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  1. Roadsign armor looks so shiny~
  2. 3rd option, detours/delays enables cts to kill people who purposely aren't actively completing games in an attempt to waste peoples' time. I mean I guess you could say "you must be actively participating" but I feel like they're similar in the same vein. idk just a thought otherwise my vote goes towards yes.
  3. In my month binge of playing TTT & admining, I've only seen one person legitimately go under 700ish karma and that was only with her shooting new players who were RDMing. 700ish isn't even nearly enough to get you karma banned -- if you're legitimately playing the game and having fun then you shouldn't have any issue with our current karma system. I do have a problem with the players who shoot upon e v e r y single given chance that they do get. Yes you're legally in the right to killing someone shooting PENIS on the wall, but does that mean you should? I once asked myself if I should kill someone carrying around an unID'd person and playing with it -- turns out it was the traitor that he killed and he was simply having fun with it. I know the mod is about rules but you really don't need to be following them to the t when the opportunity presents itself: just because you can kill people doesn't mean you should. It's TTT, run around and have some fun in the map. Nobody likes a killwhore.
  4. RaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffleRaffle Raffle
  5. Holy fuck, I didn't know the colonel was so ripped
  6. The difference in this scenario is that there was no unforeseen hazard, just people with signs plainly blocking the road. If it was an actual emergency like people being treated on-site and the driver cruising through then I would understand an outrage, but it wasn't anything like that. We don't know how long they sat there for and in the case that they did sit there for a while, I can easily see how someone would do the same thing you do in a 2-lane left turn situation (where there's a line of cars behind the guy making a left turn and it'd be perfectly legal for someone 5 cars down to drive on the shoulder to pass everyone ahead). The driver approached slowly and stopped before the crowd (due care); He only floors it when some idiot approaches his door and attempts to open it.
  7. Honestly all I'm reading is that this law protects people like the driver in Waffle's post. Doesn't mean you get to slam the pedal at pedestrians but if you slowly approach people who shouldn't be in the road like the video's driver does, you aren't at fault if they don't get out of the way.
  8. http://rust.facepunch.com/feed/?m=1493596800#20438 POTENTIAL HUGE RUST UPDATE COMING SOON HYPE HYPE HYPE With this change, you can build twig foundations/walls and ladders inside of someone's yard, potentially next to their house to climb up to their roof where you can easily blow down into. T h i s c h a n g e s e v e r y t h i n g ! I might hop in on the next wipe that this change occurs on, raiding's been due for a update and it's f i n a l l y h e r e b o i z !
  9. Yep, minimum of 6 months of bantime to appeal a permanent ban.
  10. Just wait out the 6 months and appeal then, most first time offenders that I've seen have been approved pretty fast. From what I've seen of you, you're not a negative part of our population so an unban should be ezpz. The ban's mainly to show that we have 0 tolerance of cheating on our servers.
  11. Just got an email from MEGA telling me someone tried to access my account with an old (and leaked) password. Had no idea about the leak. Adobe, Patreon and Xsplit were my possible leaks. A few months back, I had my new Runescape account hacked (Xsplit's leaked date matches up here) and lost all my stuff. I've been wondering how it was possible when I wasn't being dumb with my info/downloading cracked games/etcetc -- I guess this was it. @Piplup & @Iherdcows MYSTERY SOLVED! Most if not all of my passwords are new/replaced but I guess Runescape was the exception. Now I gotta go double check and change all of my passwords or just create a new email. So much work fml I'd check your email with https://haveibeenpwned.com , pretty neat website that I wasn't aware of.
  12. I don't think this is the question that needs to be answered if you're unable to sleep. 1) Are you afraid that if you don't join your friends, they'll think less of you or make fun of you for not joining in? If they're any decent people, they'd figure you're at the very least simply busy. If they actually do think less of you, they don't deserve your attention. Even if they do, you should be living your life regardless of how people view you. I mean just look @ Narwhals. He's a freak and everyone loves him, I think. 2) Are you interested in experimenting with drugs but afraid of the negative or longterm effects (or simply getting addicted)? If you're just trying something out one time (and firmly believe it's only going to be one time), then that one time really shouldn't hurt in the long run. Honestly anything you smoke is going to be bad for your lungs, but its up to you to decide if the negative effects of that one time outweighs your curiosity of trying it out just once. If you believe you can handle a one time thing then by all means go for it.
  13. tfw u miss the original post
  14. wot
  15. The new negev's great for holding an angle and has a low skill ceiling for players actually maintaining that hold, which is great for silvers like me. Strategical toplevel play might revolve around a 2nd teammate peeking behind the negev user and doming people as they're either sitting behind the spraydown or backing out of a rush. Running into the negev spray is usually fatal but I've also seen and gotten a few quick insta-dinks on people by doing so, so it's a new risk/reward situation. Overall I like the update and can see where Valve was going with the $2000, as noone would seriously consider paying $3000 for it over an m4 in a competitive/tournament game. 5 Negevs is probably going to make the team lose tho.