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  1. Detective Nom Noms

    Thanks guys!

    Best wishes my dude
  2. Detective Nom Noms

    Can I get an Staff approval?

  3. Detective Nom Noms

    Holiday Cards 2018

    Why not
  4. Detective Nom Noms

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    Happy Birthday, bud!
  5. Detective Nom Noms

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    REF 7/20
  6. Detective Nom Noms

    GTA V - Racing Event

    I'll be down to play
  7. Detective Nom Noms

    Stepping Down

    Good luck mang
  8. Detective Nom Noms

    Currently I'm putting together a Slap City Tournament

    The Prizes can be easily adjusted so that's not actually something really to worry about. Mostly needed to know if there would be interest in this sort of tournament and what people would prefer the setup to be. Looks like Free for all and double elems is what people want so I'll see the best way to put that together.
  9. Hey everyone. Guess you didn't think you would be hearing anything from me like this but... I'm putting together a Slap City tournament and I would love some input. What do I want to know? 1. The biggest question of it all. Who would be interested? I would love to put this together and make it a fun thing so let me know. 2. How would you like to see the matches? Free for All 4player, Solos, Teams of 2? 3. How would you like to see the tournament set up? Single Elems? Double? Let's talk. 4. I'm currently shooting for the beginning of August. Is there a better time for everyone? 5. You don't have the game and would be interested in being in the tournament. I would be willing to buy 3 people the game to get this moving. I will be donating 2 prizes. A $25.00 Gift Card, A Large Pepperoni Pizza. Let me know these things and let's get this going.
  10. Detective Nom Noms

    Definitely a flying shark birthday

    MY boy!
  11. Detective Nom Noms

    Its about that time

    The sun's getting real low, big guy.... @Jeff The Flying Shark you know what I think of you. Thank you for everything that you have done for all these years. Ya big idiot.
  12. Detective Nom Noms

    nothing_but_fail stepdown

    Be easy man. Don't forget your trench coat and swimming trunks. ;)
  13. Detective Nom Noms

    sG 2018 World Cup

  14. Detective Nom Noms

    Hi everyone

    Welcome back bud. I hope everything is well.
  15. Detective Nom Noms

    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Who are you again?