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  1. Pink to make the boys wink? I knew you were gay! Tell your sister I said hi.
  2. Bring back cs_havana 2k17
  3. They've described the bombs as being made up of nuts, bolts, screws etc... As much as I don't like a conspircary theory... bit strange that this happens just as Theresa May is losing her own snap election. New campaign "England is strong"
  4. Thanks for your service sir. Stick me down for a ref.
  5. You got 3mill of summoning exp in a weekend?!
  6. We're sG not SG,,, Regardless, welcome to Saved Gamers.
  7. Will you add you this evening. Thanks Totes.
  8. Just follow me North of Varrock, wearing all of your armor... I'll show you a secret.
  9. I'll trim your armor for free if you like...
  10. It's a fantastic game, but a huge grind when you're just starting out.
  11. This was one of my favorite maps back on cs:s, would definitely get me back on the server if this came into rotation. @Chewy do some work for a change.
  12. Beyblades! Touché
  13. Can we not just bring back pogs? Now they were the shit.
  14. Hope that counts as a raffle entry...