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  1. xmen

    anyone who plays war3

    Server's empty at saturday at 5pm (gmt+2) I kinda quit cause I was the only one playing at the european hours anymore. I had work and irl stuff that didn't allow me to sit in the server hours playing max 2v2 wanted to spend the free time better. Sry
  2. I was fanboying the fuck out.
  3. xmen

    Titanfall 2 for $5

    I was so hopeful
  4. xmen

    War3 Survey Results

    Dat feel when you too old to vote
  5. xmen


    Our eurobeat lord n saviour
  6. xmen


  7. I have no idea how this goes... but he's old... 16/20
  8. xmen


    Yeah no offense but it seems a bit unfinished...
  9. xmen

    War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    Add a perk to re roll your rotd once a day
  10. xmen

    Stepping down

  11. xmen

    Dreadknight's Acute Senses Not Working Properly

    I'm pretty sure neither can be rooted.
  12. xmen

    Anyone know any good darkrp servers?

  13. xmen

    de_frost bombsite issue

    There has been cases when letting the bomb explode in the B bombsite slays/point hurt kills everyone. Not sure what's up with that. Tested a few rounds on local and nothing happened. Thought I'd add it here though when I still remember about it.