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  1. Map Name: jb_battleforce_reborn_rsc Server: JB FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://ufile.io/kjtp3 Reason for addition/deletion: Much prettier version of battleforce with a few new map games, by friendly French mapper Raphi.
  2. Map Name: jb_iron_remake_rsc2 Server: JB FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://ufile.io/d1iso Reason for addition/deletion: Much prettier version of iron with a few new map games, by friendly French mapper Raphi.
  3. I don't think changing molotov fire color is possible like changing smoke color is. But you could probably get a fake fire that was different from a molotov fire. Also, I feel like reversing controls doesn't really make sense for a cold themed race. Maybe instead it should prevent the person from gaining health or armor for 10-15 seconds, in addition to doing damage. Or lower their evasion, or something that makes sense for cold. I love the race besides that.
  4. And this was with fastdl preventing a lot of people from joining.
  5. Fastdl still broken for JB. Each failed spray download took 5 seconds. Is this a DNS issue?
  6. On a widescreen resolution it either gets cut off or doesn't get displayed at all. It's still usable, though with fewer lines because the text is pretty large. If I were doing I'd probably do race name, level, XP, total levels, and items. And then obviously allow players to toggle it on/off and maybe choose from a few positions to put it.
  7. Nipper, legendary mapper, created westwood for CS1.6 and ported it himself to CS:S. I can't remember the differences between westwood and westwood07.
  8. That one was excellent, as was GTA Vice City. Undertale surprised me, it was a fun one to watch. And the TASBot speedrun of Zelda was legendary.
  9. I've seen Undertale speedruns. I prefer FPS and platforming speedruns to RPG speedruns.
  10. It's easy to feel like you're being bullied when nobody is defending you. For a few weeks on WCS, Grincch and someone else I can't remember were harassing me pretty frequently about being Jewish. At a certain point I realized that the fun I was having by playing was not worth the negative of having people harass me, so I stopped playing WCS entirely. The next time I played it was when I discovered there was a half-finished version for CSGO and started working on it myself. When the excuse for bullying someone is "technically Judaism isn't a race" that's bullshit. It's still bullying, which is against the rules.
  11. It truly was a group effort.
  12. 1000001st
  13. Hello yes I have been summoned did someone say warcraft 3 server I love that server ok bye.
  14. I think with a new DB column this could be made more interesting. Using gold as the current race ID and the new DB column as how many rounds it has taken you so far, you could have the prizes go to those who finish the tour in the fewest number of rounds instead of the most number of races in one map. Because let's face it, nobody is ever going to get hundreds of kills in one map, so this contest would be limited to the first few dozen races. In other words, when you have the contest active (it would have to be optional) you progress through the races as you said, but when your XP saves it also saves your current race and the number of rounds you have been trying to go around the realm. Then when you reconnect or the map changes, you pick off where you left off. There'd also have to be a command to reset your current progress. Ideally there would also be a DB entry for the fewest number of rounds you took to get a kill on the last available race. But if all this is too much, if Face does it your way (per map) then your highest score for the event could be saved in gold to avoid having to take screenshots.