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  1. oldfag thread go 10 years this august when I joined.
  2. Skotti


    Does anyone play? I bought it last night and marathon-ed for 12 hours. Thoroughly enjoy it and would like to play multiplayer. Thx
  3. I started an LLC for rental Properties called That House Over There LLC, or THOT LLC for short. Not kidding.
  4. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with the Ecodiesel. Still got my 91 vw GTI. But now its turbocharged. All work done by meeeeeee. 1974 Honda CB350. I have removed the ugly fairing, luggage rack and engine guard. Also got a boat but can't seem to find pictures of it. Seem's I never take any when I'm on it. Also @ChosenOne2000 supercharge that bitch.
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