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  1. Yo Yo

    Jah...come on, I am 100% the best Nelf on war3 XD I think War3 is where you need to work on getting good lol
  2. [Race] Soldier of Sol

    This race has a nice concept, but this is legit broken as shit
  3. Second Wave Ability damage

    So you admit that the 80 is RARE damage. It doesn't happen that often, not that that makes it less ridiculous of an amount of damage, but the fact it's not consistently dealing that much damage I don't think there is as much of a reason to freak out about it lol. On to the next point, DON'T SPRAY! If you can't hit the thing because you are spraying too much then stop spraying. 50% of the time I can stand still, shoot the mine, then keep going. Don't panic when you see it, keep calm and aim bruh Last point, you are the guy who, in the past, has regularly told people not to complain about races because this is a mod based on counters and people just need to learn how to counter races that can be annoying. Why can't you do the same? Any race with speed can escape mines, if you have DR you can take mine hits no problem. Just counter it right?
  4. Second Wave Ability damage

    I think 80 damage is kind of rare, I generally tend to take anywhere form 50-70 at the most, but on average I only take around 55 damage and that's on NE without any sort of damage reduction. That being said, taking 80 damage from it is kind of ridiculous, however, I don't think it's that bad seeing as how you can shoot it and blow it up. If you hits you from around the corner and kills you, sucks dude. There are so many other things in this game that can insta kill or deal mass damage and in my own personal experience the seeker mine isn't any worse and doesn't give me that much trouble.
  5. Yo Yo

    Probably not. I don't hang out with losers...
  6. Yo Yo

    Touch my night elf or my sg and I will touch you. In a bad way
  7. Yo Yo

  8. Name: Jamie Age: 25 Location: Iowa Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:2165433 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/582497 Favorite Server: War3 4 life baby About Yourself: Gamer 1st, Musician 2nd, best Night Elf on War3 Do you use a Microphone? More than I should Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? Was a part of ManyRaces (CEGamer before it was CE), AOD Questions or Comments: Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Swed Link to Introduction Thread:
  9. Yo Yo

    Despite having played on sG servers for 5-6 years now I apparently never made one of these. I'm Serif (the Seraph Sheriff), I mostly stick to war3 and the war3 forums because war3 is life and pretty much the only reason I still play CSGO on a regular basis. But I play tons of other games outside of CS and on my Playstation. The only thing that takes up my time outside of work as much as gaming is music.
  10. Tier Listings

    Uhhh...no...can't even 24-0 with the race XD
  11. Tier Listings

  12. War3 Survey Results

    Two? You have Dazzle, Pyro, Malfurion, Holy Pal, and I feel like I am missing one or two more
  13. War3 Survey Results

    Thanks for standing up for Night Elves Sharpie!
  14. War3 Survey Results

    Wtf...bunch of NE haters XD For reals though, overall the server balance is pretty good with a few outliers that maybe need nerfed and a few more that are underpowered and need buffed. I agree that Infected should be 1 per team instead of 2 now that it's been buffed (which was a very needed buff). I think the balance for Anti-knife vs Knife races is in kind of a weird but still kind of balanced place? The strongest knife races, depending on the players, do pretty well on their own against most of the anti-knife races now, but there are still a lot of knife races that get dumpstered by anti-knifers but buffing them might make them unbalanced against everything that isn't anti-knife. Then there are some knife races that are just weak in general which is a whole other issue. As far as Lady Hederine goes and people complaining about that race so much, I think changing it so it doesn't prevent you from moving backwards would help balance it out (make it less cancer to people), and from what I understand the race technically has cooldown on the vision flick when you knife people, but that cooldown isn't affected by the ability or by other damage sources. I.E. a Hederine could catch you in a molotov which will constantly turn your screen, but then it could whip you and proc the screen turn regardless of how recently the fire did, and then it could knife you and cause the flick AGAIN regardless of the whip or fire damage which would essentially let it proc the flick 3-4 times in a row one right after the other which makes fighting that race way more difficult. But putting the flick on some sort of global cooldown between grenades and knifing and possibly the whip (the whip might not need this) would definitely help balance this out a little bit. To be honest the main issue with the balancing of this race is that the race gets crapped on by most players at distances, but once you're within a certain range it will crap on most players and because of the size and layouts of a lot of the maps it's not very hard for a Hederine to quickly get into that range to crap on you if played properly. The race can also purchase Chainmail and Signet to give itself base DR and MR on top of the ultimate. People should keep in mind though that there are 3-4 races that theoretically are hard counters to Hederine.
  15. An Opinion

    Lady can also buy Prismatic Signet and Enchanted chainmail despite having the scaling 66% DR on ult, think that might be a little strong