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  1. Dungeons and Dragons

    I've never played DnD. I am pretty much always available Sunday. I would be willing to give it a try.
  2. RAYNE!

    Is he actually going to get the cake or is it just a stock photo?
  3. Lets do a monthly raffle for a free pizza.
  4. Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Steam

    It should automatically install the drivers. Mine does at least. If you have any other types of controllers connected it might cause problems.
  5. Yea but the best way to get a MOAB is using the specialist point-streak which gives you every the perk in the game including Hard-line which reduces kill-streak requirements by one which includes the MOAB so it would most likely be 24 kills not 25.
  6. Rust 1 Year Anniversary Results

    Close one.
  7. Anyone Need Game Coupons?

    Just got Portal 2 for 2 bucks, Gimme Gimme.
  8. CS:GO Offical Maps For War3

    Didn't Blackgold have people spawning inside of each other?
  9. What kind of map would you like to see?

    Do a map based on the moon Dxun from Kotor 2. Where you land on the planet and go through abandoned outposts, a sith temple, then finally reaching the Mandalorian base in which you board a ship to Onderon.
  10. It's been awhile

    My teamspeak.