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  1. Are you insane?
  2. Stop being a bitch and smoke dat erb. But seriously, if you don't want to partake in something... don't partake in it. There are going to be hundreds of times in your life where you'll be asked to do something you don't want. Sometimes you just have to be a man and put your foot down, nobody is going to like you less for not blazing with them. Well, I wouldn't like you if you refused a blaze... but I'm a bitter old man.
  3. Have you seen Prison Break? Those guys walk around with massive signs above their head with "arrest me" plastered on it... but no fucker seems to be able to catch them!
  4. Congratulations all.
  5. Touche .
  6. I wouldn't, he's only ever produced garbage.
  7. Happy Birthday Trig.
  8. Welcome to the forums. So you like kids ey?
  9. You're the short one.
  10. My aspirations only go up and up, my friend.
  11. 4000th post and a brand new purple star. Just proof how much I love this bloody community, and all (almost all) of you. Here's to another 4000 with you yokels.
  12. Bunch'o'cunts, the lottaya.
  13. Fake stepped down... you're as bad as @Beerman now.
  14. We already explained that... you'd be amazing the day after a disaster, wouldn't you?
  15. Wow... You piece of shit xD