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  1. Mr. Stone

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    Lol happy birthday
  2. Mr. Stone

    New donation from SmugJack

  3. Mr. Stone

    Stepping down as SO

    Thanks for your long and endeavored career in Syndicate Gamers. I hope your future plans out. Have a good day!
  4. Mr. Stone

    About my absence

    Sry to hear dude Get well soon!
  5. Mr. Stone

    I'm back

    Welcome back!
  6. Mr. Stone

    Booch's Step Down Thread

    Have a good one my friend! Thanks for all the help! Good luck in school.
  7. Mr. Stone

    Pc problems

    Its very stupid but i fixed it... I did cable management to put all my wires behind and it come to find out it was shorting out.. Removed the back of the case starts up first try.. So if you having post problems check your wires or case for shortages
  8. Mr. Stone

    Pc problems

    I don't know the motherboard. It doesn't show codes. I will try the ram. Fans are on. Yes I ensured the gpu is seated properly
  9. Mr. Stone

    Pc problems

    Ima fix it tonight after work just wanna know peoples opinions on how to fix this. Maybe an least expansive way
  10. Mr. Stone

    Pc problems

    This problem been happing for a while. But its perma now. When i turn my pc on it starts up and I hear everything turn on but doesn't display nothing. The monitor i watch it turn on but displays a black screen anyone wanna help? I showed @vexer if he has anything to add, giver
  11. Mr. Stone

    Hello...I am back...

    Super Chill guy i remember him
  12. Mr. Stone

    Jailbreak's Return

    +1 this man
  13. Mr. Stone

    RobbiePlays Intro

    Welcome to the clan and do what he says ^