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  1. make sure to never give out referrals to any discord peasants must give tribute in EUROBEAT thread
  2. BUMP this thread outlived the clan lol
  3. at first I honestly thought this was just part 2 of chosen trying to become an astronaut like next step president amiright?
  4. Winnipeg's Most disbanded after 2013. Jon-C was arrested that year after cocaine and other drugs were found in his home during a 2012 police raid.[11][12] On September 22, 2015, Jamie Prefontaine (aka Brooklyn), died at the age of 30.[13][14] The closure we all needed.
  5. aka you are lazy Wait until E3 at the end of the first week in June. I guarantee a new console generation will be announced, and that is kind of important because it might shake up the pc building scene if the new gen uses some 16 core/32 thread bullshit architecture that finally phases out the beloved i5 2500k 4core/4thread OC'd to 4.4 on a $30 air cooler. Check your Craigslist for people selling used machines, literally have them run benchmarks in-person and make sure you have at least a 1070 if you plan on running anything at 4k
  6. Posts that aged like milk: Do you like..... My car?
  7. some next level autism displayed by staff over a dead clan's free admin why would they disrupt their echo chamber and let community plebs vote? out of like 50 active community members(pulling this out of my ass) we have like 25+ staff 31, just counted, not including SO's You know, this looks pretty sad but lets take a closer look at our top 3 30 day charts TTT Minecraft: Bhop CSGO: TTT: Actual Whats our fourth? Climb CSGO:(this server has 3 spectator bots at all times) just delete this site and all servers, start a patreon and move the forums to r/syndicategamers already. a couple months ago i thought this place could be salvaged, forget it.
  8. It's time for an anime Suggestion thread! This time we are going to try helping each other out finding good shows to watch based on your current level of depression! So Post your depression level from Minimal to SEVERE and others will try to suggest a show based off your needs! Example: You should watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, a classic, positive and uplifting show about a boy's fight to save the earth.
  9. Carl Sagan


  10. Thought it was a beerman post at first
  11. Why cant American planes turn? Why does Germany have the worst pilots? Why were the Russian aircraft so technologically superior to their contemporaries in ww2? How did Japan maintain such a high K:D ratio over Americans until 1943?
  12. Carl Sagan

    Thanks guys!

    Damn man, I still remember looking at your app at a bus stop on my first gen ipod touch thinking "heh i watched that show" Best of luck, had no idea you were going through this
  13. Carl Sagan

    My time is now.

    didn't even write it hack fraud
  14. petition to rename clan to aG guess what the a stands for
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