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  1. Rootbeer

    GoodBai Forums

  2. Rootbeer

    Jailbreak recommendations

    We have that, hawk implemented it like a month or two ago. Right click when you're warden and the waypoint will appear where you're aiming.
  3. Rootbeer

    Anyone here Vietnamese? Going to Vietnam this summer

    Ya I'm actually half-viet half-black (middle name is Tuyet). Make sure you eat some good ass pho and laab while you're there.
  4. Rootbeer

    Jailbreak recommendations

    I like pG's !queue setup tbh. Puts everyone in a queue and if someone fucks up then they gotta hop off ct and get placed at the end of the queue. I think members get a priority and the argument for a consistant pool of good ct's is pretty good considering there are some rounds every now and then where the ct's are just relying on the one guy who knows how to ct/the map and fumbling around the map unsure of what to do when he's dead. Not sure if it's cross-map but if it is that'd be even better for cycling ct's. New players also get more rounds in before they inevitably have to warden and the ones that do end up liking it are incentivized to stay and join the clan for a priority. Boom, make sG great again. Killwhoring as a prevalent mentality is where our server is fucked. Most of our rounds start off with people dying outside of cells not facing the proper direction while clearly not rebelling, oftentimes while being afk frozen as well so it's not like they're spooking ct's or anything. I respawn clearly killwhored players (usually with a lOT of whining from the guy who legally killed them) but most of the times I can't take any action because the guard might've had a tiny ounce of doubt that mabey the t was actually rebelling and his death was thusly justified: the onus is on me to prove that the t wasn't and that's impossible. The real problem is that our server is populated with killwhores because even some staff and friends of mine are killwhoring right off the start of the round. If you fucks could just stop with the killwhoring that'd be fanfuckingtastic. Obviously that's not going to happen so if we want more players in our servers, and more importantly new ones who stay as regulars, we need to have some more clear rules on killwhoring that admins can act on. We can all get together in admin chat next time the server's popped to come up with them if examples are needed.
  5. Rootbeer

    Thanks guys!

    *self facepalm* aw shit dude i really hope you wake up i love you Rootbeer <3
  6. Rootbeer

    Getting admin back

    Give Sith ex-SO privs pls. Guy goes ham on idiots in TTT gmod.
  7. Y E S Plays a super fun character on TTTGO 13/20
  8. Rootbeer

    Be Aware....

    ur all kos
  9. With the way our rules work, suspicion isn't really a mechanic of the game mode and sus callouts in our servers are almost always jokes. Killing for being sus or "high sus" is considered RDM so if this happens to you then report it and the guy will be taken care of.
  10. Super toxic. Fits right in with us. +1 33/20
  11. Rootbeer

    Any other good anime's out there?

    One of the last anime shows I watched was Ga-rei: Zero, pretty cool with lots of action. It's a prequel to another but I never even looked into that one. The character development was great and leads up to an amazing final episode.
  12. Rootbeer

    Bulletford is a cunt.

  13. +1 -----> 39/20 Idk why he was JP'ed in the first place, I've never seen nau-ghty be toxic or mean to others.
  14. Rootbeer

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Honestly a strong argument can be made for both sides but my issue with it is the consistancy. Half of our maps give our CTs armor+helmet and others don't. The only time I'm annoyed about armor is when I shoot a CT in the head expecting him to die and he doesn't. Before, that was just a learning thing: you learn which maps have armor+helmets in them and remember to double-tap the head. I freaked out and died the other night when a ct survived my headshot on minecraft, which normally doesn't have armor+helmet. Either have all maps give armor+helmet or none at all. T's rebelling honestly isn't an issue if at least one ct knows the basics of being a CT. T's don't just spawn with guns -- they innately have a huge disadvantage. Learn which cells have gun spawns and have players spawning there drop them inside of it. You don't even have to be a warden to do this. Boom, round's pretty much a CT win unless a guard inevitably gets too close to the t's.
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