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  1. Rootbeer

    Clara's application [PENDING]

    Super toxic. Fits right in with us. +1 33/20
  2. Rootbeer

    Any other good anime's out there?

    One of the last anime shows I watched was Ga-rei: Zero, pretty cool with lots of action. It's a prequel to another but I never even looked into that one. The character development was great and leads up to an amazing final episode.
  3. Rootbeer

    Bulletford is a cunt.

  4. Rootbeer

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    +1 -----> 39/20 Idk why he was JP'ed in the first place, I've never seen nau-ghty be toxic or mean to others.
  5. Rootbeer

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Honestly a strong argument can be made for both sides but my issue with it is the consistancy. Half of our maps give our CTs armor+helmet and others don't. The only time I'm annoyed about armor is when I shoot a CT in the head expecting him to die and he doesn't. Before, that was just a learning thing: you learn which maps have armor+helmets in them and remember to double-tap the head. I freaked out and died the other night when a ct survived my headshot on minecraft, which normally doesn't have armor+helmet. Either have all maps give armor+helmet or none at all. T's rebelling honestly isn't an issue if at least one ct knows the basics of being a CT. T's don't just spawn with guns -- they innately have a huge disadvantage. Learn which cells have gun spawns and have players spawning there drop them inside of it. You don't even have to be a warden to do this. Boom, round's pretty much a CT win unless a guard inevitably gets too close to the t's.
  6. Rootbeer

    Give me VET

    give him vet
  7. Rootbeer

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    Are these commands?
  8. Rootbeer

    Sg is big homosexual

  9. Rootbeer

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    You've SOLD me, that sounds pretty good honestly. I only voted no because you were completely right in my misunderstanding and in that it case could've been improved.
  10. Rootbeer

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    New Lego has more games and looks better imo. No reason to keep old maps (jb_sg_dojo). It's pretty obvious when people are rebelling tbh, if anything the hard part is finding out who it is. It wouldn't hurt to add the plugin where T's get colored red if they do a rebellious act like shooting a gun/tossing a grenade.
  11. Rootbeer

    NEW: sm_hosties and thirdperson command

    I really like the !LR plugin but it did bring up a questionable scenario. We had a rebeller survive to be last surviving T (was specifically not pardonned) and used the !lr plugin to get an advantage over the CTs hunting him (chose the rebel LR which gives the LR guy 350hp). Normally a rebeller would not have LR nor be pardoned for simply being last surviving T so this would be the equivalent of an admin giving him 350 hp for no reason. We don't have any rule against the last rebeller accessing this command and this is the only !LR that doesn't need a CT to approve (which I assume is so the ct's don't prefire->accept->instakill) so I suggest either 1) adding a rule for the last surviving t to not be allowed to use this command if he was a rebeller and not pardoned or 2) requiring a ct to approve of it but this is easily abusable by a ct for my above assumption so I'd honestly suggest option 1 instead. Additionally, we could implement the plugin where rebellers get colored red if they do any rebellious actions like shooting a gun or killing a ct and simply edit the !lr plugin to not be accessible by these tagged players (unless a warden cleans their tags with !pardon namehere or forces them the menu with !lr namehere or something) but this requires actual work and who wants to do that?
  12. Rootbeer

    Favorite TV series?

    Bae and her idiot frands got me into Supernatural. They were busy splooshing over this young idiot heartthrob but I actually enjoyed the premise of the show. The two main characters go around hunting monsters, really similar to what Witchers do in the video game series but it's set in the modern day and age. Most episodes start out with them checking out a mysterious unsolvable murder/super grotesque death and I love this Scoobydoo aspect of the show: not who killed the guy but what. I also used to be really interested in folklore & mythology (and by extension mythological creatures) so it was pretty fun in trying to deduce and then recognize what the monster the guys were hunting as they themselves try to figure it out. They end up hunting a huge range of different monsters so it was pretty cool seeing them problem solve each monster's weakness using modern day tech (e.g. sometimes they could use shotguns loaded with salt to end a ghost encounter ezpz, others they gotta research some ancient & long forgotten incantation because thats it's only weakness). 10/10 would recommend, if not just to see Jensen Ackles smile. It's been running since '05 and the 14th season starts next week.
  13. Rootbeer

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    REF Literally poops on one of our VETs on the daily.
  14. Rootbeer

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    our new kING will make waKANDA sG sTRONg again
  15. Rootbeer

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    To be honest that's a whole different problem completely, killwhoring at round start for simply looking away from cells should be against the rules at this point with how often people use it simply to get a free kill at the start. You could argue that we should be stricter at enforcing the no killwhoring rule here but these kills are always gray (prisoner could be looking to escape, aiming a gun/nade, looking away and fidgeting left and right which is quite common and can spook CTs, etc) and an admin can't respawn if any of these are the case (which we won't know is true or not). I agree though on the large maps that take a long time for players to traverse/large empty maps with no games. I've seen it happen a handful of times where we finally manage to get the server popped but someone eventually forgets to nominate a map and a poopy one like jb_sg_blek_cocks gets voted up as the lesser evil. We might play the paltry 2-3 games it has for a few rounds but then the pop will just die down after that. I'd def be okay with removing a good majority of these maps, at least temporarily until we have a good surviving population going.