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  1. Rayne


    We're not the player base so our opinions are invalidated.... Go back to doing nothing. Moron.
  2. Rayne


    With all due respect, this topic is over as far as I'm concerned. You've had all of this time to add your two cents but instead you choose to make a big joke out of it to prove a point. Leave the system how it is. Edit: @Moose, I do appreciate the fact you wrote the long reply with valid points, btw. Could have done with it post-troll though, would have made for a good debate.
  3. Rayne


    Our points were literally being bypassed for the same generic answers constantly. But we're expected to answer all of the opposing side... Rightttttttt
  4. Rayne


    They didn't contact anybody, they fudged the votes themselves.
  5. Rayne


    Did you really abuse your staff powers for this xD Wow, low!
  6. Rayne

    What the hell happened?

    Welcome back my old friend!
  7. Rayne

    GoodBai Forums

    Worth it.
  8. Rayne

    Steak and Blowjob day

    So you're standing above the hob? Warm arse whist getting your sucko?
  9. Rayne


    Destin... You're going to get in, stop being a puss! Why haven't you applied yet!?
  10. Rayne

    Steak and Blowjob day

    Today is national steak and Blowjob day. Ladies, make sure you're ready. Chang, make sure you're ready. Boys... Let's do this! How do you like your steak? How do your like your blowjob? Steak before blowjob? After? DURING!? @centran I'm dying to hear your answers.
  11. Rayne


    As the OP states, this thread was for everybody to comment and give their thoughts. Trav has been the only person really discussing this with me so of course I'm only directing my points at Trav, as he's the main person arguing the toss. You're right, 30% of people is not a negligible amount to ignore which is why I asked for a compromise. Which we reached. The old system worked more than well for almost the entire life span of this community, you said yourself that your feelings come from the automated system. We all agree that system was a load of balls but that's not what we're trying to reinstate.
  12. Rayne

    Hey wats good guys!!!

    Oh shit welcome back! Had some good fun on ze with you back in 2014, good to see you again!
  13. Rayne


    If somebody has a genuine disdain for a recruit then they're opinion is just as valid as everybody else's and should be contributed to the overall decision. This community is all of ours and we've all always contributed to the recruitment process. Until now. If you can't see past "they just want to deny people" there is no more I can really add.
  14. Rayne


    Let's do that then... That's a compromise im atleast happy with, i do think you should be able to change their vote though. People can change their minds for good or bad. Put this up for official discussion and take an official vote?
  15. Rayne


    Why are you still talking as if the community agrees with the current system? You said yourself, were repeating ourselves now. The community has voted, massively against you, why are we still arguing the toss instead of reaching this compromise we almost got to yesterday?