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  1. I forgot you existed, hottie.
  2. Aww.
  3. 10 years ago, we were playing some ZombieMod together. The good old days.
  4. Merry xmas everyone.
  5. Still a stud.
  6. congrats, my love.
  7. wow.
  8. cya

    Sorry, who are you again?
  9. Well, Jimmy passed away a few hours ago with all of us at his side. RIP.
  10. BLAZE! Love you long time.
  11. Take a look at that picture and do the math. It affects every bodily function.
  12. 5/21 Nearly complete loss of awareness. He was moved from the psych unit to long term care last week.
  13. My mother's fiance, Jimmy, has been battling early onset Alzheimers for roughly five years now. (2010, pre-diagnosis) For nearly three years, he attended an adult day program (M - F, 9 - 5) because we were unable to leave him home alone. For those years, my second paid job was being his PCA. I would pick him up from the program every day and care for him until my mother came home around 8. Our goal was to keep him out of a nursing home for as long as possible. (last year) Three months ago, he had a violent outburst and was hospitalized to adjust his medications. He has since lost all motor and communication skill; he is unable to walk, talk, or even feed himself. His diet is now pureed food and nectar-thick liquids as he can barely swallow. (three weeks ago) He will never be coming back home.
  14. Go with the promotion. Management experience is HUGE on a resume. It shows you have the ability to make decisions and work unsupervised, something most people can't do. Length of employment is also a massive part, it highlights your loyalty and dedication. When you eventually get a real job, you don't want them to think you'll jump ship. Tl;dr you're an idiot if you don't take the promotion.