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  1. GAME: TERRARIA MOD: THORIUM TIME: STARTING TODAY AT 5 PM CENTRAL, 4 HOURS FROM THIS POST PLAYER LIMIT: HECKIN NONE, I WANNA SEE 20+ PEOPLE SHOOTING KITTY CATS AT MOONLORD BY THE TIME WE'RE DONE NEW CHARACTERS ONLY!!!!! OK BOIS, we're playing Terraria this weekend. Some of you have already beaten vanilla and playing it over again would be a little bland the 3rd time around SO we're playing with the Thorium Mod. It's a heckin huge Terraria expansion and from the looks of things is pretty balanced without too much clutter. This'll be my first time playing the mod myself but we have some experienced player(s). Modding is ezpz, just download the Terraria Mod Loader here (or here if ur a weirdo with a Mac and here if ur a weirdo with Linux) and extract it to your Terraria folder (if you want, make a backup of it so you can play vanilla again). You'll automatically download Thorium Mod when you connect to the world when we host it but if you want you can also download it yourself by using the ingame TModLoader UI. We'll probs be playing thru the weekend and taking breaks here and there, we're heckin casuals ok. If you join late that's fine too, we always end up having too much excess strong gear and there's never much to catch up on. You better heckin be here if you own Terraria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Rootbeer

    Human Marine team limit

    y r the resources saving and not resetting on map end like skulls do???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Rootbeer


  4. Rootbeer

    Old UV Member looking for his old friends

    Espy came back about a year or two ago and plays War3 on csgo under a new name, completely forgot what though. Lesbian hangs around and you could probably game with him if you really searched, I played pubg with him a few months back.
  5. Rootbeer

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    y the heck wasn't serif day 1 SO who the hek is in charge of this stuff, hekkin get him in here right meow and make serif SO!!!
  6. Rootbeer

    Step Down

  7. sG is a World of Warcraft clan starting now.
  8. Rootbeer


    Questionable claims. This was something that I noticed earlier but didn't touch on. You don't need to be in it for the money. Subsistence farming exists. Even if we're not talking about that, other methods help with cashflow like selling a few to be slaughtered but obviously you're opposed to that. We're also ignoring Mac who just wants to chill on his farm where cows aren't the focus and who cares for each of his animals as if they're his own pets. I get that these videos are very eye-opening for the unaware but you keep focusing only on them and in doing so lump the good farmers in with the bad ones. They're all tainted in your eyes when you do so, it's a skewed pov. And I was just memeing at the end how hypocritical the specieism view could be when we rank species by certain criteria. Issues start getting more personal and controversial when you apply them to people and other things we consider highly intelligent.
  9. Rootbeer


    Contradict, but it seems like we're narrowing down the issue. We're moving the conclusion from "farms are bad because shitty farmers exist" to "shitty farming practices are bad because they actually do harm animals". The former splits vegans from non-vegans because while it has a good argument, the conclusion it draws is a little shaky (shitty foresting hurts the environment so ALL foresting needs to go). The latter conclusion unites the two towards a cause that can do good. If you told me that Betsy is literally Mac's slave, yeah idk about that statement or you now that you've said it. If you said Mac took her baby calf away from her while he's slick and red from birthing then slaughtered him a few weeks later, yea not much to refute. Ultimately, I understand the vegan pov on the issue. Lemme go waay out there for a sec: imagine if some 4D species encounters earth and keeps the human population alive just for something we produce like idk hair or fingernails trimmings or breast milk. We'd be forcefully bred and culled and bred and repeat and bred specifically for the desired hairlength/color/nail-growing-rate/lactating-amount for thousands of years (god sex is disgusting). I'm sure some sci-fi show or movie out there has put the issue into a scene somewhere. Put ourselves into perspective and it's suddenly wrong. But wait -- humans and cows are different because humans more are sentient! Lemme introduce you real quick to the world of chimpanzee milk that I believe we should be capitalizing on.
  10. Rootbeer


