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  1. It was definitely a joke. Who hasn't made a priest molestation joke before? Fuck this guy especially for doing so; he's even more disgusting for using his own experience of being molested as the joke. He makes a good point with the high school kids and their hot female teachers. Anytime I see a news report about a female teacher having sex with a kid, I always see a "that poor kid!" comment, as if the teacher had this evil, sick plan to become a high school teacher just prey on her young students. His "Let's see if I can fuck this hot math teacher." comment is spot on, even going so far as calling the kid the predator in this case. Honestly it's absolutely stupid that we're at the point where that's called preying on a woman -- kid's just trying to get some ass like every other dude in his class, he just doesn't know the backlash that could come out if people knew about that ass belonging to his teacher. Milo starts explaining the difference between pedophilia and hebophilia: pedo meaning getting attracted to children who haven't reached puberty and hebo meaning getting attracted to teenagers who have reached it and are still growing -- I commonly hear girls in this phase as "budding". The article nitpicks at this for some dumb reason, saying "well hurrdurr hebo's still like children", as if he's defending them when he's simply trying to explain the common misunderstanding between the two. The whole point of explaining the differences was so that he could input his own experience of giving consent (which was the topic at hand) at that age. Milo's just using his personal experience to address the misconception that anyone under the age of consent are absolutely retarded and don't know how to give consent (when he wasn't and he did) and the article spins it off as "he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13." Shitty author tbh, putting words in his mouth.
  3. Steps to reproduce bug: Visit www.joinsg.net Hover mouse over Server Info Click Bugs Click any of the categories Click Add new bug ... Waste several precious gigabits by making the browser output "Name of the recruit."
  4. I realize that this section is for TTT:GO but we don't have a Gmod section. The RDM Manager is usually great but sometimes has some problems. Most of those are minor and are mere nuisances, like "View Deathscene" not showing who the victim/reported player are. This one however lead me to falsely slaying someone. Issue: Reported player claims victim attacked him first. The report's damage logs show that statement being a lie (as well as bunch of logs unrelated to the report). Upon further investigating, which I could only do after the round ended as only SO+'s can view the current damage logs (this severely limits my ability to babysit the server), the round's damage logs show that only 12 seconds before the victim died, he hit the reported player for 7 damage. Possible causes: the RDM manager could only be showing damage dealt in the few seconds before the victim's death. Suggested fixes: The report's damage logs should show the victim's and reported player's interactions throughout the entire round, not simply the few seconds before the victim's death. Unrelated damage logs should not be shown in the report's damage logs. Logs of the victim/reported player shooting other players leading up to the report are fine, but many of the logs shown in the report's damage logs are from across the map and clog up the log with completely unrelated information. QoL: Shot logs should be shown for both the victim and the reported player. The current protocol for "He shot at me first and missed." is me waiting for the round to be over to view the previous round's shot logs, pinpointing the time of interactions between the two players, and then determining if one really did shoot first. The report's logs currently doesn't show any "fired a shot" information -- adding this would help out immensely. Screeny showing the report's damage logs not showing the 7 damage dealt (only 12 seconds before the victim died). Note the first point of interaction between the two players isn't until halfway down the logs -- everything above that is unrelated. Screeny showing the round's damage logs, logging the victim dealing damage to the reported player 12 seconds before he died.
  5. Jesus, you two have been flirting all day. Get a room you flaming heterosexuals.
  6. Oh I agree with you here. One of the points that I made in my essay was weighing the banks' opportunity to make a lot of money versus them doing malicious acts just to hurt blacks. I argued that they simply saw an untapped market and cashed in on it, as unethical as it may be. Not saying that racial discrimination isn't a thing anymore, but we've definitely come a long way towards equality since the States were founded. driz makes a good point with equal opportunity -- the incident comes to mind of that one white kid who couldn't attend a university because it didn't have enough of another race so someone with lower test scores took his spot (I didn't fully look into it though so idk if it was bs or other qualifications was the actual deal.)
  7. IMO it's a really weak article. I'm seeing a thesis with 2 supporting evidences: The only 2 evidence provided are: 1. Okay, whites get larger inheritances more often than blacks. Did we previously not think that? With the Civil Rights Acts being enacted in '64, that doesn't give as much time for an average black family member to start up a career and save up a large inheritance as compared to an average white family member. 2. I did an essay on another article (really good one by the way, gives insights on racial discrimination's roots and how they affect today) and that one had more much more info on the topic. I was expecting news of more banks doing shady stuff like this but the article just gives a brief review of what happened 4-6 years ago and from what I know, there aren't anymore of this being done cause our Justice Department shut that shit down fast. I guess you could say that analyzing and interpreting the study could be used as evidence against counter-arguments (i.e.:"It’s natural to assume that if blacks have less wealth it’s because they’re doing less saving," blah blah blah, goes on to disprove that w/ the study) but the argument as it stands is on really weak foundations -- the bulk of the article is focused on the counter-arguments and the argument gets like 2 paragraphs dedicated to it. Imo, they're really insubstantial and the article really isn't presenting anything new.
  8. Vanilla's too boring. Current meta is swarm, discard enemy's entire hand, then OTK on round 2. FML, there's no inbetween. I just want to play my cute Naturia deck
  9. No problemo! It's Alan Watts explaining the philosophy of his beliefs, some of it centered around reincarnation. I personally liked the lecture, he presented it really well and it's one of the better texts that I've read; well worth the 1-2 hours.
  10. It's me. And you. And everything else in this universe.
  11. Good news! I just did your homework for you! It took me about 3 hours to finish it. The answer to the question is Yes -- answering no will have your teacher automatically give you a 0 cause it's wrong. Anyways, a wise man once said just copy and paste that into a notepad file and print it, your teacher will be amazed that you wrote such an eloquent essay!
  12. tfw ur not included in a shoutout twice in one day
  13. new phone who dis?
  14. Wow I wasn't part of the shoutout!! <3 tacks.
  15. Removing the ads is like plagiarism^2 lol, it'd be a huge slap to the original creator's face if we hosted it.