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  1. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    There are many different type of fantasies such as redraft leagues, 2 QBs leagues, dynasty leagues and etc. The one that we play is just your standard fantasy league which is easy to learn and most people prefer it. Maybe for next years whoever is not pleased with this type of league, feel free to try out some different league but I feel like we wont get enough people interested.
  2. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Oh shit didn't notice this! Thanks @Avery. I'm in, team name Ivanns. Time to flame Avery again for league organization <3
  3. Ivanns

    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    This is on my birthday but should work! Thanks for organizing @Sean and thanks for the necessary push @Travesty!
  4. Ivanns

    Next Poker Tourney

    Hey guys, when is the next poker tournament? I have been snooping the forums here and there but no news regarding one. Will be nice to see you people again. @Jeff The Flying Shark @ChosenOne2000
  5. Ivanns

    New Years Poker Tourney

    I took it home for the Canadians
  6. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    Congratulations @Beerman! This was a tough fought game until the end. You deserve the victory. On another note, fuck week 17. No Kelce and Gurley really crippled both our lineups. Next year please hand over the commissoner to someone who knows how to run a league.
  7. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    @Beerman looks like Todd Gurley is going to be rested Week 17 and will not play. Sorry man but adjust your lineup accordingly. @Jeff The Flying Shark @Avery This is exactly why NFL fantasy needs to end Week 16. Beerman is being handicapped for no reason of no fault of his own.
  8. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    Just fyi I'm starting Jimmy G over Carr this week so thanks Avery. Picking up IR players who have no chance of playing this year is just outright trolling.
  9. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    Anyone complaining about injuries I feel you this year. In my other league (18 people) I picked David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, and Pierre Garcon picks 1, 2, 5. All 3 got injured for the season. However I still made playoffs. Injuries are part of the game and what separates you from an average to a good NFL fantasy player is how you can adapt to those injuries and also how much luck you got. If all the superstars stayed healthy all 16 games it wouldn't be the same.
  10. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    Group 1 is group of death. Group 2 people get BYE with an unfavourable point spread. No matter im going for that #1 anyways.
  11. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    WR2? More like WR4 plus he is injured aswell. The guy has trouble getting over 3 catches per game.
  12. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    @Avery please stop sending me skewed trades. It gets me excited that someone offered to trade with me but when I see that you want Mccoy & Hyde for Fournette & Sammy Watkins I just press that Reject button real quick. If the trade is something you yourself would reject, don't offer it.
  13. Ivanns

    Fantasy Football League

    Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't frequented the forums for a while. I had a question and suggestion for the future. Why are we starting playoffs Week 15? At week 17 most teams that already secured a spot in real NFL playoff will bench their star players for half the game or even a full game sometimes. This affects everyone of us and it will suck if you make it to the final and your star RB, QB, or WR are benched. In the future please have playoffs start week 14. That being said, don't change it not since it is too late since we are at week 12 already. Thanks!