    Let's look at this logically. I believe your premise is "All farms are bad for animals," with the arguments that 1) farmers can be shitty and 2) we're enslaving these animals so we can gain from them. 1) Again, we all can agree on the need for shitty farms and farmers to go die. Going to the extremes and saying there are no good farms would be like saying we should stop all fostercare programs because some foster parents are really shitty. 2) I get that the last part is entirely against the philosophy and that's completely fair. The reasoning is a bit circular though: it's wrong because I think it's wrong and here's my philosophy to back me up. I think what we need to separate is your average farmer just livin his life versus a cattle farm of 1000+ cows standing in stalls. You immediately assumed here about cows: I never said anything about removing calves from their mothers when I asked about Betsy above, nor that Mac is even profiting from the animals. Would you be okay with farms if old Mac bred his cows with a proper bull and let the calves chill with their mothers? You see the latter all the time if you ever drive past farms in the Midwest. I think it's entirely possible for a farmer to live in a non-suffering, harmonious way with his livestock without sending his cattle to the slaughterhouse. As for the industrial sized cattle farms, that's much easier to understand your concerns about. Logistically speaking, these farms currently make sense in a profitable way but it's also the lazier way that has more suffering. Imagine for a sec if Betsy's farmer increased the size of his farm 100 fold but doesn't change the way he caringly handles them, mabey even hired some farmhands to help take care of each cow and animal. Each cow livin the good life in pastures feeding its calves, getting its excess milk bottled, chickens being taken care of properly, etc of what you'd see in a good farm, except on a larger scale. It's pricer, less efficient, and requires more work than the current alternative but the suffering is much much less if not completely nullified. Would this larger industrial-sized farm be more idealized, suffering-wise? If this is how all largescale farms were, would you still have any qualms about farms in general? Of course farms are going to look evil when you view them as enslaving the animals. I just think that besides killing the animal to be consumed and eating eggs, there can't be any logical arguments against a "good" farmer to be morally wrong when he lives harmoniously with his animals. Also, sorta off-topic but The yellow "crazy" ants are a species introduced an isolated island by people. They usually chill in their own territory which crosses paths with a pretty popular phenomenomnoms known as the March of the red crabs. Christmas Island red crabs migrate to the sea to breed and many enter the ants' territory. The ants are crazy OP: they piss acid and swarm anything that they think is attacking them and the crabs are completely defenseless against this. Would it be right to exterminate the ants and take their millions of lives, even though "we" put them there?
  11. Rootbeer

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    played against hard AI and lost and im frickin mad right now but god damnit ill play
  12. Rootbeer


    The vegetarian aspect of veganism was one of the topics that was an eye-opener for me in my Ethics course because it was the one idea where even though I realized logically that I'm in the wrong, I still continue and choose to be a sinner. Like Karma, a steak is *really* tasty. But I agree with Jodas, if Betsy the cow is livin the good life on old Macdonald's farm, I don't see how it's wrong if that family milks her for her milk. I get that there are some really shitty farms out there but shitty farm is the only reasoning I'm seeing against harvesting these by-products (milk,honey,etc) and as the sole argument, it's not strong enough to defend the premise. Even as a non-vegan, I agree that we need to crack down on how farms operate -- it's simply not a vegan issue but an animal cruelty one that we all can agree on. I don't see any arguments against us living in harmony with bees living the good life in good bee farms and cows chilling with farmers besides "it's not natural". Also, it's easy to release a sea lion into the ocean and think that it then lives a "normal" life but land animals? If the whole world suddenly went vegan overnight, we're gonna need a lot more nature reservations for all the current animals in captivity. Veganism is about living your life while striving for less suffering(killing) in the world and the suffering part is what made me realize I was wrong -- it's crazy to me how that's overlooked in these points above and also in ignoring zoos and aquariums (which from what I've seen and heard care very deeply about their animals btw so this really shouldn't be advocated for). You could technically argue that they're suffering in these points but honestly that's reaching a bit. The suffering part is a strong enough argument and imo these simply weaken it. I dunno why people focus on the plant part and attack it as if it defends a non-vegetarian point. The idea is simple in that plants are just the lowest form of sentience (if you can even call it that) to consume -- the philosophy's key words being less suffering (least suffering for some vegans), not no suffering. I loved veganism as an ethics topic because it lead to a ton of juicy topics. Ethics is all about logic and when you make a statement like "it's okay to repeatedly raise and kill something as long as it benefits people", that sets a precedent for future topics like stem cells, organ farms, and other controversies. It was interesting to see the backpedaling in a discussion I had and the attempts to change the arguments to be "human friendly".
  13. Rootbeer

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    A curated race list is fine imo. I do think we should allow racechanging between rounds though. As much of a meme as it is, the game really is balanced towards countering other players' races. If a sensei is causing too much trouble for your team, you swap to dreadknight or bloodseeker. If someone is getting real sweaty is 24-0 with 20 headshots, you swap to Krillin or Nightelf. I wouldn't want someone locking in a knife race then finding a Dreadknight on the other team without being able to swap for half a match, those 15 rounds of hell would ruin the whole tournament for that player imo.
  14. Rootbeer

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    Would be pretty interesting to see the team compositions tbh, especially if races are limited. I don't see an issue with having them not limited though -- our current restrictions are fine enough. 5 Orcs is annoying to deal with but there are tons of other comps that I can think of off the top of my head that could easily beat that. As for levels, I think it'd be best for them to all be fully leveled races. A fully leveled race tourney vs a lvl 10 only race tourney are two completely different tournaments, entirely different categories imo. The latter would also completely eliminate knife races, since most of them aren't good/playable until they're fully leveled. H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E H Y P E