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  1. Iherdcows

    How has sG affected your life?

    I ran sG jailbreak when I was spiraling into a depression and it gave me something to occupy my time with so I wasn't left alone with my thoughts. Praise the lord I no longer feel that way.
  2. Iherdcows

    Meanryd Recruitment [PENDING][APPROVED]

    ref known him for awhile, good guy 10/20
  3. Iherdcows

    FuFu's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref edit 3/20 (hope I didn't fuck this up)
  4. Iherdcows

    Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    the level bank, sorry
  5. Iherdcows

    Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    525 gold open raffle 3 level bank 1 into expertise if I have enough
  6. Iherdcows

    Happy Birthday Cows!

  7. Iherdcows


    Hey coinstar
  8. Iherdcows


    I remember you. From WAY back in the day. you were l3, and always had a car as your profile picture. EDIT: just saw that you still have l3. Nice!
  9. Iherdcows

    sup sG

    That aint falco
  10. Iherdcows

    happy date of birth Driz

    Happy birthday driz
  11. Iherdcows

    Weeb birthday

    Happy birthday weeb
  12. My accent isnt as good as @Freekiller #3 and @tex1an2. But I'll work on it
  13. Iherdcows

    Iherdcows Resignation

    How do I give rep? EDIT: I cant seem to give uprep:
  14. Iherdcows

    Iherdcows Resignation

    I'm just gonna bump this thread. I dont feel the need to make another one. I've felt burned out for a long time but kept with it because I was told I was needed. But with school starting up again soon, I'd love to focus more on that. I'd also like to figure out my life more, which does mean not coming around as much. I'll still come around here and there, but I think I need to move on more, and focus on my real life more. This shouldn't come as a surprise to some staff members, as I did bring up this might happen at a meeting we had awhile back. I'm just not having as much fun as I used to, and I want to get my life in order. There is also a small amount of personal issues in my real life that I need to focus on too. Thanks for all the memories guys. I've had a lot of great fun for almost the last decade.
  15. Iherdcows

    Happy Birthday Ruffles!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!