't be Rock. I'll refer you Harmy for wrecking me on ZE
  11. Coldfuse

    FoxCom's Application [APPROVED]

    Will refer 15/20
  12. Coldfuse

    Battlemech7 Clan Application. [APPROVED]

    Rock is dumb. You're chill. I will refer
  13. Coldfuse

    Kimsgrim - Formerly ninjasalad

    I feel like I remember playing with you. Did you ever play wcs or wcs2?
  14. Coldfuse

    School Survey