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  1. xmen

    sG Dissect Podcast - Konah Day

  2. xmen

    Does anyone have CS:S version of ba_fail_jail?

    Fix population first oooooooh
  3. xmen

    Does anyone have CS:S version of ba_fail_jail?

    I had it in my dropbox for a while, but it seems I removed it when my free 50GB plan ended. Gonna have to see if it still is in my hammer maps folder. Edit: Nope is gone... Sry...
  4. xmen

    Holiday Picture (2018)

    I never took part in these anyways
  5. xmen

    Post the car you are currently driving

    Dunno if i ever posted an update, but here's my current beauty. Also sup y'all.
  6. xmen


    I gotta go with playing jb: -Getting freeslapped and freeslayed by Mitch a bunch as a T -Getting mad as fuck -Getting all that evidence -About to post it before realizing... -Who am i gonna report it to? Fucking Toxygen? Mfw. -Alt tab back -Get tp'd out of the cell with an m249 -Ok, we good Good times...
  7. xmen

    I have 2 very important questions

    Woah a blast from the past
  8. xmen

    anyone who plays war3

    Server's empty at saturday at 5pm (gmt+2) I kinda quit cause I was the only one playing at the european hours anymore. I had work and irl stuff that didn't allow me to sit in the server hours playing max 2v2 wanted to spend the free time better. Sry
  9. I was fanboying the fuck out.
  10. xmen

    Titanfall 2 for $5

    I was so hopeful
  11. xmen

    de_frost bombsite issue

    There has been cases when letting the bomb explode in the B bombsite slays/point hurt kills everyone. Not sure what's up with that. Tested a few rounds on local and nothing happened. Thought I'd add it here though when I still remember about it.