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  1. Serif The Sheriff

    Grim Reaper Hostage

    I am not sure if it's actually a bug or what the cause of the bug is if it is one, but Grim Reaper moves crazy fast with the hostage. To the point that if it grabs the hostage and you aren't watching it takes seconds to get back to spawn
  2. Serif The Sheriff

    Human Marine team limit

    Dante is easier to deal with than Marine with it's expertise lol. Especially when there are 3 Marines with it. This is the problem though, even if you play the races that would theoretically counter a respawn race like Marine, it's still really difficult when they can save up minerals to get multiple respawn chances per round. As Black Mage you only have a 35% chance to block the respawn, as Demon Hunter you have to make sure that you are dealing a majority of damage to the Marines in order to hope that it gets countered. Any race that blocks respawn can only do so much against 3 Marines with the expertise, at any given time that could potentially be 12 respawns in one round and even though I don't think we would ever see that, it's still a possibility and even with as many people as possible playing counters to it, that is a crap ton of respawns to try to block
  3. Serif The Sheriff

    Human Marine team limit

    This has been an expertise for awhile, there are quite a few people on the server who have dealt with it, but it was back when hardly anyone played the race and only one or two people had the expertise so it wasn't that big of an issue to deal with. We now have 5 or so people who have been playing the race on a more regular basis and who purposely try to get on teams together to play in a group with 3 of those people for sure having the expertise. This ^^^ is the exact opposite of what an expertise should be. Expertises were meant to be small little bonuses that players got for dedicating time to a race they enjoy. And there are definitely a lot of races that have some expertises that don't fit that, but making the argument that the expertise is extremely powerful and talking about how it changes the way the race is played so much you give more reason for something to be done about the expertise. I completely disagree with this, it's not that it's a unique mechanic to Marine that people just need to learn to deal with. We are all very aware of what the race does, we knew about this before you played on this server and before you played the race, we just never had so many people playing the race and using the expertise together. Cache is a perfect example, we had as many people playing counters to marine as possible, but with 3 marines each with the expertise and all being supported by Holy Paladin and Priest, it's not that easy to shut down that comp. The races that counter respawns have a hard time keeping up with that many respawns, and even a race that would counter marine can only do so much when there 3 of them being focused by support races. The T team had 6 people at one point actively trying to counter that comp but were still having a hard time doing it not because they don't understand the mechanic, but because it's a lot to deal with. As stated above Expertises were always meant to be small bonuses, not huge buffs or things that change the way the race plays and that is exactly what the Marine expertise does. And there are a lot more races that get attacked for there expertises than you think, whether the expertise is good or not. Some just work really well with the race even if they aren't inherently strong. People complain about NE expertises all the time even though none of it's expertises are near as strong as some of the others on races. Meanwhile I think Naix has one of the top 5 strongest ones because of how well it works for it race and almost no one ever complains about that one. It's not a case of marines expertise being noticeable moreso than other races expertises, it's the strength of the expertise and the way it changes the race PLUS the fact you can have multiple people running around with such a strong expertise. Also don't forget that you get to save minerals/respawns ACROSS MAPS and literally no other race gets to do anything like that. Yet again to this point I will say that it's not a matter of players being unaware of the mechanic, and most people don't think that Marine is OP in and of itself. Marine has the most drastic change of strength for a race when it gets an expertise and that's what causes the issue here, especially when that strength is multiplied for every other marine you add to a team that has the expertise. You yourself recognize that most other respawn races are restricted to a lower amount than marine is AND they have less respawns than it does because of a single expertise. The three player limit is 100% not unique to Marine, Star Lord is also a three per team limit and I am pretty sure there might be one more. I also don't think that they intentionally made it have that number of respawns because of Starcraft lore, you're thinking way too much into it. I get wanting to defend your favorite race and not see it get nerfed or touched, I fight tooth and nail for Night Elf almost every single time someone has asked for a nerf or it has actually been nerfed, but you have to be able to recognize when something needs to be done. Players can't always dedicate themselves to watching your dead bodies in case of a respawn or focusing all of their attention on being ready for it and people don't want to always have to be playing a counter for an expertise rather than the race itself. The fact you think that people's issue is that they just don't understand the mechanic or aren't used to it is way off.
  4. Serif The Sheriff

    Khadgar Deep Freeze Shotgun

    Khadgars Deep Freeze skill is the 50% chance for bash and once bashed shots will deal +15 extra damage, if you are using a shotgun the damage applies to each pellet and is allowing people to pretty much one shot with the auto shotty from Rottweil range and beyond
  5. Serif The Sheriff

    Human Marine team limit

    Didn't know that it had been changed.
  6. Serif The Sheriff

    Human Marine team limit

    We had both of these to counter but Black Mage is only 35% chance to block, Demon Hunter is damage based so it's not always guaranteed to block, and even with people playing both these races they were still getting mulitple respawns per round
  7. Serif The Sheriff

    Human Marine team limit

    Human Marine is currently set to a team limit of 3, this inherently isn't that big of a deal, sure it's annoying, but it's not terrible to deal with. However, the expertise on that race is REALLY good, and makes the race quite a bit stronger, and having to deal with one Marine with the expertise can be painful, but having to deal with two or three is just nuts. As I am typing this we are playing on Mirage and Nutty Dude dies on bomb, then respawns 4 times in a row to end up getting 5 or 6 kills on the ct's as they are trying to defuse. The fact that minerals carry over from map to map and respawn can be used with no real cooldown as many times in a round as they want, the expertise can get ridiculous to deal with if someone chooses to save up minerals over a few maps and doubly so if there are multiple people on one team respawning themselves non stop every round. If the expertise stays the way it is I think the race should be limited to one per team, but if it stays at 3 per team then I think minerals should no longer carry across map and the respawns should be limited per round.
  8. Serif The Sheriff

    Bomb explosion

    Recently the glitch has come back with bomb explosions where even if you have wish you will lose your guns if you die to bomb. There also is a glicth than when bomb goes off it will say it killed players that are already dead, or it will say it killed players who survive the explosion and don't actually die. If the latter happens (it says the bomb killed a player that remains alive), if one of the players alive had a bounty, whoever planted the bomb gets the bounty even thought the player never died. For example, zebra plants the bomb, then I kill him and gain a bounty, but I don't have time to defuse the bomb so it blows up. Even though I survive the explosion and don't die, the game glitches and says the bomb killed me anyways, and then zebra would get kill credit for planting the bomb and get my bounty
  9. Serif The Sheriff

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    Bae Shut up Brandyn, you spell your name like a girl
  10. Serif The Sheriff

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

  11. Serif The Sheriff

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    I'll keep applying until I get it lol
  12. Serif The Sheriff

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    I did apply for SO XD but it wasn't until after I did that I found out there were already like 7 of them (not sure if there is any sort of cap). I can't keep track of who is SO for what since we get a lot of SO's for other servers on War3 here and there lol.
  13. Serif The Sheriff

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    Depending on what races are selected for use for this, I am excited to see how people do team comps.
  14. Serif The Sheriff

    Yo Yo

    Jah...come on, I am 100% the best Nelf on war3 XD I think War3 is where you need to work on getting good lol
  15. Name: Jamie Age: 25 Location: Iowa Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:2165433 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/582497 Favorite Server: War3 4 life baby About Yourself: Gamer 1st, Musician 2nd, best Night Elf on War3 Do you use a Microphone? More than I should Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? Was a part of ManyRaces (CEGamer before it was CE), AOD Questions or Comments: Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Swed Link to Introduction Thread: