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  1. : | 12/20 Hey, 16 is legal in Finland I won't judge. 13/20 Referred List: Rayne, zebra, daniel, KID Fearless, Dark Falcon, The Ben, Mr Eagle, cookie eater, chaos4499, Lux, sweetrock, Dakka, xmen
  2. Can't you just use a mobile internet with 4G or 5G connection?
  3. Psh... Never grow up... Just get older
  4. I'm sure you are aware but: Only default forum theme works when viewing topics. Other themes display this error:
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    Ikr. 500 000 € aint no pocket change :O
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    "Audio upgrades"
  7. Sup y'all it's me. Just watched the documentary: Behind the curve. Imo it was really entertaining even if it was quite cringe worthy, and it made me think are there any flat earthers in sG? It's really fascinating to watch people display confirmatory bias. Really makes me wonder, since they seem to belive in flat earth so much and dismiss all scientific proof, where do they draw the line. They still use everyday stuff that revolves around established facts and laws of physics and forces of nature. Are they fake too? Has anyone else seen it? Anyone believe in any conspiracy theories? Was Pearl Harbour staged since Japan is on the other side of the disk? What do you think? Anyways was quite a funny documentary to watch. Though, maybe it's true and we're all bunch of sheeple. Discuss :)!
  8. Rip spamming in order to make it to a certain rank
  9. Ur the worst kind of person.... :|
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