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  1. Tansen

    Potentially Wanted Sg Member

    So the great @Detective Nom Noms alerted me today of a Code Blue, where a certain member by the name of @Jeff The Flying Shark was missing for a few days. I have also noticed a certain member of the syndicate missing @Gerald. This is surprising as this member is also coincidentally not been seen. Using Nom's Canine instincts and my police resources we have found that Jeff maybe the prime suspect in this missing persons case. We surveyed hours of footage to come across some pretty damning video evidence against Jeff. As you can clearly see @Jeff The Flying Shark assassinating Gerald in horrendous fashion. At this moment we're asking you, the members of the public, not to approach him and avoid contact. If you see Jeff please report it right away to your nearest sG Staff member. This has been brought to you by the SG family watchdog.
  2. Tansen

    Definitely a flying shark birthday

    Happy Birthday @Jeff The Flying Shark.... no birthday video for you though.
  3. I just learned we lost a staff member today and I decided I had 2 hrs to kill and I whipped this up.. You will be missed @Jeff The Flying Shark
  4. Tansen

    Its about that time

    Later you idiot
  5. Tansen

    Incredibles 2

    Can I get a ban on Beerman for spoiling the movie?
  6. The Twilight Trilogy Series.... Not sure when it will be "released" but Triple Threat. The Bourne Series Underworld series Toy story series Mission Impossible series The Terminator series Rush Hour series Chappelle's netflix specials Jerrod Carmichael's standup
  7. Tansen

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    What about stacked respawn races? Will there be a cap on them? Holy pal, Priest, Lord Jarax, Just to name a few would easily turn at 5v5 into a 5v9+
  8. Tansen

    anyone who plays war3

    I stopped playing primarily because I sort of got bored of CSgo and because there are more interesting games out there.
  9. Tansen

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Will there prizes? Both booby and you know actual prizes (icons don't count)
  10. Tansen

    Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    I nominate @Eddy to police it. He has done an outstanding job at such things, even as a JCS. It's the whole reason you guys requested that he'd come back as JCS no? I feel like his vigilance and empathy towards others would be the right fit to govern such a gray area.
  11. Tansen


    Long term stand up dude.
  12. Tansen

    Important information regarding Nom Noms

    Wow oreo, in the words of the other immortal second placer on my list. (Jeff) "YOU IDIOT!"
  13. Tansen

    War3 pop

    It's ded now
  14. Tansen

    sG Stock Market Simulator - Season 2!!!

    The most basic way that it was explained to me when I started it's when your broker loans you shares you don't have of a certain stock so that you may sell it to the market. You're still obligated to return those shares by buying them back in order to clear your order. The way you make money is if you sell stock A @ $100 for 100 shares and it ends up dropping to $99 you're position is now worth $100. Inversely, if the stock rises to $101 you're out -$100 for as long as you're in that position until you clear your position. **This part's a little more advanced in terms of your account** In the real world if you do want to be able to short stocks you need to do it on margin and you do not get extra buying power. ex. Your account has $10,000. -If you're buying and your leverage is 10:1 for example you can buy up to $100,000 worth of stocks. This is referred to as buying power. -If you're selling your you can only sell stocks up to $10,000 no matter what your leverage is. The reason why Avenger isn't a millionaire irl from shorting is because in addition to capital needs your broker wouldn't always have shares available because the stock he played was an obscure stock. Unless you knew about it before hand and requested it from your broker there is a high likelihood there isn't shares available for you to borrow.
  15. Tansen

    Ollie, Sean, Dray, and RootBeer Take the DUB

    @Rootbeer I'm amazed by how 2nd game you dropped in the very middle alone, made it to your team, made it to the end of the round and won. Without killing anyone, I feel like that should be a hidden achievement. Win a game by not killing anyone. Pacificism Unlocked.