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  1. Iherdcows

    Old guy from way back

    That signature is familiar... Welcome back!
  2. Iherdcows

    Happy late birthday Wolfshade

    Apparently we share the same birthday, I made you a thread
  3. Iherdcows

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    YOU TOO no one made you a thread
  4. Iherdcows

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    Heads up, it was on the 28th but thank you everyone! Also holy hell thanks for coming out of no where jennay to post a thread for me LOL
  5. Iherdcows

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    sv_holiday_mode 0 would turn it off. Worked in a private match I set up
  6. Iherdcows

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Glad to see both people i recommended (although they probably didn't need it) get put on staff. I'm always willing to help if you guys need anything Edit: wait i think i see three but unsure if one of them counts lol
  7. Iherdcows


    Being warden and letting T's choose a map game of their choice. I would let them pick different games from other Ts. Some would go to race, others to climb. I once had them playing 5 map games at once. Very fun times.
  8. Iherdcows


    I agree, he is the greatest human alive
  9. Iherdcows

    Stepping Down

    Thanks for all the work buddy
  10. Iherdcows

    Its about that time

    Thanks for everything jeff
  11. Iherdcows

    Welcome to me <3

    Hi just played Jb with you
  12. Iherdcows

    How has sG affected your life?

    I ran sG jailbreak when I was spiraling into a depression and it gave me something to occupy my time with so I wasn't left alone with my thoughts. Praise the lord I no longer feel that way.
  13. Iherdcows

    Meanryd Recruitment [PENDING][APPROVED]

    ref known him for awhile, good guy 10/20
  14. Iherdcows

    FuFu's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref edit 3/20 (hope I didn't fuck this up)
  15. Iherdcows

    Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    the level bank, sorry