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  1. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    I like all of it except the cash prize. At that point it feels more like gambling and less like an incentive that lets you occasionally present your ideas in a way that will be paid more attention to.
  2. whitelist application[Approved]

    In-game Name: thorgot How did you find sG?: I liked Warcraft servers in 1.6. When looking for a CS:S server of that type I came across the sG WCS server. Have you read, and do you understand the rules? Yes.
  3. Forum Update

    I don't think should be -1. I almost never see it used negatively, it's usually used to commiserate with the post/message. on the other hand I could see being -1. With the exception of Travesty's meta post above, it's always used to say the post/message is cringy.
  4. jb_tower_b8

    All of my maps have armor because JB is already so weighted towards rebelling that giving CTs a tiny bit more survivability is good.
  5. jb_tower_b8

    Conversely, when Ts do get guns, the CTs not having armor gives the Ts an enormous advantage. Since rebellers usually have the element of surprise, CTs get aim punched before they even see their attacker. Adding armor in armory gives them a chance to react and leads to fewer easy rebellions.
  6. I think the mechanics of the judging will help. Since there are 4 categories (Design/Looks, Originality, Games, Balance) communities will probably vote on each category for each map.

    $5 well spent?
  8. Dude the weeaboo palaces are frighteningly popular on some servers. But you'll probably lose more points than you'd gain.
  9. how to make custom spray with gimp?

    There are links to plugins for GIMP, Paint.NET, Photoshop, and VTFEdit in that thread.
  10. JB Vote thread Part 1

    I know what I want it to mean too, but it's confusingly worded. I've posted a lot about why I think we should remove the requirement to say this about every order. The main reason is that it is one of the more serious barriers to entry for people joining our server.
  11. JB Vote thread Part 1

    I'm confused. Is the vote to remove the requirement to say "no detours or delays" and make it implied in every order? Or is it to allow the Ts to detour and delay?
  12. Map Name: jb_battleforce_reborn_rsc Server: JB FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://ufile.io/kjtp3 Reason for addition/deletion: Much prettier version of battleforce with a few new map games, by friendly French mapper Raphi.
  13. Map Name: jb_iron_remake_rsc2 Server: JB FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://ufile.io/d1iso Reason for addition/deletion: Much prettier version of iron with a few new map games, by friendly French mapper Raphi.
  14. [Race] Cryomancer

    I don't think changing molotov fire color is possible like changing smoke color is. But you could probably get a fake fire that was different from a molotov fire. Also, I feel like reversing controls doesn't really make sense for a cold themed race. Maybe instead it should prevent the person from gaining health or armor for 10-15 seconds, in addition to doing damage. Or lower their evasion, or something that makes sense for cold. I love the race besides that.