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  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Holy shit are you me??? Everyone learns the first time around by dying but I also killed a guy with my vehicle the first time! The worst part about it was he was behind a low wall and was waiting for me to stop & get out -- I didn't even see him xd. My car rams into the wall, bugs through the wall for half a second and rubberbands back. I'm busy raging at the fact that we can't tuck and roll when all of a sudden I hear a guy through all-talk screaming WTF. Best kill I've done so far.
  4. And you guys call me a bad driver?!
  5. Now I can carry you too!!!!!
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/LukeyDukei/ YEAHHHHH GOLF YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What in heck's name is a workbench and why does it have 3 tiers????
  8. Hey another Mitch! Hiya.
  9. Can we give VETs masstele yet!?!??!?!?!?!
  10. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  11. It's true that playing more means having more legendaries but I don't think having more will mean much imo, mainly because you're limited to one per race. It's simply a small buff to a race's theme. If anything, I feel like adding the system will maintain a new player's interest in the mod as they'll want to strive for a legendary for themselves once they learn about them. Balance-wise, I wanted to keep it around the same level as WoW's. It felt good to duel people who had legendaries while not having any yourself and win, especially knowing they have better stats/gear. It's what I prided myself on back when I played.
  12. Hiya guys, thought I'd share an idea that I was hyped about working on. I'm calling it the Legendary system, modeled similarly to World of Warcraft's legendary equipment system. Equipping a Legendary will alter a race in a way slightly, much like an expertise. Unlike expertise though, you can acquire and store a currency called Shards in order to unlock a Legendary and potentially have one unlocked for a race you have at level 0. Each race will have a handful of Legendaries; I'm thinking 3 each for starters. Players are limited to one Legendary item equipped at a time. The main way of acquiring a Legendary would be simply playing the game: obtaining a kill (higher chance if headshot) or planting/defusing/hostaging/winning the round/healing as Trinity+Holy Paladin+Priest will each have a very small % to obtain a random Legendary. A smaller chance will give you a Shard instead, which will allow you to pick which Legendary you get. Shards could be given away freely every 500 total levels or so. Mabey a present could even drop at a low chance on kill similar to eggs/pumpkins, which yield either a legendary or a Shard. Crazy freeforall rush for the loot! Here's some quick visuals. The Legendaries menu will be brought up by typing "legendary" into chat, similar to changerace. Then, selecting a race will reveal you the Legendary available to it and what each does. Selecting the Artifact will then equip it if you have it and then close the menu (similar to picking a race). Here's an example screen of someone who owns two Undead Scourge Legendaries(notice the third is greyed out because he doesn't have it -- if he had a Shard then the text would be red and selecting it would consume the shard and unlock it for him). I like the system for two reasons. One: It adds another layer of depth into the game, something else to strive for when killing people. Currently, the two things players can obtain by playing the game are server rank and levels -- this adds another reward system to constantly fuel that desire for dopamine. Two: The system will certainly add a small level of powercreep but will be a great way to finetune older races into importance and we'll finally see some races being played again. Additionally, it adds a small level of customization into the game. Our diehard Trickster Assassin or Shadow Lurker fans can choose which route they want to specialize in to suit their playstyles. The shard system also allows additional p a y 2 w i n options in addition to our current ones. Supporters can have an increased drop rate for legendaries. Players could also flatout buy Shards, similar to buying credits for other our pay2win servers like JB and ZE. We're gonna be rich. Please share thoughts! I was excited to work on the system myself but wanted to create a race first in order to prove to myself that I could code. I'm busy & putting it off for now but if anyone wants to start refining/working on this (if greenlit by Engies), go right ahead. We could also have a War3 event to kickstart the system with increased drop rates for the duration of the event. Events are always fun.
  13. What the heckin heck, first win on the first day of playing??????? Man I wish I was good at video games.
  15. h i n e m o