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  1. I wonder how many ppl will actually participate in this event Nice idea though
  3. Fake church. Welcome anyways
  4. Me too cause it says so under the topic.
  5. Lmao what a shocker
  6. Ok!
  7. procs on dmg dealt instead of hit's done if you backstab a person it procs if you hit persone twice it doesn't ... seems to be worded a bit off
  8. Not sure if you changed it... If not pls fix
  9. Ok!
  10. Seems pretty pointless since it works both ways... You could just jump inside the vent with shadow hunter ult or something like that and take advantage of the standoff. Also the roof is a lot more open since you can shoot through the skylights to kill people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Let's you set an animated wallpaper on your computer... Seems pretty tits just got it Thoughts?
  12. Watched the first X-Men movie and needed a nick during my wolfenstein enemy territory days. There were so many ppl named X-Man around so I started using X-Men or xmen plus I liked how it triggered ppl calling a single person X-Men ^^. It stuck with me so I ended up using it or some variation of my irl name.
  13. @DavidChenn have you tried deleting the map from your maps folder and re-downloading it?
  14. I mean they might sensor the data
  15. Yeah it had too few spawnpoints as well...